100 Self-Care Ideas To Improve Your Wellbeing

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self care ideas for women

“The only person who can pull me down is myself, and I am not going to let myself pull me down anymore”

A lot has been happening around lately, we have let go of so many things. Our normal lives and repeated routines have been put on hold, everyone is slowly adjusting to the shift in phase and we are adapting to what we have to in order to come out of this, slowly embracing the uncertainty and in all it’s so easy to feel defenseless, afraid and overwhelmed with all this phase is introducing to us.

But in the middle of the darkest, I want you to know that we are all in this together. It’s totally okay to feel overwhelmed, to shut out any triggering information, to prepare for the worse, to take time out for yourself, to relax, to set boundaries, to soak in stillness, to binge-watch your favorite entertaining movies, it’s okay to hold the right space for yourself during this darkest time.

It’s an unfortunate circumstance facing the world right now, but you can change the situation around to make the whole situation favorable to you! Stick with me and I’ll tell you how to do this.

A lot of people have always had the excuse of “being busy” when asked why they aren’t investing in self-care. With the lockdown now, I think that should be off the table, right? Whenever I have discussions about self-care with people, more often than not, I end up having to suggest ways through which they can care for themselves. In fact, I have actually met people who had no prior knowledge of self-care.

If you are reading this and do not understand what it means too, you are lucky then because this is not the first time I am writing on self-care; I do that almost every month. Feel free to go through some of my posts in the past on self-care to better understand the concept. Here is a collection of some insightful self-care post.

Alright! So, I quite understand that your schedules might be tight and you have little or no time for yourself (trust me, I do). But one thing I have also realized is that that is not the best way to enjoy the beauty of living. You have to take conscious steps at taking care of yourself. Your wellbeing deals with the entirety of your existence.

Amid all the mental, physical and spiritual struggles that we go through daily, self-care is all about being conscious about the positive habits we are exhibiting to ensure that we fulfill our potentials and enhance productivity.

Too often, we get caught up in “being busy” and we get drawn back by infinitesimal things. The world is already toxic and hectic, you do not need toxicity in your personal life.

With the help of self-care, you can make sanity of your present situation by changing gears a little. And like I said in the last paragraph, your wellbeing is not only hinged on your mental stability, it should be holistic.

It borders on your physical, financial, emotional and spiritual status too. The stronger and healthier you are in those areas, the more likely you are to lead a healthy and balanced life.

So, grab a cup of coffee and join over in the next few paragraphs as I explore some effective self-care ideas for your wellbeing.

self care ideas for career women


Self-Care Ideas For Teenagers

1.  Go For A Walk And Get Some Fresh Air

Sometimes, all you need for a saner environment is just to inhale fresh air. It is ok to take breaks from your hectic work and enjoy the beauty of nature. Amid the clogged activities at your workplace, school or even home, you can take a walk and feel your environment.

Getting some fresh air helps you detoxify your mental space, distract you from the plethora of work and make you enjoy the present moment.


2.  Take A Digital Detox

This is one of the most overlooked forms of self-care. Many people do not place so much attention on what they consume online. I do this a lot. A few months ago, in one of my posts, I talked about taking breaks from social media and I got feedback from some of my readers who claimed that their business depended on social media.

I get that sometimes your social/business life can be hinged on social media but then again, sometimes, you just have to take breaks to allow yourself to feel the warmth of freedom again.

Also, you can digitally detoxify yourself by blocking/muting posts that are not beneficial to your mental health. Certain posts are not necessary for your consumption. They are draining and IQ-depleting, all you need to do is block or mute the posters.


3.  Invite Your Closest Friend Over For A Chat And Spend Quality Time With Them

Seeing a friend helps lighten one’s mood. Sometimes, all you really need is that one good friend that would listen to your boring jokes and tell you the craziest stories.

Like they say “laughter is good medicine”, natural medicine that works for whatever mental problem you are having is laughter and it is best achieved when you share fun and memorable moments with your closest friend.


4.  Snuggle Your Pets

self care ideas for boss babes

Pets are sometimes the best things we have as humans. They are loyal and thorough with their emotions. When you find yourself in a situation you don’t like, snuggling your pets can serve as a form of relief. The beautiful thing is that, pets are very sensitive and can detect emotions.


5.  Send Thank You Cards

We all have that one person that must have helped us at one time or the other. You could send them a thank you card to appreciate them. Not only would you be appreciating someone for their efforts in your life, but you would also be helping yourself by evoking some therapeutic and soothing feeling.


6.  Spend Time Pampering Yourself With A Home Spa Session

Treat yourself to a good spa session. I would prefer that you have a home spa session because of the comfort and mental peace that accompanies it, but if you are comfortable with paying for the session, feel free. What matters is that you are taking care of yourself.


