The Ultimate Guide For Creating A Life That You’ll Love

This workbook will show you how to find the right direction in becoming the best version of yourself, expose you to the right questions, prompts, and exercises to living your most fulfilled life. It will teach you on loving yourself wholly, embracing the hidden parts of your, showing up fully, and taking charge of your growth irrespective of your insecurities, limiting beliefs, challenges, set back, failures, and obstacles that you encounter. 


Life can be a really interesting and adventurous journey, but at the same time staying sane through the highs and lows, finding the right direction, knowing the next step to take, finding the real you, up-leveling your life, taking care of yourself and taking charge of your growth can be really difficult with the phases we encounter.

And trust me; I know that feeling of unfulfillment. I have been in a state of rut, stuck, overwhelmed, confused, not knowing the next step to take, what to make out of my life, with my fears, challenges, mistake, and the fright of uncertainty constantly creeping in.

It was one of the most daunting periods of my life where I constantly wondered the direction to go in or the next step to take, I struggled to come to terms with my value and self-worth. I gave little to myself, constantly sought for external validation, I was limited by the pain of the past, negative talk, and compared myself.

And I know a lot of you struggle with this, you may be finding it difficult to know the direction or next step to take with all that you’ve experienced and so it becomes difficult for you to grow into your best self or create a life that you’ll love.

But I want you to know that life isn’t trying to break you down but rather it’s trying to break you open and every version of you forged through this process is worthy and valuable.

Through the struggle of weakness, I want you to know that you are stronger than the stories of unworthiness in your head, you are more resilient than the pain of your past, you are more powerful than the forces that try to challenge and throw you off balance.

Do not let the darkness you have seen become you, let them serve as symbols of your resilience and strength and if you do not know how to go about this, The Life Compass has been created to walk you through.

I was able to take charge of my life, claim and stand in my power, grow, heal, discover my passion, tend to myself and create a fulfilling life where I am totally at peace with myself and you can do the same, you can gain more clarity, healing, happiness, self-trust and rest all with the help of The Life Compass workbook.

The Life Compass will enable you to break free from the sphere of self-judgment and make space for self-acceptance and self-belief. It will enable you to release the fear of failure as you make space for exploration, it will enable you to create space to celebrate all you’ve worked for, eliminate feelings of unworthiness, encourage self-validation, enable you to own your story and move forward towards your growth.

This is a life-changing resource that will up-level your life and walk you out of a confusing state as you create a life you love. There is so much constantly happening around that it’s so easy to get your mind cluttered with fear, self-doubt, anxiety, and limitations.

The Life Compass was perfectly designed and put together as an empowering tool, that will guide and direct you through the struggle to stay on track, be balanced, accept change, take charge of your fears, navigate through the challenges, find your power and scale through life.

If you have ever believed that you are not enough, belittled your accomplishments, felt like a fraud, resisted praise, failed yourself, attributed your success to external factors, this is a self-love tool that will direct you in creating room for what you deserve.

It will enable you to set and honor your boundaries, validate your needs, enable you to engage in positive supportive self-talk, and build your self-worth.


With This Product You’ll Be Able To;

✦ Stand in your power.

✦ Dig within yourself.

✦ Tend to yourself.

✦ Give yourself permission to succeed.

✦ Get in tune with yourself.

✦ Explore your fears.

✦ Break the chains of self-sabotage.

✦ Reconnect with yourself.

✦ Recondition your mind.

✦ Examine the emotions you are experiencing.

✦ Know what you are prioritizing.

✦ Evaluate how you are spending your energy.

✦ Know whether you are showing up authentically.


>>Here’s what’s included<<

Interactive self-care activities and tools
100 Reflection questions + journaling prompts
Positive affirmations and quotes
Wellness Calendar
Minimalistic design layout


But wait… That’s not all! If you order now, you will also get these awesome bonuses…


Ultimate Purge Checklist

The self-improvement purge checklist will serve as a blueprint on the simple and basic activities you need to constantly adopt to grow vehemently.

This checklist will enable you to flush out and purge every toxic energy. It will enable you to get rid of negative emotions, or experiences such as anger, anxiety, fear, and limitations that can have a profound effect on your quality of life.

There are days where you simply need to vent out, cleanse yourself, and release certain emotions for greater well-being and more productive life; and on such days this is a go-to! (Valued at $10, yours is free!)

This purge checklist can serve various purposes like;

✦ Tackle your emotions.

✦ Check-in with yourself after a stressful day.

✦ Or just for general self-improvement.


Mood Tracker

The mood tracker is an additional resource that will enable you to monitor the patterns in your life and identify the negative triggers that you need to avoid and this is really important to your mental wellness and stability. Understating the reoccurrence or sequence of certain emotions will enlighten you on the various steps you need to take. (Valued at $7, yours is free!)

