Top 10 Summer Goals You Need To Accomplish

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Top 10 Summer Goals You Need To Accomplish 

It’s summer, the warm season has been ushered in with the warm breeze, the sky blazing blue as rainbows stretches from one end to another. It is a time to unravel outlined goals that have been accumulated, a time to slay that fit bikini body, wear that sleek orange gown that has been thrown at the back of your closet and stain the maps of the world.

It is crazy, summer for me is the peak of the year, I grew up in a tropical area so having such weather is a big relieve it ushers in bells of nostalgia on what homes feels like.

Summer is a relieve from the normalized routines, you get the chance to make friends, make time for people, mend relationships, go on group trips, camps and even for couples- an opportunity to get away from your kids.

In the hive of the relaxation, fun, and relief, summer is also a time for personal growth and development. It shouldn’t be a time to have fun alone but to stay on track and do more.

Just like every season has its reason, you have to explore the summer season, hit your goals and still stay on track while having fun- letting the fresh buzz in. One of the best ways to make sure that the season is critically explored is to set goals for the summer and keep track of them.

Every season, I usher in optimism and expectations anchoring serenity, more creative ideas, fun adventure, revamped life audit, refreshing mindset, more self-love, acceptance and new ways to make money- your girl needs to survive and get those goody bags.

summer goals

Summer has already started, there are some goals we have to achieve else the season is defeated and it’s never too late to achieve them. For the rest of the summer, these are some goals you should try to achieve and make the most of the season as you live your best life:


1.  Reconnect With Yourself

When we get too caught up in the business of the world, we lose connection with one another and ourselves.

It’s so easy to be entangled with the chaos in our everyday life, the rush of surviving, and making ends meet, the stress and exhaustion from the normal routines we indulge in, that sometimes we lose track of ourselves and sadly all we chase isn’t enough to validate our survival.

We have to develop and strengthen buds that no one can break which entails loving and connecting with our self that is why reconnecting with yourself this summer is a necessity before the buzz and chaos arise.

Top 10 Summer Goals You Need To Accomplish 

Self-care and self-love should be dominating activities that we indulge in regularly but having some more time which summer ushers in gives us more opportunity to explore.

There are so many strings of survival we pull to play the rhythm of living, which ushers in chaos around us that we are often too busy and concerned about hitting deeper notes. Well, summer enables us to slow down and be able to hunt down the melody we carry in the strings of our bones rather than chasing the same sound every day.

You can give time to yourself, to revamp your life and make corrections.

During the summer season, you have to create such time to soak yourself up in ways, asking questions, tending yourself in ways you haven’t even thought of such as learning yoga, going to the spa, trying something new, buying something for yourself you always wanted to get.

Give yourself permission to step out of your cloned routines and do something for yourself.

How have you reconnected with yourself this summer? How have you tended to yourself and if you haven’t it is not too late.

We reconnect with ourselves in different ways it could be taking some time off your 9-5 job getting a side hustle to gain more financial stability, you simply have to know how to reconnect yourself and dive into it.


2.  Set New Goals And Challenges

Make gainful plans for the next season

Summer shouldn’t just be a time to get tanned, go on an adventure, have fun and let the sun soak into your bones; there is the need and importance to set goals that should be accomplished for summer and the next season.

Setting goals, give you a long term stable motivation; it gives you more direction, clarity, and adequate control because you are prepared and planning to execute certain activities. It gives you a sense of dominance and a sense of satisfaction in life.

Top 10 Summer Goals You Need To Accomplish 

The problem with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score- Bill Copeland

Setting goals is a crucial term to accomplish greater things in life; this could be setting goals for fall, setting educational goals for the next semester, for the launch of your book, your productive routines, things you do before bed, for finance, etc.

What I usually do every summer is to critically revamp and outlined my desired long term goals and resolutions that were made at the beginning of the year and look for ways to bring the redundant long term goals to life.

You should set up realistic goals, specific goals, measurable, attainable and time-bound goals to give your life an elevated boost this summer.

One of the best decision to make that will bring massive growth for you is to indulge in continuous self-improvement and personal development and this can be mainly accomplished by setting goals and challenges.


3.  Be Mindful And Enjoy The Warmness Of The Season

Summer comes and goes, it doesn’t last forever but it is one of the best times in the year to live your best and make meaningful connections with yourself and others.

Summer is a moment that is filled with adventures, freedom, joy, and happiness so do not be left out of such rather be happy, indulge in the moment if not for anything, for the warmness of the season.

Mindfulness is a way to friending ourselves and our experience, so live the actual moment because only this actual moment is life. Go on road trips, get tanned, go to the beach, go on spontaneous trips and make the best out of the season. I have written a detailed post here on several things you can do to be more mindful with your everyday activity. 


4.  Read

What you consume utterly controls your mind no matter the season or phase. During the relaxation season, you should not spend time on catching thrills alone but sharpening and inducing yourself with knowledge and information that can influence and affect your life positively.

