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Afam Uche - positivity and inspiration

It’s going to be okay! Breathe; being vulnerable can be really powerful, remembering that we are humans, flawed and trying to get through life with smiles locked in unforeseen circumstances, obstacles, hurdles, sidewalks are nothing but stepping stones to elaborate the warrior tied to your spine.

And its okay for the pieces to be dismantled; you are doing just great. It is okay for the canvas to be blank for the rainbows have been imprinted on your palms.

Sometimes, the road and journey get rusty with the implants of doubt, the lantern in our soul fades, confusion layering up in our thoughts; we buckle anxiety and drift towards low self-esteem and fear.

It’s hard to key into the fact that growth is tied and linked to our breaking, shedding, rising, wilting, learning and unlearning, letting go and holding on tight sometimes in reverse, burning continuously even with a weak flick.

Afam Uche - positivity and inspiration

Growth rolls in assembling the uneven, sharp, blunt and carved pieces life hands over to us. You do not grow on your own, you grow as you go.

Even when strength places a curfew on appearing and when confusion builds a sanctuary, it will be okay; when fear is thick and anxiety hangs over, when silence crawls in, you need to understand that trials and joy have an integral part to play in our lives.


You Have To Open Up To Growth As The Process Entails


1.  Understanding That Every Season Is For A Reason

Life unveils to us in fractions; every challenge, obstacle, barrier, block, impediment, hindrance, and complication has its role to play, each rock waiting to be turned.

A year ago, I was at a low point in my life; my intuition, a young child with fear rallying in my life and it took me a lot of work to come out from that phase which taught me to love myself and find myself in all my learning’s.

I learned that life throw challenges at you to see how resilient and ready you are to get down with her, oftentimes before things fall in place.


2.  Know And Define Your Authenticity

Do not subject or reduce yourself to please others. You can choose to make sacrifices and sometimes choose others first but know when to draw the boundary. Define your worth and peg them to the corners of your mind.


“Do Not Ever Alter Your Uniqueness For Validity”

Afam Uche - roots


3.  Know When To Walk Away From Stale Energy

Life is a trail of events happening simultaneously, you have to learn to live and adapt to the unpredictable cycle and in the process know when to walk out of certain situations that are not good for you.

Afam Uche - positivity and inspiration


4.  Create Time For Yourself

Do not get lost in the bustle and race for others and neglect yourself. Watch that movie, bath yourself with that expensive lotion; do not save it up for unknown days, and give yourself a treat.

Afam Uche - positivity and inspiration

When obstacles try to build blocks of impossibilities, do not entertain your fears or let rejections intimidate you, rather squeeze opportunities from challenges.

This sounds hard to chew on especially in the face of difficulties, tell me more about it and I will tell you of all the reasons I refuse to quit inspite of closed gates. Rather than capitalizing on reasons to quit, look inward and see the warrior sharpened as blades cut through preparing you for a higher and better level.


5.  Channel Into The Spiritual

Calm your mind, sharpen your understanding, meditate, and align your thoughts with the universe as everything you can ever spring into lies with you.

Afam Uche - positivity and inspiration


These are some marked point and possible ways you could tackle the cycle of growth and I would really love to hear from you. What is your definition of growth and what do you do, to keep on growing from trials and obstacles?


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Author: Afam Uche

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    • Thanks Jaden❤
      Remember to release your self to positivity and radiance.
      Growth rises at every turn, moulds, obstacle and trials.
      Celebrate the spectrum of your energy!

    • Oh Yes! The breaking phase is quite difficult but must be part of the story as we continue to hold space, evolve, learn and choose joy despite the odds in the journey of becoming and belonging.
      Thanks for stopping over❤

    • Thanks Omorisiagbon I am glad those words resonated with you

      Gentle reminder
      Grow freely,
      Move on,
      Be willingly to change,
      Find understanding,
      Be you!

    • Thanks Kujah, continue to stretch towards the positive spur conquering the most difficult conflict occurring within change.
      Drift to the light continually with a reminder that with every exhale and inhale growth is induced!

  • Wow… Such a mesmerizing piece… It holds such power that I cannot write… YOUR WORDS ARE POWERFUL!!!

    Thank you for sharing such life changing cues… ♥ ♥ ♥

  • This was a wonderful read. Thank you for sharing your tips and yes to look within spiritually is something I’ve been doing for a while. Thank you!!

    • I am glad that you resonated with this piece Jenny, our spirituality has a major role play in our development and the ability to know and understands this makes the process easier.
      Thanks for stopping over❤

  • Thank you for this fabulous article!

    I would like to touch on the aspect of turning challenges into rewarding transformations, since you asked about the readers’ take on this whole process.

    I recently learned that when someone, or something, upsets us, we can learn to forgive ourselves for giving our power away by entertaining self-delusion or denial and blaming external factors (which we can not control).

    After forgiving ourselves for previously entering into a disempowered state and leaving our old dysfunctional emotional programming (ie fear responses of the amygdala or primitive reptilian brain – often programmed before age 7 & then transmuted in similar situations to activate a series of triggers) and negative emotional reactivity (from the shadow self – expressions of inner turmoil from previous trauma or conflict), we can then not only forgive those who we previously blamed, but we can also thank them for preparing us for future battles and for allowing self mastery.

    Once a willingness has been made to relinquish blame and begin to take responsibility for our emotional reactions – paired with embracing a new reaction (letting the past go and reprogramming), what used to make us upset can now make us grateful for having illuminated areas that need healing (deep emotional wounds).

    This is an aspect of Jungian Shadow Work and it can help to trace triggers back to their root with introspection, by asking these three questions about our core beliefs (which are now possible to rewrite with a willingness to surrender to self healing):

    1.) What upsets you more than the average person?

    2.) Why does it upset you in particular?

    3.) When did this begin and was there a suppressed root from before what seems to be the root that seems apparent at first?

    Once one has found the root of his or her trigger(s), offering forgiveness to all parties involved and self love will be all of the willingness needed for the higher-self/Holy-Spirit/subconscious-mind to transform our energetic-body/emotional-body/spirit-body and transmute dense-energy/heavy-burdens into light-energy/inner-peace & deep radiant liberating joy.

    What used to be living in misery and having a hard time coping with bumps in the road of life can become blossoming self mastery in which we can now share this gift with others who have the spiritual tools needed to finally deal with the ego/false-self/inner-dragon/personal-demons and gain mastery over erroneous old programming that no longer serves us. =)