10 Steps To Creating And Designing A Life Without Restrictions And Limitation: A life You Will Love

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“You can live the life you wish to live if you’ll work towards achieving it” ~Anonymous

Life is a mosaic of experience with every piece carved. We complete the bigger picture, we realize that we are artists of life, through the highs and lows we create a captivating portrait measuring how far we have come, through the missteps and victory song we create roadmaps to live a fulfilling life.

Through this map, we understand and know when life isn’t about beating the waves but learning to breathe under it, we understand and know when it’s time to claim your power, when it’s time to silence the voices of insufficiency, the right actions to protect your aura, when it’s time to beam with light and happiness, when it’s time to tend to yourself, calm your thoughts, detox and navigate through challenges.

We understand that progress is being aware when there is a storm happening inside of you and accepting the waves as they cleanse you.

So many of us misinterpret this map for surviving instead of accepting the map as a directional guide for living; I hope this little tale of reality isn’t confusing. All I am trying to drive down is that oftentimes we forget to design a map that creates a life without restrictions and limitations. We fail to design a map that outlines the routes of not just surviving or existing but living.

Many people think that the two words are the same but in actual sense, they aren’t. Existing is living without purpose; going through every day without being deliberate about what informs your actions and inactions. Living, on the other hand, is enjoying your existence because of the freedom that comes with it.

In living, you get to create, design and lead your life according to your choices. It is a conscious effort at making impacts and being deliberate about existing, instead of merely existing.

Nothing beats living a life you love. It’s beneficial in all ramifications. Right from the time I became more intentional about personal development, I made a decision to actually live instead of merely existing. In this post, I will be sharing 10 great steps you can adopt to creating and designing a life without restrictions and limitations.

Let me say here that if you wanted little stop-worrying tips like, ‘oh, think happy and have some soothing lemonade’ you have come to the wrong place. Roll up your sleeves, because there’s work to do…

I know this sounds a lot but you don’t have to feel overwhelmed by these steps. At the end of this article, I have attached a 30 day challenge you can embark on that is guaranteed to massively improve the quality of your life


1.  Take Charge Of Your Fears

First on the list is having the power and ability to take charge of your fears. In leading the life of freedom, purpose, and peace, you must take charge of your fears.

Everyone has fears and as a matter of fact, some of these fears constitute the factors that make us human. Where the problem arises, however, is the power that we unconsciously grant our fears.

We empower our inadequacies by giving our fears the liberty to overwhelm us. If you are going to enjoy the life you live or lead the life you love, then you must ensure that you tackle your fears by taking charge of them.

Never let your fears override your will to create and design a life without restrictions. Living your best life would never be possible if you cower at the imagination of it. Be bold and confident. No barriers are enough to break down a determined mind.

Whatever it is that you have set your mind to do can be done. The worst you could experience is failure; that’s ok! Failure at something you love is a part of your learning process to becoming who you are meant to be. Remember, growth is a process, not a destination.

We tend to allow the fear of the unknown to overwhelm our being and we open doors to a lot of negativities. Truly, you might not be able to completely kill the fear but you can suppress it. And when you suppress it, you would have just what it takes to face whatever it is that is in your way to living your best life.


2.  Align With Your Vision

Visions are like roadmaps; they give directions and keep one focused. You cannot lead the life you love or wish to live without having a properly outlined vision. Sometime last year, I wrote about the importance of having visions and how to create your vision boards.

You need to ask yourself a few questions: Where do you see yourself in the nearest future? What are your life goals? What are your short and long-term goals? After asking these deep life questions, you should then think of how best you can achieve them.

Write out a step by step plan on how you intend on going about making them a reality. Now, chances are that you are never going to actually succeed with the goals, but there are also chances that you could see them through. You never know until you try.

After knowing and writing out how you intend to achieve your goals, your next line of action should be matching your actions with the written goals. It is not enough to write out your visions, what really counts is the execution and eventual success.

Ensure that everything you do aligns with your vision. That way, you will be able to pride yourself in living the life you enjoy.


3.  Change Your Self-Talk And Inner Dialogue

I am very careful about what I say to myself. At every opportunity I have, I mutter and internally say positive things to myself. Why? Because I have realized that the words we say to ourselves have a way of manifesting in our reality. If you cannot think positive thoughts about yourself, then no doubts, your reality will only be a figment of your inner thoughts.

When you self-talk, ensure that your thoughts are hinged on positivity and nothing else. It is simple really: if you say to yourself that you are a failure, then your reality will only end up cycling around the thought that you are a failure.

There is power in the way you see yourself. If you see yourself as a weakling who should be caged by the present negativities of his reality, then there is a big problem. You would never escape being that weakling that you consider yourself to be. But if you empower yourself positively by thinking positivity, then you are definitely on your way to living your best life.


