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Life doesn’t always go in a straight line. Things get messy and tangled, things move fast with an overwhelming sprint and our paths twist and turn in many directions. The right things happen at the wrong time and opportunities get passed by.

Some things happen that we just cannot understand in the moment no matter how badly we want an answer. And some things that we wish would just never do.

Life can be a little messy but that doesn’t mean it can’t be wonderful, because our survival journey is solely dependent on what we make of it and our ability to take charge through the uncertainty, messiness, beautiful moments, mistakes, missed chances, and happy endings.

You take charge of the several moments by embracing every twist and turn and up and down of your beautifully unique journey; embracing the ups for showing you what true joy and freedom feels like, embracing the downs for teaching you how to bounce back, how to summon your inner strength and push through.

So if you’re on a quest to take charge of your life, positively embrace the several phases of survival, take better care of yourself, become the best version of yourself create a fulfilling life, and wake up every day with great positivity, you’ve come to the right place!

My name is Afam Uche and I’m thrilled to have you here. I’m the creator of this blog. I am here to equip you with the tools, tips, directives, and advice you’ll need to effectively take charge of your life and create greater success.

I help people upgrade (change, transform) take charge of their lives, and become a better version of themselves

I’ve designed Afam Uche to help readers in a variety of ways. Here you’ll learn:

  • How to embrace your true potential and create your dream life
  • How to live a happy and successful life on your terms
  • How to overcome your fears and limiting beliefs
  • How to cultivate and develop positive habits
  • How to become more productive and get more of the important things done.
  • How to challenge yourself and expand beyond your comfort zone
  • How to build positive techniques that will positively influence your life
  • How to be financially balanced and create a secured future
  • And so many self-growth topics

To simplify and ease up this process of learning and radically transforming your life I have created some vital tools and resources like


My Story

You know for the longest of time, I belittled myself I struggled with self-doubt, procrastination, let my doubt take the wheels of my life, and constantly drove me down a dark lane.

My mental health was down, my finances were crippled, my anxiety was a dominant factor in my life. I constantly journey through life with a bag back of hindrance until I was able to unlock into the higher realm, understand the whole concept associated with taking control of what we go through, and creating a satisfying life in the process.

I learned to properly analyze the steps I was making in life, adopt healthy and positive techniques that have totally set my life on the right track, like mediation, planning, mindset work, manifestation and so.

And I will be sharing all of these transformational tips, techniques, and survival kits so you can thrive through your journey of survival, take charge, embrace your true potential, attain that dream life, acquire peace and be totally fulfilled in your finances, mental health, wellness, and spirituality

Growing and changing aren’t always easy, transformation never is…But I want you to know that you are in the process of becoming so much stronger, it might take time, it might bring you to your knees, but it will be worth it in the end.

If you would like to contact me, I can be reached at the following email address: Before you contact me, please note the following:

I appreciate people wanting to write for my blog. However, I write all of the posts for “Afam Uche” myself and I don’t accept guest posts.

Please don’t send me links to your stuff–infographics, blog posts you’ve published, YouTube videos you’ve created, and so on–and ask me to share them on my blog. I couldn’t possibly accommodate all of the requests that I receive, so I don’t accept any of them (I think that’s a fair policy).

Otherwise, I’d love to hear from you. You can also connect with me on Instagram, feel free to send me a direct message sharing some of the important tips and directives that have positively transformed or empowered your life.

There’s a lot to learn at Afam Uche. To start, I urge you to sign up for my newsletter and grab some of our most powerful and transformational free resources.

I know the intensity of your struggle, hard times and difficult times varies but trust me I have gone through dark murky waters, doubting my ability to thrive through but here I am today shinning and sharpened from all my scars.

I have been able to sort out of my life, build a successful business/blog with millions of visitors from over 220 countries, territories and dependent areas, start a transformational coaching program mentoring and impacting lives. And you can do the same and even more, it all starts with taking charge one day at a time!

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you stay awhile.🙂

Cheers to a more fulfilling life!


Take A Tour Around!

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•  How To Invest In Yourself And Build A Valuable Life

   A 30-Day Challenge To Massively Improve Your Life

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  • I am in constant awe of your growth and the way you knead words together.
    The world ain’t seen nothing yet. Let your roots spread and never let the naysayers dim your light.

  • Wow!!! This is amazing.
    More blessings to you, you have been an inspiration to me as a young woman growing to understanding the intricate lessons of hustling, doing your thing with uniqueness and motivating a lot of people in the process, I am so excited for this breakthrough and I am waiting for all the intriguing things that will shared here…Much .Love!