With this mood tracker you’ll be able to;

✦ Spot red flags in your emotions.

✦ Help you build a deeper connection with yourself.

✦ Increase mindfulness.

✦ Understand your emotions.

✦ Recognize your triggers. 


Badges Of Wisdom Printables

Life is all about learning, when you stop learning, you die.

Learners are earners! Once you can deduce the lesson life is trying to teach you through several challenges, circumstances, and phase, you immediately rise above your current state. Life is a learning stage, every event in our life has something to teach us. The more you can learn and understand, the better your mind will be developed. (Valued at $7, yours is free!)

With this printable you’ll be able to;

✦ Keep track of the lessons you learn from several situations.

✦ Change your perspective.

✦ Improve yourself better.

✦ Grow as a person and develop your knowledge. 


Manifestation Mantra

You ultimately attract and receive the things that you put into the world either by thoughts, declarations, visualizations, and inscriptions. Each thought you cultivate influences your energy, your energy manifests into your experience and your thoughts and energy create your reality.

This manifestation mantra will enable you to manifest anything you want to develop and cultivate by continual declaration, visualization, and hard work. (Valued at $7, yours is free!)


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It’s so easy to be everything, to be everybody, and to lose track of yourself or to shrink at the expense of others; the Life Compass will direct you in letting go and eliminating the things that no longer serve you and whoever is not conducive to your mental space. It will enable you to stand tall in your power and up-level your life.

Holding space and taking charge of your mental state is a necessity to survival, so, do not hesitate to invest in your wellness journey; to strike a perfect balance between your mental and physical wellness. The Life Compass and will enable you to take charge of your growth and create a life that you’ll love. So what are you waiting for?


Frequently Asked Questions

What differentiates this Workbook from the other resources out there?

The Life Compass Workbook is an empowering self-improvement resource that is different from the host of Workbooks out there, the exercises, prompts and questions have been carefully combined from years of my personal growth, mistakes and lessons.

Breaking has taught me to see and appreciate the beauty in re-building and I have been able to grow into my highest self from a point of limitation to taking charge of my life and there is no better person to prepare you for a journey than the person who has walked a thousand-mile in those shoes.

These exercises are unique and have been clearly complied from the host of resources that I created or stormed across in the early period of my self-improvement journey and I do not want you to go through the hassle and delay of getting these resources from scattered sources hence I have taken my time to combine a valuable resource of all the prompts, exercises, deep questions, valuable direction you need to take full control of your life.


What special benefit will I be getting by purchasing this Workbook?

Throughout the journey of survival we are exposed to several phases, challenges, obstacles, we hold on to things that we need to release and things that are toxic for our well-being.

The Life Compass Workbook will give you a proper scan of your life, enable you to reset, reboot, make vital changes and pull yourself out of a slump with the several life-changing questions and self-development exercises.

The Workbook will enable you pursue your self-growth journey, allow you nurture your higher self, make room for growth by outlining the exercises and activities you need to attempt in order to forgive yourself, be mindful, develop healthy self-care routine, build up your self-esteem, and enable you look after your mental stability.

Also, if you choose to purchase the Workbook right now you have so many bonuses to claim that will enable you to improve yourself with ease and increase the quality of your life.


What areas of my life will be positively impacted?

We constantly keep evolving with each phase, challenge and obstacle that Life exposes us to hence it is vital that we look and invest into all areas of our lives be it mentally, emotionally, physically and this is what the Life Compass Workbook has been created for to positively impact every area of your life.


How will I receive this workbook?

Check-out for this workbook is through Gumroad, our secure e-goods check-out partner. Once you purchase, you will be taken straight to the links to download the guide and worksheets. You will also receive an email with your receipt and a link to your account. If you do not receive this email within a few minutes, please check your spam folder. If you have any issues at all, please email


I love this but I don’t have a printer, what do you suggest?

Check out Best Value Copy. They have really good prices and you can’t beat having it delivered to you.


What format does this download come in?

These worksheets are in Portable Document Format (PDF). This is a universal document format for digital files, and most newer computers and devices have PDF readers automatically installed. These PDF readers (also called Document Viewers) will automatically open your file. If you have an older computer or you aren’t sure if your computer has a PDF reader, download a free PDF reader here for viewing your eBook.


What kind of paper do you recommend to avoid bleed-through?

When printing double-sided, regular printer paper can show some bleed-through. If this bothers you, I would recommend getting paper that is around 28-32lbs (105-120gsm). The average printer paper is 20lbs (75gsm).

Note: You will not be getting a physical copy as shown above, you will be getting a PDF digital version that you can download and either print yourself, or fill out right on your computer.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me directly at


Are there refunds?

Because this is an informational product, there are no refunds. You can check out my full refund policy here for more details.


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