Positive Powerful Affirmation

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Powerful Positive Affirmation

”The universe is listening, be careful what you say in it”

Life can be a demanding journey in the balance of holding on and letting go, with a tightrope stretching between living and surviving, challenges and obstacles plagued in the pathway forging you into a better person, and in the course, it is essentially important that you guard the walls of your mind by watching the signals you tap into, by the words you declare and release(Positive affirmations) because your thoughts hold the power of your strength.

If your thoughts are weakened or negatively inclined, you attract negativity.

Sometimes, life may affect you in ways you wouldn’t have chosen for yourself especially in the season of grit and keeping it all together can be daunting. With so much on your plate to handle, the need to have your mindset in check and sounded in positivism is extremely important because your thoughts become your words and words are beyond powerful; they can set you on the right part and distort your journey if not properly used just by accommodating them in your subconscious.

If we understand the power of our thoughts, we will guard them more closely. If we understand the awesome power of our words, we would prefer silence to almost anything negative. In our thoughts and words, we create our own weaknesses, strengths, limitations, and joy.

One way of redeeming positivity through our words is with positive affirmations.

Affirmations are positive words pronounced to charge strength and induct positivity, they serve as reminders to help you overcome challenges, stress, and obstacles.

Positive affirmations reflect how you want your life to be, using definite terms like ‘’I can”, ”I will”, ”I am in charge”, ”I am in control”, ”I am deserving”, ”I am worthy” and so on.

I personally have been locked in a trench of fear, my mind got infiltrated at a point with a sense of limitation sprouting in my perception and grafted to my thoughts, my identity got eclipsed that I became a portrait of doubt.

I let uncertainty victimize my light, cajole my strength, reduce my worth, I was at the lowest point in my life where worthlessness sank into my soul with restrictions on my strength, but things changed when I learned about the law of attraction and the power of positive affirmations. I started correcting my wrong initiatives that were screwed into my subconscious by defining and speaking positively.

I stated words that gave me strength, motivation, encouragement, and space to grow because words have energy, power, and ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate, and to humble. So I employed my words wisely and cultivated optimism that there was nothing pessimistic about me even in low times, I constantly reminded myself that I don’t always have to have it together and it’s totally okay for things to go unplanned.

Powerful Positive Affirmation

Positive affirmation is a mind tool that can help you unwind from negativity, and key into positivity and growth.

Affirming positivity into your life is capable of taking your life to greater heights and level because we are what we speak, our declarations affect and plays a vital role in our manifestation. Words are a powerful force and when used in positive pressure, it amounts and brings a positive implant.

A word can provoke, challenge, inspire, motivate, calm and stir trouble so it is mandatory that we watch the words that we carve out from our lips.

Watch your assumptions and thoughts; discipline yourself to never devalue your worth or deny your strength with inferiority and sprinkling doubt in every corner of your life.

Powerful Positive Affirmation

And remember the more you shift your language to a positive equilibrium, the harvest and rewards become positively fruitful.

Affirming helped me in marking my light; as my pen met paper declaring life and positivity, it crept into my subconscious, dragging light into the dark corners of my life and it became a daily ritual.

Affirmations increase courage and courage is the backbone of confidence, confidence is the father of achievement!

Affirming positive words brought me back to a rediscovery and I will be sharing all of it with you.

I have written a free eBook ROOTS on the power of affirmations for your use and organized a collection of powerful words that helped through my low times in life. Feel free to print them out and use them on a regular basis.


Here are some ways that you can use Powerful positive affirmations:

  • Put them in a card and place them where you see them on a regular basis.
  • Say your affirmations out loud, think about them, repeat them until they become a daily ritual and a part of your subconscious.
  • Record your affirmation and play them when you are in the car, on the bus or before going to bed as one inclusive night routine.
  • Meditate on your affirmations by quietly repeating the affirmations in your mind, allowing yourself to feel as if these statements were already true in your life.
  • Breath- Allow yourself connect to the deeper part of your mind and subconscious.
  • Allow positivity saturate you inside as the words seep into your pulse; let the truth caress your bones.

