7 Days To A Better You Transformational Worksheets

The Ultimate Worksheets For Radically Changing Your Life In

Just 7 Days!

Are you ready to change your life forever, set and achieve goals the right way, live your best life on your terms, live at your full potential, and connect with your highest self – in just 7 days?


Do any of these feelings resonate with you?

You are TIRED of living a substandard life, that you know you could change if you only put in some time, effort, and set the right intentions.You feel completely tired and exhausted You haven’t yet reached your monetary, career, health [or fill-in-the-blank] goals and you know there is room for improvement. You know there is an opportunity and space for you to change your life but you just can’t pinpoint the exact steps or actions to take. You recognize you need to make changes but have no idea what to do next. You are living a life that you just know has the potential to be BETTER

You require a concrete plan to get you from Point A and Point B
You really want to organize your life to live your best life without worrying, you want to be consistent with your goals, establishing productive routines, and forming healthy habits. You need improvement in all aspects of your life but you are clueless about the steps you need to take. You feel the desperate need for a plan that actually keeps you on track but thus far life often feels like it is controlling you, rather than the other way around.

You are overwhelmed, tired, and stuck in a rut
You are overwhelmed by the backlog of self-improvement tips, guides, and articles floating on the internet and you just want a simple, effective, and productive system to permanently transform your life. You need practical and effective directives on how to chase the dreams you have defined.

You are trying to level up from the old you into something more, You have been trying to manifest your dreams but there is no headway and you simply want to bloom!

Unmotivated And Unproductive
You start the day with the best of intentions but as the day goes on you aren’t as productive as you hoped you would be.

You have DREAMS and GOALS that are absolutely busting to get out and finally be fulfilled.

You are willing to invest time and energy into TAKING ACTION and making things happen.

You are confused and stuck in a rut that your goals have been put on hold for far too long and now you feel less motivated and challenged to pursing or vehemently chasing those goals


If you’re feeling ANY of these, you are in the right place, my friend.

I went from living a life with no purpose, value, motivation, sense of fulfilment, and satisfaction to creating an extraordinary life, achieving my most ambitious goals, and helping people achieve their greatest success.

It might sound insane, but I started in the exact same seat you are sitting in now.

Before taking my self-improvement, and self-growth journey seriously, I was living like an incomplete person simply put a fried potato who was perpetually stressed, with lack of motivation, uninspired, constantly behind schedule, forever rushing from point A to point B, questioning my self worth and limiting myself with the thoughts I housed.

My self-worth, self-confidence, and self-value were on their lowest gauge. I let my fears dominate my strengths hence I procrastinated a lot, I had no clear idea of what my vision was or had any productive routine or ideal habits to cultivate and maintain.

I literally perceived myself as a failure and my mental health was terribly affected by the school of thought and orientation I had created for my life.

My huge transformational shift started from me writing letters of love, admiration, and thanks to myself and constantly envisioning the life I wanted. In my state of sheltered fear, I would constantly picture the life I wanted, feel it, hear it, smell it even act that kind of life in the bathroom, and when I was alone.

And this action brought me immerse satisfaction more like I had my fourth-dimensional life and I was limitless, satisfied, free, fulfilled, rich and in total control in that life but one day it all stroke clearly that I didn’t only want to be engrossed in that fourth-dimensional life but I wanted to bring those imaginations, dreams, and desires to reality at all cost.

I want to wake up to a fulfilling, satisfying and rich life where I am not only able to help myself but help people acquire a handsome amount of success and so I embarked on vehemently improving myself, being more authentic, loving myself despite my mistakes, flaws, challenges, and obstacles…. Phew! It wasn’t an easy task at all. But in the end, I succeeded in creating the life that I am insanely obsessed with and wouldn’t trade for anything.

But again, I need to emphasize to you that I was standing exactly in your shoes not very long ago…

My life has done a complete 180 from those uncertain and unfulfilling days to a more satisfying and fulfilling life.

And I can show you how to achieve it all, you do not have to struggle, take the difficult route that I had to try for years to unlock that dream life. You can have all of this and more with the worksheets, questionaires and guide I have created. 

