Mindset Hacks That Will Change Your Life

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Thoughts are powerful, a positive attitude can recreate your reality and we become what we think about, what we process, ruminate and reflect on.

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts; your thoughts shape, configure and direct your life and so should be guarded and taken care of accordingly that you entertain no notion unsuitable to positivity.

I personally have been stuck in a negative nest where toxicity was the only thing around me, everything I perceived was engulfed in fear and limitations until I transformed my mindset and things took a positive turn.

I came to understand that the mind of a man is capable of anything, it shapes our thoughts and carves us into what we become by the thoughts we preserve.

Sometimes you just want to keep your bet with life, hold things together, stay positive, but the journey can become overwhelming especially when you are wearing so many hats and juggling so many things. It becomes difficult and downright painful with the tale of growth because you know growth stretches you in ways you are not used to, ways that you are not prepared for, ways that make you feel uncomfortable.

And it is so sad that people talk more on the positivity of growth, the money, the status and upliftment and the rest but no one talks about the stress that it takes on you; the mental and physical stress, especially in the beginning phase where learning, growing and accepting is tedious.

And at that point, it is drastically important that we take control and mindfulness of our mindset, luring each and every one of our thoughts into the lane of positivity.


Positive thinking is more than a tag line; it changes the way we behave, not only makes us better but it also influences those around. We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts.

With our thoughts, we make the world! It’s all about mindset from the moment you wake up, to the moment you rest your head at night, everything is up to you, your emotions, your thoughts, your perception, and your reactions every moment.

Your thoughts, feelings, actions, and results are filled by your subconscious so it is evidently important that you watch what you feed your thoughts.

Positivity is your perception configured; accepting and embracing every situation that comes your way as exposure to something; knowing that the difference between an obstacle and an opportunity is our attitude towards it.

Every opportunity has a difficulty and every difficulty has an opportunity depending on your perception to expand and perceive.


Here is a mindset trick

Breaking—–equates Heaping collectibles of growth.

Fears—–are nothing but illusions.

Insecurities—–are nothing but walls and boundaries.

Shedding—— connotes returning to yourself.

Navigating——-finding waves.

Challenges—–evolving and discovering.

Resilience—— through tough times equates growth.

My life changed drastically when I started to apply these theories to the problems life threw at me.

Positivity isn’t standing in the rain and saying it’s not raining, it’s about finding a silver lining in the clouds.

Positivity is like a tree to be watered as it flourishes bountifully, the ability to grow above situations, see above seasons, and learn from circumstances as the catalog of growth is organized.

Having and developing a positive mindset increases your ability to handle the certain stressful and unplanned situations in life, it carves you into a resilient survivor. A  positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results.

The necessity of having a positive mindset and affluence cannot be overstressed in our regular activities and routines.

The need for positivism to be grounded and rooted into our focal zone levitates our level of development and to simply put, having a positive mind is like having a solid foundation to build on; it stands the test of time, the turmoil’s, hurdles, tsunamis, obstacles and bridges faced on the way.

Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier that ushers in a lot, first the ability to sense every situation that comes your way is an opportunity to grow beyond patterns.

Life will always play its tricks; raising bridges and obstacles and in order to carry a positive action you must develop a positive vision, you must control your own mind and exercise as you explore because what consumes your mind matters.

You have to understand that in every situation the breaking leads to opening, the opening allows expansion, the expansion creates more space, space invites growth and to grow you must be willing to fail, feel, heal and forgive.

Those obstacles prepare you for where you are going and in the course of your journey, you have to cultivate and maintain positivity. It will not always be easy but remember that you are a match for your mountain and challenge.


Cultivating a positive mindset towards life is learning and configuring a positive approach to negative and sour happenings, configuring your logic and reason to situations, your mindset asserts your life span and developing a positive mindset entails a lot of practice.

It’s you shifting your sense of control to be more constructive with self-talk, self-criticism, misconceptions, challenges, doubts, and obstacles as well as watching the kind of statement and utterances you make.

That brings me to this; you have to guard your utterance, the word you speak to yourself lives in your heart in your mind and in your bones. Speak gently, speak kindly, speak as if the words you are saying will find their home within you because they will.

The utterance we make to ourselves matter, the kind of dialogue we have is important because words are what we live by they manifest into truth even when they are false. We embody our words hence we have to keenly watch them to avoid negative statements even with self-criticism.

We have to be keen in selecting the kind of words we use to challenge ourselves; configure your inner dialogue with positivity. This isn’t often easy, it entails a lot of practice, patience, and exploration that grooms with nourishment. My book ROOTS provides a detailed guide to positive affirmations that can direct your life in the right path.

We are shaped by our thoughts, we become what we think and processing these mindset hacks will change your life and drastically improve your optimistic perception.


1.  Know Yourself

Know what you are made of, what you carry, let it stick into your subconscious. You are a force to be reckoned with, you are in control, created with magic that the stars envy, you are the sky and everything else is just the weather.

The struggles and stiff times do not define or validate you, rather they are building bricks to show you how far you can go and how far you have conquered. You are brave, fierce, an eruption of success that cannot be broken even when you shed by evolving.

You are whole, just delving into several lumps of discovery that has been decked in your soul. Once your identity is encrypted into every fiber of your survival nothing can take that away, nothing can make you lose your balance.

I want you to see yourself in the light and truth of who you are. Your reflection has been infested with treasures, leaving the earth aching for you, so my dear keep shining at all cost, do not let fear masquerade your strength, do not let anxiety misuse your strength.