4.  Embrace Change

You cannot live the life you love if you are still stuck in the past. There’s a popular saying that “change is the only constant thing in life”, that is a complete truth. The only certain thing in life is change.

You change from being a toddler to a little child and from that you grow into adolescence and then you transition into your youthful years and then, complete adulthood and so on. You just keep growing. Just the way your physical bodies experience change, other parts of your life too must experience change.

The way the world is set up today is not the way it was twenty years ago. I mean, twenty years ago, there was nothing like Facebook or Twitter. In fact, I doubt if you would have been able to experience the ease with which you are accessing this post twenty years ago.

Twenty years ago, emails were never a thing, people had to write and deliver letters by hand but things are different now. What is the difference? Change! So, the earlier you accept this reality, the better for you. For you to live the life you love, you have to accept that change is a real phenomenon and it isn’t a bad thing if you embrace it.


5.  Get More In Tune With Yourself

Who are you? It’s sad how many people walk around these days without actually knowing who they really are. Do you know who you are? I mean, you cannot know what is best for you if you do not even know who you are. If you fall into that category, I suggest you do a self-evaluation soon.

Ask questions about yourself and answer them honestly. Living your best life would only be possible if you know who you are. Get more in tune with yourself. Know your dos/likes and don’ts/dislikes. This would help you achieve your goal of knowing more about who you are and living your best life.


6.  Detox Your Life (Erase Toxic Elements)

Detoxification is the process of removing harmful or negative substances from your body. Applying that knowledge to yourself, it is a process where you rid yourself off of the negative things in your life. And I am not limiting the negativities to only food or edible substances, I am also talking about those negative people in your life.

Truth is, to succeed in living the life you love, you must be honest to yourself and delete the people who might serve as hindrances. Some people just give off negative vibes every time. Those people are in your life. Identify them and bid them goodbye.

Likewise, some people are never going to contribute anything to your life. They are never going to assist you in reaching your goals and being the person that you want to be. You have to point out these people and get them out of your life.


7.  Scribble Your Thoughts (Journal)

If you are an adept follower of my blog, by now, you must be aware of the project my team and I are working on regarding journaling. Well, if you are not aware then I am pleased to inform you that my team and I are currently working on a self-development journal that would help you to become a better version of who you are.

Now, let’s talk about journaling in light of living the life you love. I am a very big fan of journaling. I am all for writing down the things that matter to you. Your goals, random thoughts, wishes, creative thoughts… whatever it is, be free to write it down in your journal.

You can get a copy of my journal after it’s launched. It will be specially designed to suit you and bring out the best in you.


8.  Celebrate Your Wins

Nobody is ever going to celebrate you the way you will celebrate yourself. This is why you need to celebrate your wins.

Back in college, there was a subject that I was really scared of. I noticed that I wasn’t able to comprehend what my professor was teaching. So, I decided to spend more time learning the subject. I read a lot of related publications and answered practical questions.

When the results came out, I passed. I considered it a great achievement and celebrated myself by going to a nearby restaurant and treating myself to a good meal. You should never be ashamed to celebrate your wins.

Do not wait for ground-breaking wins before you celebrate. As little as achieving that goal of punctuality! Celebrate every win. If you do not celebrate them, no one will for you and the earlier you realize that, the better for you.


9.  Embrace Failure

Failure is a part of the process. Truth is, if you are always achieving your goals with ease, then you have not really reached the heights of your success.

Failures are symbolic of your efforts not being mediocre. They are normal. The way you take them, however, is highly important. Your failures should never be a reason for you to be sad, rather, they should make you want to do and achieve more.

If you allow your failures get to you and make you stop reaching for success, you will forever be a failure. That is not the best way to lead a life of success. Embrace your failures. Take them as a part of your journey to success and watch yourself rise again.


10.  Take The Leap Through The Tracks Of Uncertainty; Do Something That Scares You As You Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

There are times when you swim the ocean of confusion while making your decisions. You are not alone. I have been there too. I have experienced what it is like to be confused. But then again, it is at those moments of uncertainty that you know your true strengths.

Look beyond the tracks of uncertainty and take that step. True, you might not know where you are headed but that only shows that you trust yourself.

Do not sleep in your comfort zone. There are better things out there to do. Challenge yourself to become better and watch how you transition into a stage where you begin to live your best life.


So, there you have it! 10 steps to creating and designing a life without restrictions and limitations. Feel free to reach out to me through the comment section. Let me know what you think about the list. I would be more than happy to communicate with you.


For You!

Hello there! Thank you for reading up to this point. You can live the happy life you wish to live if only you would consciously pursue it. I wish you good luck as you adopt these tips and work on them. From me to you, love and miracles.


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