7.  Go Dancing

Dance is therapeutic. It teaches the importance of movement and fitness through various steps. Dance gives you the freedom of expressing yourself. When it is done with a sense of purpose, you tend to discover a sense of oneness with yourself.

So, as a means of expressing yourself -which is also a way of enjoying the beauty of self-care-, feel free to dance.


8.  Practice Meditation

Meditation is another way to practice self-care. It is a period of silent reflection. A period where you shut away all your worries and free your mind to the reality of the present moment. I highly recommend this.


9.  Do Something Totally New

self care ideas for teenagers

As they say, variety is the spice of life. You get bored when you don’t vary your activities and timing and boredom messes with your mental space. I have experienced this first hand.

There is just something beautiful about trying out something new. You get a thrilling experience and learn new things. Also, research shows that certain beneficial hormones are released into your body as well.

First off, your body and brain will be better off because of it. Secondly, it helps you gain a sense of accomplishment, confidence, and all-around finesse.


Self-Care Ideas For Career Women

10.  Remove Toxic Relationships From Your Life

This is very important for your mental health. At one point in your life, you might have made a toxic friend. Part of taking care of yourself is realizing that they are unhealthy for your mental health and doing away with them.

One of the mistakes many make is thinking that some persons are irreplaceable. That is not true. No one is irreplaceable. You just think so. Try eliminating them from your life and watch things change.


11.  Book A Short Break Away

This is similar to some of the points I have already talked about. Sometimes, you just need to take a break from everything you are doing and enjoy the beauty of freedom.


12.  Get On Top Of Your Finances

Like I’ve always maintained, self-care is like an umbrella covering a range of important aspects of one’s life.


13.  Write A List Of Your Priorities

Writing a list of your priorities helps you plan properly. You are more organized when you have your activities and goals written down and arranged in order of priority. It helps you focus on what you should be doing and ignore what you should not.


14.  Declutter Your Workspace

Your workplace is the place where your ideas come to life. You are expected to be productive and creative and you cannot be either of the two if you are in an environment that doesn’t even encourage your productivity or creativity.


15.  Take A Bath

Having a cool bath helps to refresh you in all aspects.


16.  Take A Gratitude Walk

Having a gratitude walk could be refreshing. A gratitude walk is a walk that allows you to reflect on some of your achievements. During the walk, you are very reflective and thinking about how far you have come, it is quite therapeutic as it allows you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of silence as well.


17.  Try A Gratitude Journal

The idea behind a gratitude journal is for you to be able to write out those things which you are grateful for. List out your achievements so far and commend yourself for how far you have come.


18.  Choose Tomorrow’s Outfit Before Bed

This is a sign of proper planning. When you pick your outfit for the next day ahead, it helps you go past that stage when preparing for the day. And of course, you would agree with me that orderliness is actually good for your mental health.


Self-Care Ideas For Women

19.  Write In Your Journal

Your journal should be your friend. Your journal should be your safe space. You should be able to bleed your feelings into those blank pages as you rid yourself of whatever might be a bother to you.

I love journaling a lot. Apart from the fact that it allows me to free my mind from the mental burdens, it also gives me the opportunity to plan. With my journal, I can plan my day properly.

Having a journal is very important in your journey to achieving self-care and this is why my team and I are currently working on something special for every one of my readers. Very soon, we will be launching our very first self-development journal. Our journal will help you monitor your growth as you progress in your journey to self-development.


20.  Take Yoga Class

Personally, taking yoga classes is one area I am yet to explore. I love the idea of doing yoga and I know very well that it helps you free your mind. And although I haven’t tried it, I would recommend it as a form of self-care.


21.  Declutter Your Home

I have talked about the importance of decluttering in many of my posts. Decluttering not only helps have a good and organized environment, but it also helps your mental status. I strongly recommend it.


22.  Have A Good Cry, It Helps Relieve Stress

Yes! Sometimes, it is just ok to cry. Do not believe the faux notion that crying is a sign of weakness. There are times when all you just want to do is cry. And that is very ok. You do not need to hoard those tears when you should be pouring them out.

Feel free to cry and let your emotions out. Hoarding your tears is not good for your emotional health. Whenever you feel like crying, do not hold back the tears. By all means, let the tears out.


23.  Cook A New Recipe

You can also cook a new recipe to help ease your boredom.


24.  Go On A Date With Your Favorite Person

Have you ever been on an actual date with someone you really like and you guys just vibe well? Honestly, that feeling is second to none. You can actually go on a date with the person you love the most and enjoy beautiful conversations.


Self-Care Ideas For Boss Babes

25.  Give Yourself a Compliment And Extra Points If You Can Look At Yourself In The Mirror And Say It

Compliment yourself. When you are doing well and crushing your goals, you should never be stingy to give yourself the compliments you deserve.


26.  Paint Your Nails

Painting your nails is a part of beautifying yourself and beautifying yourself is an essential part of your physical self-care.