  • Wow this is am amazing space. A beauty with brain,a great website,your words are so real and captivating, looking forward to see more of this, keep on the good work💞💞💞💞

  • This is an amazing blog with a lot of creativity the most inspiring and aesthetic website i have ever come across more grace. Continue to be you and do more I am inspired

  • This is an amazing blog with a lot of creativity the most inspiring and aesthetic website i have ever come across more grace. Continue to be you and do more I am inspired

  • Ahh Uche! getting to know that you have such a standard blog with unique articles and stuff truly made my day a wonderful one, i hope to see more inspiring stuff. My dear you’re amazing. Keep the fire buring cus you’re a prime star

  • Sis! This is an extremely unique website, an awesome space which I am already addicted….Love your confidence and style. Keep repping us

  • The infusion and passion of poetry by Afam Uche has redefined an element in poetry that is irrevocably subtle yet it encapsulates and arouses the fibre of a being, of a soul especially one plunged into omnious darkness and eternal malison.

    Keep inking.
    The universe awaits you.

    • This got me screaming, teary, on top of the world, set my emotions on fire! Thank you so much Adebola, these words will forever live with me. I am so glad poetry resonates with you and is forging into the hearts of many again. I’ll keep staining my ink across the globe as positivity get engraved. Thanks once again❤

  • You’ve always had it in you. I’m not here to tell stories. But you’re a good poet and writer. I’d stick around for more fun and exciting pieces you’re going to bring in.

  • You’ve got no duplicate!
    Your writing prowess leaves mean wondering how God could make one beautiful, yet extremely intelligent. Of cause, it’s believed that beautiful girls are empty brain (chuckles), but you prove that belief wrong!
    You inspire my everyday; maybe not just me, other people too!
    I believe in your version of literature, I believe in you….

    • I am short of words and in awe of the goddess that the universe has outlined to cross my path in all my finding, pursuit, search, learning and unlearning. Beautiful souls like you that keep sharpening and inspiring me to be me! And motivating originality. Thank you, Marvelous you have been always been a source of motivation to me.
      Love you girl❤

  • This space have an aura of creativity and artistic naturalness..
    I think i will stay afloat here amidst the numerous amazing space on this street.

  • – Your initial floored skills taught me to believe in dreams
    – Your constant nagging of self doubt taught me to be patient
    – Your inexhaustible questions taught me to be resilient and absorbing
    – I appreciate you for coaching me throughout the timeline of my duty
    – Now unleash the horror of your experience in the beauty of creativity to this world
    – Thank You for giving birth to me

    • The One! Hummmm….What can I say, the journey can’t be complete without an appraisal and appreciation to your insightful patience, directions, guidance, teachings and yes coaching! You saw the light and did everything possible to put me on the spotlight.
      Thank you so much, words are not enough. This is just the beginning of greatness, there is so much more to come. Be ready to stand on the podium of revelation.

    • Yay!!!! I’ll be killing em’ with hot dished lines…Okuurrr😂😅

      Thanks for taking a tour around
      I am excited to have you here and am I am waiting for all the goodies you are let to release.

  • Wow! This is amazing. You really came back with the ‘bomb!’
    Keep making your dream come true!
    You’re good!!
    L❤ve from Celine

    • Celine this is so sweet, am chopping some onion right now. Thank you for coming over it means alot to me
      Sending all my love down to my baby as well💜

    • Thank you for these words, they brought tears to my eyes.

      There are no words to explain when purpose is discovered and appreciated when you create Art for the joy and it’s hanged in praises. It marinates your soul with pure joy

      I am honoured to make this home do not hesitate to come over often❤

  • Uche! This is amazing. This space is beautiful. I love your poems; they had inspired, motivated and directed me at low points. I always find myself coming to your blog over and over again. Please don’t stop doing this, sharing bits and cues of inspiration.
    P. S When did you start blogging officially. I would love to know about it all… I am thrilled …. More grace to you dear.

    • I am short of words in appreciating this gorgeous soul.
      These words mean so much to me, nothing can comprehend the joy of inspiring while discovering yourself.
      I started Blogging official in January, I had my space up for a while but was sceptical about sharing it
      But I pulled the curtains here
      You can catch all my quirks here as well

      Thanks Audrey for taking a tour around my safe space and letting those pieces inspire you this gives reasons beyond discovering❤

  • Out of all the places I’ve had the chance to explore
    Your Blog is by far my favorite. You are doing so well and you have inspired me greatly. Thumbs up girl you rule!

  • I have never been this in love with poetry, You are rare, your fingers are unique and I am certain that you will go places. I appreciate your space, those spaces that encourage you to take off any masks you may have on so you can be your true self without judgment.
    Those spaces that allow you to drop any disguises you’ve put on your emotions so you can finally vent to open ears with an open heart, honor those magical spaces.

    Just like this is creating magic don’t be left out

    • Thanks you so much Purity
      I am soaked with joy❤
      These words mean so much to me
      I am so glad that my space is manifesting and fulfiling the purpose of creation.

  • I give thanks to my creator Yaw. I could not have found you at a better time. I have been contemplating suicide for some time now and you could possibly be the friend I need right now. I have no one else in the physical world to share my thoughts and life with.

    • You Got it In You

      Dear Janet, I am so overwhelmed and thankful that these words brought life to you and ministered in ways I could never imagine.

      I understand life can be daunting in the highs and lows with so much to handle, we are exposed to several challenges, obstacles, anxiety attacks and the tendency of depression filling us up is aggravated.

