12 Things You Need To Stop Doing In The Morning

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12 thing you need to stop doing in the morning

The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine- Mike Murdoch

Waking up in the morning can be a hassle for some people while for others getting up in the morning can be an easy and swift procedure especially with healthy morning routine put in check.

We all focus on these beneficial habits to cultivate, subtracting those certain habits that can depreciate the quality of your day, ruin your mood, reduce your energy and set the stage for unproductiveness in the day.

You have to cultivate the habit of making the most of the first 60 minutes of your mornings by eliminating some conscious and unconscious habits that have taken a toll on your mood as well as your performance.

Remember this: Quality habits equate a quality life and bad habits equate a bad life. So know what you cultivate. The early morning has gold in its mouth, so do not be left behind or lose out from the opportunity of achieving something.

There is enormous power in nailing your morning routine as well as outlining unproductive habits that can hinder your productivity and achievement level.

Developing an amazing morning routine is critical to you taking charge of your subconscious and conscious. If you don’t take charge, chances are, you are not going to be productive as you should because your daily morning routine is unbalanced.

Below are 12 habits that can ruin your mornings, performance and productivity level that requires change.


1.  Hitting The Snooze Button

At the peak of your sleep, there is a temptation to continue in the wonderland, sometimes after a long and stressful day your alarm goes off and you are far from facing the day, there is a temptation to hit that snooze button for some time to sleep in.

You should resist that force of hitting the snooze button as it connotes putting your task and activities on hold. Hitting the snooze button also brings about an adjustment in your discipline level.

How To Super Charge Your Mornings

For example, you prepare for the day to rise up by 5 a.m and your alarm goes off only for you to hit the snooze button for more time in bed, you are distorting your discipline level and parts of your habits start building into routines.

This is a vital factor that aids procrastination; distorting your attention from what you really want to achieve. Each time you hit the snooze button, you are stepping into the tracks of procrastination and how you condition your mind is going to influence the rest of your day.

It may seem like a little act just snooze for one day but it builds into a habit and you are conditioning your mind for incompetency and altering your performance level.

If this is a habit you resonate make sure you are cultivating a beneficial evening and night routine that will help you adjust the things you do before going to bed because how you go to sleep will impact how you feel in the morning.

I use to be super guilty of this and as a result, my performance depreciated cultivating more negative behaviors but taking the time to bring certain changes in my life improved my performance level and you can do the same.


2.  Checking Your Phone And Social Media

Who isn’t guilty of this?… Let’s be honest. Before I even pray and express gratitude checking my phone was one act I was vehemently guilty of. There is an addiction or rather a strong persuasive connection that pops up with the light of our cell phone.

The urge to click through feeds, tweets, pictures, etc. To know what is going on and this act tilts the pendulum of productivity to a distracting end. When you wake up and want more result, avoid checking your phone first.

This isn’t a new tip but a lot of us acknowledge the obvious and still do nothing about it. Knowledge isn’t all about knowing but the application, you know checking your phone first thing in the morning isn’t a healthy and productive habit, why practice it?

I want you to understand that what you do first thing in the morning sets up your agenda of productivity. If you wake up attending to distractions and flimsy things without doing the needful of focusing on yourself, your performance level is altered.

The first 60 minute of waking up is purely for you to nourish, recharge and condition your mind for success and nothing else.

So if you have been doing this, you have to disconnect from that persuasive addiction or attraction. Rather than reaching for your phone as the first thing in the morning, pray, express gratitude, hydrate, meditate, exercise, eat a healthy meal to groom and nourish yourself before you dive into the digital world. 

You can as well follow me on Instagram to join my several effective morning routine challenges and activities that will enable you build a healthy and more productive morning routine. 

I know some of us survive from the social world; Our shops, brands, business, etc. And there is a huge beneficial cliff to be up on your game or updated all round the clock but exposing yourself to your emails, messages, feeds sets you up in a reactive mood which can set you in a distracting and low performing position.

So if you have been checking your phone first thing in the morning, desist from it. You can keep your phone far from your reach as you condition and work on your mind. 


3.  Skipping Breakfast And Eating Unhealthy Breakfast

You have to watch what you consume in the morning and avoid kicking off your day on an empty stomach.

You need adequate supplements to perform for the day and when you skip breakfast, the very first meal of the day, you are setting a cranky road for your day.

Also, note that typical cereals that have been outlined as the basic healthy breakfast are no good for you, you have to make sure that you eat something that is going to nourish your body for the rest of the day because without health you got nothing. Your body is a preservative; if you put in junk, you are going to feel like junk.


4.  Making Impromptu Decisions

One major route to success in anything we choose to do is adequate planning. When you plan, prepare and prioritize, it enables you to perform better rather than making decisions without proper analysis, evaluation and assessment.

When you make impromptu decisions in the morning you are working in a disoriented position, you are forcing your body to process signals within a few seconds which can induce mental and physical stress.

When you do things impromptu you do not have enough time to think through the action which equates poor results. I plan and schedule my day the night before.