Know what you carry, you aren’t normal so normality cannot raid or sanction your rarity.


2.  Be Positive


You need to stay calm and take a deep breath.

Sometimes, this is one of the hardest things to do when things turn grey but it is much needed. I have been there so many times where the elasticity of positivity slacks with a heaviness of worry glued to your throat, times when you just want to suffocate with problems, challenges, and obstacles; take a deep breath and declare your worth as a reminder to your mindfulness.


Be positive even if it’s just with positive words and positive deceleration.

‘’I am in charge’’

‘’I release all negative emotions’’

‘’This too shall pass’’

‘’This is drawing me closer to my destination’’

‘’This tide cannot drown me’’

‘’I can get through anything’’

‘’There are no problems, only challenges’’

‘’Challenges are opportunities to learn and grow’’

‘’I am getting stronger every day’’

‘’I am a strong and capable person’’

‘’The outer world cannot shake my inner peace’’

‘’I will not let fear or challenges take control of me’’

Optimistic phrases influences, motivate and encourage your subconscious to inspire positivity.


3.  It’s Okay To Be Afraid

Fear is nothing but an illusion of false scenarios that are placed in our minds, through the twists and turns of life. It is understandable to be shaken but never forget that you are in charge so don’t let anything infiltrate.

Your mindset is an enormously powerful tool that can drastically improve and control your mind. If the input is positive, the output, of course, will be positive that is why it is crucial that you implant such positive thoughts. And in the course of doing this, remember, that failure and mistake are part of the road to success.


4.  Meditate

Stretch your mind, channel into the spiritual, ask questions, reflect, and reevaluate your life.

Life joy doesn’t come from new things coming your way alone. It comes from the little things so do not let the struggle for a better life distract you from enjoying the journey of living and surviving.


5.  Let Life Show Her Cards

To Graduate from the School of Life, you need to have met the following criteria: Found your life purpose, know how the egoic mind operates, detached yourself from the egoic mind, lived in essence, overcome duality, trust life, become awakened, reprogram your beliefs, handle anger, forgive everyone, love yourself, deal with fears and clear your emotional complexes & negativity.


Life will not always be smooth and you cannot always be in control, so do not worry over things that you fail to control physically let life show her cards as you play the game.


6.  Surrounding Yourself With Positivity


Grooming and cultivating positivity is not just about wanting it but soaking and surrounding yourself with it, watching what you consume, what influences you and cultivating an environ that breeds positive insight.

I personally, watch the group and peer I choose to associate with, in as much as my cycle is small, I ensure that they have a positive presence governing themselves as well.

I don’t just mingle with the average minded person, I associate with people who have a positive logical reasoning built and maintained affecting how they perceive, their values, their goals, aspiration, and activities because on days when you stumble they are there to support and instigate you positively not people that will drown you in negativity, project limitations or reduce your value, they are around to strengthen and support you.

People who inspire you to pursue your purpose as you explore survival so be on the look, be choosy with who you strike a frequent connection with.


7.  Release

Let go of the fear of change

To develop a positive mindset you have to release stale energy, let go of the belief that you’re not good enough, stop comparing yourself to others, stop clinging to things that are not valuable, let go of the approval from others, let go of the fear of criticism and judgment, let go of old beliefs that no longer serve you and believe that you’re good enough.


8.  Growing

Real maturity is noticing your own inner turbulence and pausing before you project how you feel onto what is happening around you. In order to cultivate positivity, you have to learn to create rooms for the rudiments of growth. You have to understand that phases unveil both turbulent and peaceful for your own growth and development.

To acquire such, these are skills you can adopt:

  • Calmness during difficult situations.
  • Noticing when you need a moment of solitude and quiet to rejuvenate.
  • Taking a moment to figure out how you actually feel instead of reacting blindly.
  • Knowing that you can learn a lot from the pain.
  • Accepting that everything happens for a reason.
  • A fresh start happens when you decide.

At this moment, I want you to evaluate, take a step back, sit and appreciate your life; be thankful for the ache that built you, the rejections that only drew you closer to yourself- to the magic entrapped in your fingers aching to bleed out and the pain that strengthened you.

Appreciate where you are in your journey, in your growth. It may not be the easy season or the podium you want to stand on but remember that every season reveals itself for a purpose.

So whenever you see yourself drifting with fears and obstacles taunting you, remember that life is one big road with lots of signs when you are riding through; don’t complicate your mind further by preserving and conserving doubts.

We all preach and hunger for the positive vibe, for positivity and optimism, but are not ready to put enough effort into grooming our minds as we ought to, I hope these hacks will be initiated in your life as they rapidly improve your life.



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Author: Afam Uche

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    • I am so glad that you found this piece helpful and motivating I am totally honoured🤗
      And thanks for illuminating this space with your aura❤

  • Being positive requires hard work 😓 that’s where determinations comes in… and not so many will be able to put in so much effort to stay positive for a long time.
    I enjoyed this post girl ❤️

    • Yeah it sure does Mma, especially on days when there is no trace of the rainbow. Staying positive control and can be one of the most challenging task
      So Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create, focus and dominate.
      You’ll see how the tide will slowly bow down.

    • Yeah it sure does Mma, especially on days when there is no trace of the rainbow. Staying positive can be one of the most challenging task.
      So Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create, focus and dominate
      You’ll see how the tide bows down

  • I just love you. Whenever I read your post is like you talking to me. And i feel so good. You such an inspiration in my life.
    Thank youAfam Uche