27.  Write A List Of Your Goals

Listing out what you intend to do or achieve gives you a sense of direction or purpose. You are deliberate about your actions.


28.  Stay Hydrated And Listen To Your Body When You Are Thirsty

Drink enough water!!! Do not starve your body when in need of water. Staying hydrated helps your skin glow.


29.  Take A 20-Minute Nap

Yup! You deserve a break from the stress you are going through. Sometimes, you just need to halt some of your activities and get yourself some rest.


30.  Check-In With Your Doctor

As a boss babe, your health matters. You should always do a regular check-up on your health.


Self-Care Ideas For Professionals

31.  Check Out A Few Motivational TED Talks

TED-talks are submissions from people who have already walked in your field. So, if you want to learn a thing or two about your field, check out ted-talks regarding your field on YouTube.


32.  Make Deliberate Attempts To Add To Your Skills Weekly

Read, watch videos online, take online courses… just do every and anything that would make you better at what you do.


33.  Read Up Inspirational Quotes From Your Role Model

Self care ideas for men

Your role models have set the pace for you. All you need to do is get yourself familiarized with some of their quotes and grow yourself mentally too.


34.  Start A Self-Care Challenge With Yourself

Beat the last goal you set for yourself! That’s how to grow.


35.  Surround Yourself With Uplifting People

The people that constitute your friends and loved ones in real life and virtually too actually have a lot of roles to play in getting you to become a better professional.


General Self-Care Ideas

36.  Eat plenty of fruits and veggies.

37.  Enjoy the redolence of new spots in your town on a sunny day.

38.  Curate your home to be more environmentally-friendly.

39.  Enjoy the beautiful scenery of hiking.

40.  Get yourself some flowers from a grocery store.

41.  Watch your favorite comedy show.

42.  Do something interesting. Listen to new songs or anything else that sparks your creativity.

43.  Ensure you recite positive affirmations to yourself.

44.  Read a novel you can’t put down.

45.  Write out an anti-stress list.

46.  Make a personalized self-care kit for yourself.

47.  Take a social media break.

48.  Plan an outing or an art show.

49.  Invite your family over for dinner.

50.  Pick a destination and go on a road trip.

51.  Send a letter to someone you love.

52.  Strike up a conversation with someone new.

53.  Have a summer photo shoot.

54.  Go out for brunch at a nice restaurant.

55.  Hug someone you love.

56.  Confide in a friend, family member or partner.

57.  It is okay to cry. Do not hold back your feelings.

58.  Tell a silly joke.

59.  Create boundaries and learn how to say no.

60.  Don’t compare, enjoy and celebrate your uniqueness.

61.  Embrace the change in life.

62.  Forgive yourself for past mistakes. It’s important to remain accountable, but also remember that you’re only human.

63.  Treat yourself to something that makes you happy.

64.  Practice positive self-talk.

65.  Add mindfulness to your daily routine with calming exercises.

66.  Spend time in nature.

67.  Think about what will make you feel more centered.

68.  Pray.

69.  Donate to a charity that means a lot to you.

70.  Watch the sunset.

71.  Help out someone in your life, even if it’s just cooking them dinner or tidying up their place.

72.  Go to a religious service.

73.  Volunteer for a local cause.

74.  Find refreshing ways to spend time alone.

75.  Think about what will make you feel more centered.

76.  Keep a jar with personal notes about things that you are grateful for.

77.  Listen to a song that speaks to your soul.

78.  Eat the most epic and creative salad you can think of.

79.  Drink an epic green smoothie.

80.  Treat yourself to some luxury dark chocolate.

81.  Stretch your body.

82.  Binge-watch your favorite show.

83.  Make a fort or den in your living room.

84.  Take an art or craft class.

85.  Write a letter to your grandparents.

86.  Go to a petting farm to hug a pet.

87.  Batch-make food for the week.

88.  Print out some photographs from your hard drive.

89.  Create a morning routine.

90.  Organize a cocktail party for friends.

91.  Go foraging for fruits and herbs in your local area.

92. Drink a lot of green tea.

93.  Listen to peaceful music or any music that makes you calm.

94.  Light a candle.

95.  Invest in aromatherapy oils.

96.  Experiment with a capsule wardrobe and an interesting planner.

97.  Treat yourself to one indulgence each payday.

98.  Indulge in reading a new book for a few hours.

99.  Hike up a hill or spend time in the mountains, or natural landscape.

100.  Eat a big breakfast.


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So, there you have it guys! A list of all 100 self-care ideas you can help yourself with. These self-care ideas are flexible and you could pick up one or two while you stay at home.


For You:

Hello there! I am certain that you must have learned a thing or two from this post about self-care ideas. I have always loved to talk about self-care. I want to believe that these tips would be of help to every single person that has come across this post. Feel free to reach out to me via the comment section. Stay safe and stay home. Love and miracles.



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