      Our fears try to take advantage residing and dwelling in us, occupying the sanctuary Christ has built and in those dark times it’s so difficult to strive through the suffocating exposure.

      But I want you always remember this, even on days when faith is like a crippled child; the devil is simply trying to trick us by infiltrating our mind, he is nothing but a looser and the crises he carriers can’t be measured to your power.

      You are powerful! You are needed by the universe to function effectively, you are needed by me to strive uniquely, you are in charge, you are in control, you got everything in you, you are bigger than the sea trying to drown your strength.

      I know it’s hard but I see you overcoming and taking charge because you are empowered and endowed to rule so please don’t hold it back manifest.

      Every season is taking you closer to your purpose on earth, the obstacles may be harder than expected that’s because you are rare and an outstanding radiant piece of God, you aren’t equipped to handle easy battles you are too powerful for them to come close so don’t worry steal your breath.

      I want you to let go of the fear of change because fear is nothing but a shell of curiosity waiting to be cracked.

      I want you to let go of the belief that you not good enough because you are rare and so valuable to the universe.

      I want you to stop comparing yourself to others

      Stop seeking approval from people

      Let go of old beliefs that no longer serve you.

      You are extraordinary, an epitome of magic walking on earth that even the stars are envious of, the naked sky is aching for your glitters so shine, radiate, illuminate in the darkest of times without reluctance or second thoughts stretch through the sky like thunder in the dead of the night take advantage and leave your mark!
      Sending so much love❤💕
      Please know that you are never alone, I’ll love to stay connected to you, how do I get through?

  • Found you on Pinterest while looking for a positive approach to help with my teenage daughters anxiety and social stresses. After reading I sought your blog and now I am giving thanks for you and what you share. This is not only going to be great for my daughter but I too will be a regular here.

  • I’m so thrilled I came across your blog, you are so inspiring and talented. Your beautiful personality shines through and your love and encouragement has been received!

    Thank you 💕

  • You are absolutely amazing! 90% of the time I choose a suggestion provided by a search engine, I look at the authoring website & there you are!
    I am amazed & thank you!

    • Thanks Anxhelina❤ I feel so excited that this space of wellness and improvement has constantly edified you through the search for answers and solutions.

  • I am Emmanuel Omenayam Ashibuogwu, but you can call me SALT.

    I am a Christian writer and lover of youths.

    My passion is to see God’s word transform lives.

    Time management, personal development and purposeful living are my core interests.

    I love writing, but my goal for writing is not literary or artistic achievement, but to promote spiritual fruitfulness and an irresistible devotion to our purpose for being on this earth. 🌍

    I am a graduate of the prestigious University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.

    A geographer and Urban Planner by profession

    B.Sc – Geography
    M.Sc – Urban and Regional Planning

    I can act different roles in dramas (I hope you are not surprised… lol, 😂 well that’s a story for another day).

    I am also good at marketing.

    I blog at

  • I am trying to get away from social media in a world that NEEDS it, it seems. I am teaching my children 5 and 10 that there is a world beyond the screen, and they are actually seeing and enjoying it. I also am trying to better my husband who spends the first 45 min to an hour of his day on his phone scrolling thru what I refer to as nonsense. I read your beginning of each day thing and hope I can get thru to him. I am in the process of finding myself, and as mindful as I think I am I know there is always room for improvement.
    I am exploring a transition of my career with a degree soon and relocating to a new state. Also looking at other faith options, I grew up in one faith and I just find myself doubting so many things I was taught.
    I am hoping to better myself while coping with those around me, and stumbled upon your website. I have been reading several pages for the last hour and am completely lost within it. GREAT JOB I LOVE IT ALL!

  • AWESOMENESS YOU ARE!!! deeply grateful for everything you are sharing…totally resonate with all of it except the poetry part…LOL…you are truly gifted with words

  • Came across your blog in Pinterest really inspire me. I love the content alot. I hope to practice it. Would love to be your friend

  • How do I get a full list of the 40 questions in the blog 40 questions to ask yourself to change your life… on Instagram and your site, I can only view 10 questions…. I would like access to the full list even if I have to pay for it…

  • Dear Afamefune Uchechukwu,

    Just happened to know about you through Pinterest, when i read about You and the way you presented i just liked it. Wanted to share that. it is Awesome.
    Best regards

  • This is the first time I read one complete article and dig into the rest. I will gladly share your articles with friends and family. Thank you

  • Hello Afam Uche.. I saw your write ups on a WhatsApp status and I couldn’t help but love them. You inspire me a lot and I’m hoping to learn so much from you. I’m still quite young and I own a blog; just getting started really but I definitely need help and I’m still learning; we are still learning really… I hope to get to this point that you are in ad that is by being determined and taking it a step at a time with God’s help too. I can’t wait to read all your blog posts and get better myself!
    How do I subscribe though so as not to miss any write up you upload? Thank youu.. I’ll really appreciate it if you can check out my blog and give me a few advice because my niche is really close to yours. Might even be the exact same thing. Thank you again ❤️