With these 7 days transformational worksheets, I have created an intense step-by-step walkthrough of how to make an incredible change in your life with your goals, plans, visions, and aspirations.

I will show you how to create your vision of what you want your life to be, identify the best goal setting technique to launch you much closer to your vision, develop an actionable plan, learn to control and deal with challenges and limitations because they must arise, develop a transformational mindset, share the most important techniques of manifestation and the key to tending to yourself as you go through this journey so you are equipped to succeed. In just 7 days! 

You need to know that change can happen in a very short period, it all depends on the corrective steps and process we take to make these changes happen continually. In these 7 days, I will show you the right actionable steps you need to take that will steer your life in the right direction.

But before I show you these worksheets let’s look at the common mistakes you are probably making (I know, because I have made them all!).


5 Common Mistakes You’re Probably Making While Trying To Change Your Life


1.  Setting Too Many Goals

When you start setting goals, you may see many things that you want to accomplish. So you start setting goals in all areas. The problem with this is that you have a fixed amount of time and energy. If you try to focus on many different goals at once, you can’t give individual goals the attention they deserve. Instead, use the “quality, not quantity” rule when setting goals.


2.  Not Reviewing Progress

It takes time to accomplish goals. And sometimes it can feel that you aren’t making much progress. This is why it’s important to take stock of everything that you’ve accomplished regularly. But oftentimes we fail to do this. We just keep up with the activities we are involved in without carrying out a proper audit and introspection of where we are, what is working what isn’t working, and the right steps to take.


3.  You Are Seeking Perfection

Perfectionists are more likely to set themselves very rigid goals, with an all-or-nothing mindset. And when you continually seek perfection in everything you do, you will be highly limited.

Perfectionism is accompanied by the thought of changing everything at once. Perfection isn’t attainable, Perfection isn’t authentic, and perfection is stagnation. And for perfectionists, it’s all about the destination, not the journey.


4.  You Are Not Stretching Out Of Your Comfort Zone

You are failing to stretch beyond who you think you are and what you’re comfortable in when in a real sense stepping out of your comfort zone is important because it will let you live life to its fullest.

It will help you mature and grow as an individual. It does not have to be done through a crazy plan, simple works just fine. Get started with simple steps and a gradual plan. But oftentimes we are sheltered by the fear of things going wrong that we choose to take the comfortable lane and growth cannot come forth like that.


5.  Not Doing The Inner Work To Create The Outer Life You Dream Of

This includes ignoring your body, not filling in your mind, your soul, your spirit with the right resources, energy, and vices you need to push on. We just focus on the outer things living the inner things and work redundant when change always comes from the inside out


Now, imagine how it would feel if you could…

  1. Wake up inspired and excited for your day, knowing that you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing.
  2. Live a happy and successful life on your terms, aligned to your values, your purpose, and your soul. “BE THE CEO OF YOUR LIFE”
  3. Overcome your fears and limiting beliefs, with the confidence to handle anything life throws your way.
  4. Make a positive impact on the world, utilising your talents, gifts, and strengths to contribute to something bigger than yourself.
  5. Slay your biggest goals and create a better life for yourself in the process



7 Days To A Better You Worksheets

7 Days To A Better You Worksheet is A collection of 7 transformational worksheets; Life audit sheets, Detoxing and decluttering sheets, Dream attractor sheets, Life handbook sheets, Eliminating roadblocks sheets, Manifesting sheets, and Self-care sheets created to help you massively improve your life, discover your true potential, release your fears and create a satisfying/fulfilling life that you’ll be obsessed with.

These worksheets have been specifically designed for a higher achiever like you who is capable of making permanent and massive changes in their lives once they set out to. 

Let’s take a look inside what you will learn with the several worksheets…


Life Audit Sheets

This worksheet will enable you to critically evaluate the things that are working in your life, acknowledge where you are, carry out a proper self-introspection/life diagnosis with the several questionaries that touch greatly on the several areas of your life from your career, education, finances, spirituality and relationship goals. You will be able to step back and take a comprehensive HONEST look at your life from a bird’s eye view and outline the areas that needs to be improved. 


