Step By Step Process To Creating The Best Vision Boards

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what is a vision board

Create the highest grandest vision possible for your life because you become what you believe -vision board Oprah

What exactly are vision boards? How can I draw out my vision board ideas, Do vision boards ideas really work? How does sticking visualize representation of your dream work?

I use to be that girl who dreamed without limitations and I manifested and I’m attracting every single one of my dreams into reality. I dreamt without boundaries, visualizing myself in every particular phase I desired and wanted to be in.

I even daydreamed speaking to myself in the toilet bowl, bathtub, in the bus, in blissful situations, challenging situations, I engraved and sketched every single one of my dreams, vision, goals, and ideas into my subconscious regularly by employing certain tools and techniques such as vision boards ideas, fourth dimensioning, daydreaming and so on and I am glad I did that. Today I have achieved 80% of those dreams.

This is no magical tale but an evident reality that took a lot of effort, commitment, time, patience, growth and sleepless nights. I believe that our dreams are handpicked by the negotiation we have by our actions, commitment, devotion and effort we put into weaving them to life.

With all that’s being said, let’s draw out the curtains for today’s table talk. I will be talking about something very surreal. I will be sharing exactly how I manifested my dreams. It all started with me going devotedly committed after my vision board ideas, vision board’s categories, every dream board templates I could lay my hands on InstagramPinterest,or anywhere on the internet. If you follow me on Instagram you should have a collection of the dream board templates I was able to lay my hands on if you are not, you are can follow me on Instagram, watch the wall of growth for those dream board templates or send me an Instagram message requesting for them

Imagine how the world would be if everyone had a blueprint for what they wanted to be and have in life and actually follow through? Imagine the joy that’ll radiate through the shiny faces of the victors?

A lot of people do not know how to employ their vision board ideas, how to use a dream board template or how to manifest the outlined desires and goals.

Let me explain in simple terms, your brain works tirelessly to achieve the statements you give your subconscious mind. And when those statements are the affirmations and images of your goals, you are destined to achieve them!

Hence at the beginning of every week, month or year, there’s a need to set your priorities straight by outlining your visions and goals.

Writing your goals gives a 100% spark to want to pursue them. Protecting your mind from the rays of negative vibes is key to succeeding in life, especially with the umbrella of vision-boarding. Stick with me and let’s get on to this. Firstly,

vision board categories


What Is A Vision Board?

A vision board is a visualization tool that refers to a board of any sort used to build a collage of words and pictures that represent your goals and dreams. It’s a compilation of positive images that appeal to you. The images represent your goals and things you want to work towards in your life.

However, you must note that the idea of a vision board goes beyond just sticking some cuts from a magazine on a blank board. There’s more. You simply do not just stick pictures to the wall and expect them to materialize into reality.

I’ll try to share fragments of my personal stories and experiences on how vision boards and vision board ideas have helped me.

Today, I am an established blogger and author, because I had visions and penned them down. Vision boards helped me manifest my dreams and bring lofty and lifeless ideas into defined realities.

Truth is, the usefulness of vision boards’ ideas is never limited or confined to certain persons. The values of penning your goals on a board, as a tool for the law of attraction, transcends your age, gender or social status.

I can write ideas on vision boards today because I have tested them and they have worked for me. And I am sure that if you follow the steps I’ll expose today, they’ll work for you too.

The success of any one’s life is hinged on the opening of their minds to the acceptance of possibilities of their very existence. And until we see success as a step-by-step process, we’re bound to continually lose. From my journey of survival, I have realized that there’s power in visualization.

dream board template

Vision boards and ideas help you visualize the big dream and create a feeling of hunger towards achieving the goal. Vision boards can serve as a fuel and also as an anchor. There are really not too many differences, anyways. As a fuel, vision boards help you sustain the burning passion to get to that pinnacle of success.

And as an anchor, they serve as the primary foundation for the establishment of your goals. Somehow, over the years, I have become more responsible and knowledgeable about creating vision boards and giving vision board ideas, and I think it’s majorly because of how I create my boards.

Many see vision boards as just a collage of pictures glued to a one-colored background. Nah!… vision boards actually go beyond that. Vision boards have to speak to you. You needn’t necessarily use pictures, but if you must, the pictures on the boards have to possess so much relevance, they communicate to an inner drive that fuels your passion.

So many times, I have stumbled across videos on the internet that made every hair on my body stand with desire, I vow to achieve that, I save those videos, watch them over and over again envisioning myself as main character in the video and most times all of those dreams and desires have been birthed to life with rigorous effort and commitment in what I have to do to get there.


Vision boards work for me on many levels:

1.  They are important parts of my goal-setting process. Vision boards help me prioritize my goals, values, and intentions.

2.  Vision boards serve as a foundation on which my goals are strongly rooted in. The process of making them plants my goals in my head, and like magic, sends them into the universe.