Powerful Positive Affirmation

Below are uplifting, encouraging, powerful, positive affirmations and life-giving words that will take you on a positive shift:

I don’t have to be perfect to be loved.
I am a beautiful work in progress.
I am flawed and perfectly inclined.


I am in control of how I react, show up and give love.
I will focus on doing my part in the best way I know how to.


I am working through my mess.
I am sorting out my life, I am finding my peace.
I am deserving of emotionally clean spaces.


I am so much more than my mistakes.
I am growing from my past.
I am learning from my shortcomings.


I will live a life that is filled with love,
Curiosity and compassion for myself and others.
My mind is open, my heart is resilient,
and I am forever evolving into my best self.


I am abundantly blessed,
I have a purpose.
I can unfold, I am grateful.


I can change,
I was not born to stay the same.
Evolution is a part of my process and
I am learning to lean on and trust every step of the way.


I am confident in my work.
I have the ability to create meaningful offerings.
I will leave a legacy of courage, resilience, and abundance behind.

I am worthy of the love that I pour into others.
I will do better at filling myself up with adoration, time and respect.

I can prepare for the joy and heal from hurt at the same time.
I am learning to honor the pain and my glory.

Powerful Positive Affirmation


Love should be a healing force in my life, not a draining one
Because I am worthy of healthy relationships.
I am loving and kind because I want to lead by example.
I am whole, I am learning, I am letting go.
I am talented and courageous.


 I am fully capable of standing strong through adversity.
I am healing!


I am entirely capable of being whole
without validation from others;
I am learning how to validate myself.


There’s a blessing in every breath I take.
Even when it feels difficult to breathe,
no matter how thick it takes, I will keep breathing and living.


I am so much more than my mistakes,
I am growing from my past,
I am learning from my shortcomings.
I will live a life that is filled with love,
curiosity, and compassion for myself and others.
My mind is open, my heart is resilient
and I am forever evolving into my best self.


I deserve to be celebrated,
I will stand tall in my talents
and allow people to see me.
I was not made to shrink.
I am worthy of being seen.

Powerful Positive Affirmation


I trust what is meant for me will be mine.
I am going to continue to prepare for my blessings.


I am allowed to leave people, places
and things behind that are unhealthy,
toxic and distracting to my growth.


I am fully capable of achieving my goals,
pursuing my passion and nurturing my heart’s desires.
My purpose is mine.
I will work hard to stand in courage,
self-confidence and commitment.


I am giving myself the freedom
to live unapologetically,
love hard, and exist authentically.

I am a magnet of wonder,
a masterpiece of resilience.
The compartment of my soul
has been decked with purpose,
prosperity flows through me.
I am enough in my own specialty,
I am in the balance of changes,
I am equipped with uniqueness,
I detach myself from negativity.


I am resilient,
I am a radiation of perfection in my imperfect fold.
I unravel the infinite power within me,
The depths of my flesh has been clustered with strength.
I am leaning into my sanctuary of light,
Lying comfortably in my own radiant skin.


I am loving all that I am,
I am aligned with greatness.
I am abundance, wellness, courage,
resilient, beauty spelled in every language of survival,
My soul is a soil for diamonds.
I am a progression of greatness,
I am connected,
I am in harmony with my purpose and manifestation,
I am surviving, living and engraving my uniqueness into life.


I am the creator of my possibility, aligning my strength with the universe.
I am an embodiment of success!
My hands have been equipped with wonder,
I am a sanctuary of light-adorned in flesh,
So I’ll manifest, radiate and take charge at every given opportunity.


I am voluminously
empowered in finance
and knowledge.

I have a heart that is open even after being broken,
there is beauty in my ability
to let love in despite being let down.


I am standing in my truth,
I am choosing joy.
I am deserving of
a life that is rooted in
Meaning and contentment.


I am setting boundaries
And still open to change.


I am resilient even
with the weight of the world
on my shoulders.

Powerful Positive Affirmation


Remember that you are bold, powerful, a force made of resilience and you are in control so bloom wildly without control; the earth is a dance hall begging for your stride!



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Author: Afam Uche

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