The Ultimate Guide To Pursuing And Crushing Your Goals

The best weekly planner for organizing, designing your dream life, and achieving your goals.


It is one thing to set goals and it’s another thing to devotedly go after such goals until they are achieved. We hear a lot of goal setting tips, ideas, philosophy, and strategies but a vast majority of us lack the momentum to rigorously chase after our goals until they are achieved.

I was in this situation for a very long time, trust me. My life was disorganized, I struggled to track my goals, keep check of all my activities, I let procrastination schedule my routines, I was stuck and confused for so long. My life was literally opened on so many tabs leading to constant delay, limitations, and failure.

I missed out on some thrilling and life-changing experience because of my inadequacy to organize, take charge, pursue, slay and crush my goals until I was exposed to certain resources and tools which enabled me to design my life goal, break them down into short and long-term goals and incorporate them into my daily life which brought passive positive returns.

I have come to realize that setting effective and realistic goals for yourself gives you a concrete endpoint to aim for and with this shift in my life I have been able to set effective goals to push towards a better life, fully take charge of my life, set goals and vehemently pursue them.

I was able to chase my financial goals, build a six-figure business, set my health goals, invest more into my physical and spiritual stability, build strong and healthy relationships to properly upgrade my life and you can do the exact thing today.

It is no news that life constantly throws challenges at us to see how tough we are or prepared to step out from a limiting phase to an expansive phase, hence, you have to prepare yourself to overcome in order to successfully create the life you’ve always wanted and successfully thrive. And there is no better planning than preparation and getting the right tool to plot out of your plan, a success.

By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. So, you have to put your future in good hands- your own hands!

And so, I have designed an ultimate goal-setting Planner with several prompts and exercises that helped me narrow my chase and success. This planner will enable you to jingle through your everyday routine and guide you as you stay on track with your valid and important goals.

The Goal Chaser has been designed to help you organize, simplify your life, and help you find more balance. It can be quite a hassle keeping up with your daily task, responsibilities, balancing your budget, taking care of yourself, and sometimes you do not even have enough time to just breathe much less go after those big goals.

The Goal chaser will guide you to plan how to properly take back your time and manage several aspects of your life.




With This Goal Chaser You’ll Be Able To;

✦ Break your goals into actionable steps.

✦ Enable you to get in attuned with your strength, passion, and purpose.

✦ Design short and longer-term life goals.

✦ Break your goals into several categories with several layouts.

✦ Enable you to set achievable goals.

✦ Enable you to identify and prioritize the needs that are lacking behind.

✦ Enable you to take more responsibilities.

✦ Help in setting realistic goals, dreams, and expectations.

The goal chaser will enable you to have a makeover of your life at any given time, phase, or situation you are in – you are just a step away in celebrating a successful life! You don’t have to wait for the beginning of the year to start planning your goals, with the Goal Chaser you can draft out a plot to conquer at any time of the month.

Goal chaser is a tool created with accomplishing your goals in mind. It will help you cross the finish line of those goals you’ve set, set the appropriate goals, eliminate distractions and obstacles that might hinder your goals and above all help you crush them.

But wait… That’s not all! If you order now, you will also get these awesome bonuses…


Habits Tracker

In order to effectively stick with a habit, one simple thing you must do is to keep a habit tracker.

This habit tracker will enable you to break down your big goals into small habits and keep track of your progress. It’ll give you a sense of accomplishment and the motivation to keep them going. It will enable you to stay consistently on track with your goals. (Valued at $7, yours is free!)


Slay Your Day Printable

You do not have to stress about getting your daily activity under control or organized. The Slay Your Day Guide has been designed to accompany your weekly planner for you to organize your life and keep track of what you have to do.

This daily planner printable will enable you to create a daily planning schedule, prioritize your important goals. All you have to do is pair with your Goal Chaser for maximum productivity. (Valued at $10, yours is free!)


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Ready To Organize Your Life And Make It More Enjoyable?

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