3.  Regularly seeing them helps remind me of my aspirations and goals.


One of the most powerful contents I have ever seen on vision-boarding was on a YouTube TedTalk by Karen Pilgrim. In her TEDxWilmingtonWomen talk, titled Visionboard vs Action board: Vision of me, who do you see? Karen Pilgrim shared a touching story of her journey to vision-boarding. Hers was a story of a woman smitten by the hot and harsh rod of life.

After 23 years of a marriage ending in a tormenting heartbreak, she was left with nothing but her mindset and visions. After days of tasting the bitterness of homelessness, her conversation with another homeless man made her realize her role as a mentor to her six kids and more.

She suddenly realized the power of waking up to the reality that she had visions and needed to pursue them aggressively. Personally, after watching her TedTalk and hearing her story, I was marveled by her commitment to not subjecting herself to the harsh realities of life, but consciously going after actionable goals stemming from her vision board.

That’s the essence of a vision board. It gives you a push. Importantly, she was able to create a connection between vision-boarding and her own proposed method, action-boarding. Her proposition is, actionable visions are worthless without dates of fulfillment. So, when creating your vision boards, add dates and treat them like a blueprint for your life.

Depending on the materials used in making them, there are different types of vision boards. They could also be physical or digital. And yeah, let me add that I love digital vision boards and would create vision board ideas digitally, any day, because of the easy medium and process.

I personally feel getting those physical supplies makes the process more difficult and the inspiration to set up your vision may come jumping at you at the dead of the night and you simply want to work with the vibe. Any nightcrawlers here will definitely understand that these digital vision boards make everything so easy.

There are several materials you can use in employing a vision board idea they include:

  • Posters
  • Inspiration wall
  • Art journal
  • Pinterest board
  • Caleners
  • Mantras
  • Famous quotes
  • Specific words
  • Printed pictures
  • Cards
  • Maps
  • Tickets
  • Book covers
  • Dried flowers
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Twinkle lights


Whichever you decide to use, what matters is that you write smart (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-based) goals for yourself, find pictures that manifest them and glue them on a board.


Why Create A Vision Board?

vision board party

It’s simple. Your goals, visions, and dreams need a home. Your vision board serves as a road map from the point you are at the moment to the point you aim to be. It is a product of your thought process.

Your vision board helps to give directions to your goals and adds a powerful touch to your Pursuit of Success. A vision board works with the law of attraction which states that you will attract into your life–whether wanted or unwanted–whatever you give your energy, focus, and attention to.


Step By Steps Process To Creating The Best Vision Board

I remember when I was battling with the problem of giving attention to my academics, I was at the crux of my business, writing my final exams, handling a major educational project. I was busy with a whole lot of things and it seemed like I was lost and my life was messed up.

I figured I was not going to make headway if I continued in that direction and so I decided to get my life back on track by creating a vision board for my academic goals and stated categorically there, the expectations I had regarding my courses and whenever I realized that I was too busy I would stare at the vision board, remember my ideas and jerk myself to the reality of set my priorities right. Thankfully, it worked.

Now, grab a cup of tea and let’s go to the crux of this article: Step by step process to creating the best vision boards.
Personally, I feel like vision boards don’t just appear out of thin air… they are a product of conscious step-by-step processes aimed at appealing to our visual prowess.

First, I’ll quickly deal with how you create digital vision boards. Before we go into talking about how to create a digital board generally, it’ll not be bad to talk about the creation of digital vision boards. I mean, the world has gone digital and almost everything can now be done online. You can follow me on Pinterest or Instagram to have a clue of what my digital vision board looks like. 


Step One: Make Decisions On What Your Goals Are

Really, this is not only limited to a paper vision board. You can also make use of them in digital vision boards. And vision boards are created to support already existing goals and not merely to create goals from thin air.

Decide on what you want. Your decision will highly impact the way you create your board. Once again, your vision board is a blank canvas to build the life you want, so you need to start with a clear idea of the goal before you get started.

Now, you have no defined idea, or you are at a loose end with your goals and aspirations and finding your self-purpose to tailor out your vision is a problem.

You can make use of these dream vision template before proceeding to the other steps. I have written a robust content on how to effectively find your purpose in life and you can take your time and unravel that knowledge over here.

vision board oprah


Dream Board Template 2

vision board quotes


Step Two: Find Relevant Images

Truth is, in dealing with vision boards, images are pretty much everything needed. And thankfully, you needn’t get a magazine for images since we’re doing a digital version.

There are free sites like Pixabay, Pinterest, Stocksnap and many more. You could also do a Google search of the images you want. No website is off-limit since it is going to be personalized.


Step Three: Create A Collage

Remember those exercises we used to do back in high school? Where you’d combine many pictures and create a board of unified cuts? Collage. That’s what I’m talking about. Since it is digital this time, you can create the collage using an application.

You can make use of Canva (Canva is a graphic design tool for everyone. This is a super easy to use tool with built-in shapes, text, graphics and plenty of templates to choose from). Then, you can make use of creating a Pinterest board for it. You’d get to have access to the collage and can even make it personalized if you don’t want other eyes feasting on your goals.