Detoxing Internally And Decluttering Sheets

While we may not always realize it when we’re in the midst of it, clutter can have a really negative impact on your life. Too much “stuff” and clutter be it mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually can cause a significant amount of stress in your life in a variety of ways. These worksheets will enable you to carry out a proper detox and declutter in all areas of our life be it mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. In preparation for the right changes and development in your life.


Dream Attractor Sheets

Before you can focus and believe in a dream, you have to create an idea of what it looks like. This is accomplished by visualizing it. When you visualize an event that you want to happen in the future, you can begin to see the possibility of this event actually happening in your life. By visualizing, you can create your preferred future. This motivates us and helps us to work towards our goals. With the Dream attractor sheets, you will be able  to create a vision of what you want and where you want to be. You’ll see yourself as part of your vision, have a positive dialogue with your vision, be confident in universal support, and get out of your comfort zone.


Life Hand Book Sheets

Creating a permanent change in your life can be a daunting and challenging process. That’s why I’ll give you the exact formula and steps that I have taken over time to create radical changes in my life, from setting smart goals, creating ideal lifestyle changes and effective routines to work hand in hand with these changes. The exact formula I have used to set impossibly huge goals and actually achieve them despite being overwhelmed with fear. Create your step-by-step goal achievement plan – and start taking concrete action toward making your goal a reality.


Eliminating Road Blocks Sheets

Challenges and problems are important parts of life that give you experiences, make you learn, and help you to become wiser and stronger. Problems make us grow and shape us. The biggest problem people have is that they hope for a life without problems. This worksheets will enable you analyse the several roadblocks that you’ll likely encounter on your transformational journey and the right steps, questions to ask to manage these challenges and bloom irrespective of them.


Manifesting Sheets

We are always manifesting. Each thought you have informs your energy, and your energy manifests into your experiences. Your thoughts and energy create your reality. This reality that you live within, is a manifestation of your own doing. And learning how to manifest what you want is much easier than you think. The Manifesting worksheets will explore the power of intentional, and positive, manifestation and the several processes on how to make manifestation work in your life. 


Self Care Sheets

Self-care promotes a healthy relationship with yourself to the benefit of your physical, mental, and emotional health. When you are unable to care for yourself, it is nearly impossible to grow tremendously when we are not properly nourished in the right places and ways. The Self care sheets will enable you to adequately care for yourself both mentally and physically and outline a wellness calendar to keep you physically, mentally and emotionally grounded as you pursue your goals. 


Pssssst. Someone told us you liked bonuses…!

We all love bonuses, don’t we? This is exactly why we have included plenty of amazing bonuses for you with these worksheets!

These carefully chosen bonuses, when bundled with these worksheets, will make everything EVEN EASIER for you to implement without the feeling of overwhelm.


Bonus #1- 356 Affirmation Checklist ($97 Value)

An affirmation opens the door. It’s a beginning point on the path to change. In essence, you’re saying to your subconscious mind: “I am taking responsibility.

I am aware that there is something I can do to change.” When I talk about doing affirmations, I mean consciously choosing words that will either help eliminate something from your life or help create something new in your life.

This affirmation checklist will guide and empower you through the 365 days of the year with the right words and things to declare to yourself.


Bonus #2 Taking Charge Of Your Day Printable ($47 Value)

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else. The same applies to your goals, dreams, desires, and actionable plan.

If you do not take out time to properly outline your plans for each day you won’t be able to properly take charge and control those activities. So we have created this daily printable to help you create balance in your life, stay on track, and evaluate your activities for the day.


Bonus #3 Note To Self In Hard Times ($47 Value)

The power of positive thinking is remarkable. Thinking positively will help you accomplish dreams and goals, and tasks would be easier to fulfil. Hence we created a collection of motivating, inspiring, and motivational words to spur you in those hard times as you pursue your dreams. 


Bonus #4 Habit Tracker ($47 Value)

As we try to build new habits, improve the quality of our lives, and create a purposeful life we must keep track of our activities and steps towards this. This habit tracker will enable you to document your progress, create a sense of accomplishment, and will motivate you to keep going.


Who Is The 7 Days To A Better You Transformational Worksheets For?