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one –George R.R Martin

summer goals

This summer I am currently sinking in some self-help and personal development books which I will be sharing with you all and I must say the few pages I have dug in has been life informative, motivating and inspiring.

Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary, so if you haven’t been reading any book this summer the time is now; it is not too late to start. A pinch of knowledge every day can set you up for success.

Books are uniquely portable magic- Stephen King

Do not let the induction of the new media throw you off the cliff of a lifetime of knowledge because when you read, you get a glimpse into the mind of the author, his or her experience, advice and ideas.

And there are so many books out there which have been written by successful people; their mindsets, ideas, strategies, and words are all waiting to be shared once you decide to submerge yourself into their words.

Reading is often portrayed as a less fashionable trend in gaining information in today’s fast-paced world with the internet, it is becoming a dying habit; people now prefer to interact with Instagram captions and tweets.

You may have a list of books you want to read but can’t push through with this, you simply have to start even with just a page before bed and you’ll surely see knowledgeable changes.


5.  Drink Water

You should be conscious of the amount of water you consume during these hot months. Staying hydrated should be a major concern as you do not want to be drained.

Dehydration brings about vomiting, sweating, exhaustion where your body does not have enough fluid to circulate and this can be a major setback in vitality. So this summer you have to endeavor to drink more water.


6.  Journal

Do not forget to stretch your mind in the season and buzz of traveling, having fun, exposing yourself to a new routine. Always endeavor to journal this summer especially if it’s something you have been doing.

Journaling is decluttering pieces of your thoughts, your life, events that are unfolding, observation and this enables you to keep track of your journey, knowing what to do to enhance yourself.

Journaling is a great space to express yourselves, to unload, unleash the thoughts that you are feeling; it can help ease a busy mind by taking those thoughts and putting them on paper. It also acts as a form of therapy, a place you can find closure with no interference or judgment, and it allows you to be honest and vulnerable with yourself.

Top 10 Summer Goals You Need To Accomplish 

If you haven’t been journaling get a notebook or an online application and start greasing your thoughts and experiences this summer.

Daily journaling reduces stress and anxiety which is an incredible factor of growth and self-development; it is the act of processing emotions, thoughts that could be bottled or concealed;

And it is a very healthy habit with benefits. This has always been a big part of my life, as a therapeutic medium for me to relax and get over stress.

Journal benefits us in a multitude of ways from enhancing the level of your vocabulary to evoking a sense of mindfulness, clarity, and reducing stress. Journaling is one goal you should crush; by journaling, documenting all your wonderful experiences this summer. You can also purchase our very own Life Compass Guided Journal to take charge of your wellness journey, reflect, evaluate and make valid changes in your life this summer. The several exercises and prompts makes the journal a life changer and a great self enhancer to your personal development and self improvement. 


7.  Stay Fit

The season was ushered in with a 100% fitness, in the course of eating having ice creams, etc do not forget to stay fit, avoid taking in too much junk. Invest in your health this summer, there is a major connection between the food you consume, exercises you indulge in and sleeping routine you cultivate; and this can make a big difference for your health.

Carefully watch the food you consume this summer because having a healthy diet is equated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Exercising and eating the right food strengthens the immune system so ensure that you are getting enough fibers and vegetables in your diet this summer.


8.  Explore Something New

Curiosity should be lit in the activities we indulge in. Exploring and learning things this summer helps you increase your skill, more knowledge, and more exposure which in turn can give you a boost in your life.

Take advantage of the summer season and ensure that you are exploring something new.

summer goals

Go to a new town, a new city and make every moment count.


9.  Make Impactful Relationships

This is one important goal I cannot but over stress. Do not just make friends for leisure, relaxation or fun. Summer is one of the best time to make impactful relationships, strike beneficial connections, network with people that will help you grow, motivate and inspire you not just some neutral individual with no sense of purpose or value.


10.  Invest In Self-Care

Top 10 Summer Goals You Need To Accomplish 

There is no better time to invest in self-care, to hit your self-care checklist and goals that have been accumulated due to time factor.

Use that expensive perfume on yourself. Despite the shifts, changes and tough stuff your joy still deserves to be celebrated. So ensure that this summer you release anything that leaves you feeling drained, protect your space, your mind and emotional clarity.

Self-care is showing up for yourself as you do for others, self-care is honoring the boundaries you’ve set for yourself, self-care is releasing the habit of overextending in ways that are unhealthy and draining.

This summer, shift and grow up, unfold and bloom, be whole on your own, trust yourself and the choices you make, walk-in self-worth without second-guessing, release unhealthy attachments, walk away from the people that treat you like an option, find peace in the stillness and warmness, have healthy moments, have a blueprint of your goals and speak your truth without fear, guilt or shame.


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  • I just stumble on this and coincidentally I’m currently reading Self discipline-No excuses by Brian Tracy and it’s full of insights on how to learn the art of discipline and how this skill will help individuals in every facet of their lives. Thanks for sharing this robust list of books, I’m definitely going to select a second book from this list.