Step Four: Edit

Now, all your images are together. There’s a need to edit them by taking out mildly inspiring ones. Take a few seconds to look at the collage and ask yourself “does this light me up?”. I mean, I have established that your vision board can serve as an anchor and also as a fuel.

So, if you don’t maximize the effects of the images, the goal is already defeated. You can as well use this dream template as a checklist to the arrangement of your vision board to make sure that you are not leaving any valuable piece off the table.

Take out the mildly inspiring ones and replace them with images that create a spark within you. This is very important.


Step Five: Make It Your Screensaver

Whatever gadget you might be using, so long it has a screen, ensure you make your collage your screen saver. Why? Making it your screensaver secures the fact that you would and could always see it anytime and the more you see it, the more it registers in your psyche.


That’s all you need to know about digital vision boards. Now that we’re done with that, let’s take a look at a step by step process to creating the best conventional vision boards.

The idea of vision boards sounds vague and nonsensical. I mean, it’s pretty much just a white paper with fragments magazines glued to it, right? Lol. Well, honestly it goes beyond that.

A vision board pricks the inner you. I have so many times jumped out right off my bed with a hunger to succeed because I saw a powerful image that I added to my digital vision board kicks in the right adrenaline I need to hustle and push harder.

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. By using pictures to represent your goals, unconsciously you’ll start speaking to yourself from the inside and this would help stimulate your emotions from within and your emotions are the vibrational energy that activates the Law of Attraction. How then do you create a vision board? Below, I will detail six steps I think will aid you in creating the best vision boards.


Step One: Create A List Of Goals You’d Like To Achieve Per Time

First, you should create a list of the goals you would like to achieve at a particular time. The essence of creating the list is to always have direction when creating the board. In other to visualize your goals, you should know what they are. Spend some time outlining what you want for a particular period.


Step Two: Collect A Bundle Of Old Magazines With Beautiful Pictures

If you have magazines in your library lying fallow, now would be the best time to make good use of them. However, if you aren’t into magazines, no problems. All you need to do is to get from anyone willing to give you. Or, you can alternatively, buy one.

Now, the reasons for choosing magazines are basically because magazines are highly resourceful loaded with relevant images that can speak to the mind.

What do you do if by any chance you do not have access to magazines? Well, you are free to get pictures from the internet or Pinterest or the websites mentioned above. All that’s needed is that the pictures should be relevant as they would help you spark up an intense burning to pursue your goals.


Step Three: Get Pictures That Represent Your Goals And Inspire You

The purpose is not to stare them for fancy. Rather, you are expected to make some cuttings that are important for your vision board. When making those cuttings ensure that you are not only cutting pictures but rather words that are relevant to the vision board and would stir up passion in you.


Step Four: Make A Collage Of Your Goals

The next major thing you should do is basically to make a collage of all your goals. In other words, you are to back up the goals you have written with pictures while sticking them to a sheet of paper or board.

When making the collage, you can be as aesthetically as creative as possible. Ensure that you not only appeal to your emotions but also your sense of aesthetics. Nobody wants to wake up to a boring vision board because that itself would kill your spirit of pursuing the goals you have set.


Step Five: Add Motivational “Affirmation Words” That Represent How You Want To FEEL

Positive affirmation

In the process of making a vision board, feelings are very important. In fact, some people believe that your vision board should be able to evoke a passionate feeling within you.

So, you should ensure that you add words of affirmation to your board, as they will allow you the privilege of feeling your goals- the very first step to securing a manifestation. Words of affirmation serve propellers in aggressively pursuing your dreams. They back up the effect the images have on you in the visualization process.


Step Six: Take A Few Moments To Contemplate Your Vision Board Every Day

The final step is another major step after creating a vision board. Now, you are supposed to digest the content of your vision board by constantly contemplating or thinking about them intentionally every day.

The more you think about the content, the more your visions, dreams, and aspirations register in your psyche and the more they register in your psyche, the more likely you are going to be intense in pursuing them. So, you are not only supposed to draw a vision board, but you should also meditate and think about them every day after making them.

Essentially, also known as dream boards, vision boards are one of the most valuable visualization tools available to you. The inspirational collages serve as your image of the future – a tangible example, idea or representation of where you are going.

They should represent your dreams, your goals, and your ideal life. Your vision board ideas could be hinged on health goals, learning goals, career goals, family goals, meditation goals, financial goals and so many more! More so, you could create vision board ideas as a student, worker, couple… the list is endless.

While making your vision board, don’t forget that actions are very important too. A vision without action is merely a dream but a vision with action is so powerful, it can change the world.


For You:

As we stand at the edge of 2019 and watch as it draws its curtains, we must have a progressive mindset. And being progressive, essentially manifest in your ability to prepare for the future which is why this post is very necessary for you.

If you are confused and need a direction on what to do or how to go about your goals then you should adopt a vision board. You have the ideas in you, all you need do is activate them. I really want to see every one of you winning, big time, in 2020. Love and miracles.


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