These worksheets are  perfect for you if you want to

  • Strengthen your focus on what truly matters
  • Reset your life
  • Get clear with your dreams and set smart, specific, relevant, and timed goals
  • Clarify exactly what you want, who you want to be, and how to get there
  • Develop positive habits to enrich your lifestyle
  • Have a system of accountability to keep you on track with your goals
  • Find extra motivation through obstacles, challenges, and tough times
  • Live a balanced life that fills your course
  • Create a life you absolutely love-one that you are obsessed with
  • Be able to look back and see how you’ve grown over the years
  • Take action to create the year of your dreams


Who Is The 7 Days To A Better You Transformational Worksheets Not For?

These worksheets are NOT for you if you

  • Aren’t willing to put in the work, be disciplined, fill out the entire worksheets, and take the actions needed to reach your goals
  • Aren’t willing to take full responsibility for your life
  • You are looking for quick-fix tips instead of investing the time necessary to make real change.
  • Don’t believe you can change (PLEASE DON’T BE THAT PERSON)



Here’s the truth: Your dreams are worth chasing – believe anything else and you sell yourself short.

Ask yourself now: are your dreams worth chasing and if not now, then when?

Why not start right now? These worksheets will help you define exactly what you want your life to be about [instead of letting other people tell you what they think is best for you.]

Life is short and it’s NEVER TOO LATE to begin heading down the path towards your dreams.

These worksheet will provide you with a super-in-depth, strategic roadmap to help you work out your purpose and get you there as quickly as possible.

Remember this: every human on this planet has the power to change his or her reality and steer him or herself in a different direction.

You and I both know that you are meant for something big. You are an ocean in a drop. Not to sound cliche but that is why you are here. If you didn’t have that fire in your belly to evoke massive change then you wouldn’t have the guts to drop by this page and consider taking that next level to leap into the epic life that’s calling your name.

It’s time to upgrade. It’s time for that next level. Every next level will demand a next level you.

Don’t waste any more time hoping for things to work. Instead, let me show you the way.

This 7 TRANSFORMATIONAL WORKSHEETS will help you effectively analyze what is and isn’t working in your life and devise a new strategy designed to help you achieve your life goals.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really transform my life in 7 days?

There’s no such thing as a quick fix however there are certain effective techniques, resources, and steps that can adopt within 7 days to gear your life on a positive path of improvement


Will I receive anything in the mail?

No, this product 100% digital. That means you get instant access to all the videos, handouts, and resources and can begin your journey within minutes of your purchase.


Are These Worksheets Worth The Price?

If you don’t do the work or simply forget about it, I can honestly say the course will be worth very little to you. BUT if you take the time to listen to all the lessons and do the exercises, the payoff will be almost priceless (for how do you put a price on a better, happier, and fulfilling life you LOVE?)


How long do I have access to the Worksheets?

How does lifetime access sound? After purchasing the worksheets, you have unlimited access to them for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.


How Will I Receive These Worksheets?

Check-out for this workbook is through Gumroad, our secure e-goods check-out partner. Once you purchase, you will be taken straight to the links to download the guide and worksheets. You will also receive an email with your receipt and a link to your account. If you do not receive this email within a few minutes, please check your spam folder. If you have any issues at all, please email info@afamuche.com


What Format Does This Download Come In?

These worksheets are in Portable Document Format (PDF). This is a universal document format for digital files, and most newer computers and devices have PDF readers automatically installed. These PDF readers (also called Document Viewers) will automatically open your file. If you have an older computer or you aren’t sure if your computer has a PDF reader, download a free PDF reader here for viewing your eBook. You do not need to print these out, you can easily edit them on any of your smart devices as they are editable PDFs


Are There Refunds?

Because this is an informational product, there are no refunds. You can check out my full refund policy here for more details.


So dear high achiever are you ready to take your life to the next level? Or will you keep putting off your dreams… or will you start creating the life you’ve always wanted?

By the time you finish with the 7 transformational worksheets, you’ll have extreme clarity on your goals and be well on your way to accomplishing them – plus you will have the skills, resources, and support you need to reach the finish line in record time.

So what are you waiting for every day you have to do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.


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