To adequately plan your day you should do the following:

  • Obtain a planner or an empty plain notebook that has enough space to write
  • Organize your activities and routines for the day
  • Prioritize each task in order of importance and deadline
  • Outline a time for each task
  • Provide extra time for such activities like adding a minute or two for each task
  • Get to work
  • Check off completed task and
  • Reward yourself

Adequate planning and scheduling is extremely helpful and needed in having a stress-free and productive day, so if you haven’t been cultivating such habits or outlining an effective and prioritize to-do list, the time is now. Stop making impromptu decisions!


5.  Not Having A Productive Morning Routine

What you do in the morning outlines the blueprint of your day, if you indulge in beneficial and healthy activities at the early hours of the morning your day will effectively pack with the right amount of energy to spike productivity.

I cannot overstress the importance of developing a productive morning routine, it is vital and extremely important. Not having a productive morning routine is being unarmed and unprotected to fight and an unarmed warrior in the battlefield is as good as dead.

When you indulge in high productive routine, you supercharge your day with the right ounce of performance.

I have written extensive articles on routines that can supercharge your mornings, morning rituals that kick off a stress-free day and tips on how to kick start your day without feeling tired and I am sure they will be of utmost help, guide and directives in cultivating healthy routines. Each tip and guide has given my life a positive boost that you can as well give yours.


6.  Starting The Day Without Bathing

After indulging in your morning routines, it is inherent that you take a cold shower before stepping out for your daily activities.

That single and small act of bathing activates certain hormones in your body that sets you up in a high performing level. You are also more comfortable. Do not start your day without bathing.


7.  Stop Being Negative

How you condition your mind is going to have a huge impact on your long term result. This points down to what you consume in the morning; what you listen to, what you watch and what you read.

If you are going to be consuming content make sure it is something that is empowering and valuable; such as listening to an important podcast, valuable videos, self-help and improvement articles.

Do not entertain negativity in the morning, rather cultivate and sharpen an optimistic view instead of complaining and entertaining unrest worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create, be mindful, be grateful, be positive, be true, be kind.


8.  Let The Sun Rays In

After waking up in the morning, do not leave the curtain closed, getting ready or sitting in a dark room for so long sends signals of grogginess to your body instead of being alert for the day.

Letting the sun rays into your room in the morning is a great way to wake yourself up, the beam of sunlight piercing through your window sets ripples of alertness to your eyes.

If you choose to get ready in the dark, your habitual system may be confused and think it’s night time this sets your brain in sleep mode, leaving you sluggish for the rest of the day.


9.  Not Hydrating

A lot of us forget to hydrate after waking up and we just venture into our daily activities. After waking up your body needs to be hydrated, you have taken a long night rest without water hence you need to refresh.

Drinking water regulates your alertness, gets your metabolism moving in the right direction. If you find it difficult in drinking plain water you can add lime.

12 thing you need to stop doing in the morning

Drinking water first thing in the morning helps with weight loss, boost your immune system, flush your body system, keeps your skin healthy, helps in the creation of new blood cells, fuels your body, etc. If you haven’t been hydrating you should.


10.  Leaving Your Bed Unmade

There is a spike of organization in making your bed every morning after waking up. I personally love to declutter and arrange my space before bathing, I love to come out from the bathroom into a clean environment it gives me the space to do things.

When my bed is made, room arranged and vacuumed I feel in charge that I can handle anything. Experts have it that making your bed after waking up cultivate an organizational altitude which conditions your performance level.


11.  Waking Up At Inconsistent Times

Nothing is more effective than consistency in anything you do. When developing or cultivating morning routines of success, it is advisable that you develop a consistent and habitual routine such as waking up at the same time, It sends signals to your body that your brain can easily adjust and work with.

If you have an inconsistent time of waking up you are sending negative rhythms to your body and disrupting your sleep pattern and quality.


12.  Complaining

A lot of people love to wake up in the morning and complain; complain about how early it is, complain about going to work, complain about how tired they feel.

I used to be tied down in such hook and the problem with complaining is that the negative words that you use to express yourself send negative signals to your body, which can disrupt your daily experience.

It has a tangible effect on your level of motivation, so instead of waking up and complaining, dwell and think on the things you ought to be grateful and positive about.


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12 thing you need to stop doing in the morning


Remember a change in bad habits leads to a change in life and the only proper way to eliminate bad habits is to replace them with good ones.



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Author: Afam Uche

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  • I never thought about how not taking a shower could ruin my day! It makes sense though because I do feel better when I shower in the morning rather than evening! All these tips are fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

    • Lol….Yeah, it sounds like a flimsy routine, but it is a very important and necessary ritual.

      When you shower every morning before indulging into the day’s activity, you are motivated and prepared to face your responsibilities head-on.
      I also have a different experience from when I shower in the morning and when I don’t, the later is usually uncomfortable and I end up being cranky.
      Thanks for stopping by to appreciate this piece❤

    • Thanks Teju, I am glad that you resonated with this post and it helped you in some way❤
      Thanks for illuminating my space with your warm words💕

  • This is just what I needed to read. I am a guilty of hitting the snooze button everyday, definitely a habit I need to desist from doing. Thanks for sharing.

  • I always have a heard time getting up I’m the morning to take my meds,cause I take meds at 11pm at night time,and I’m to tired to get up in the morniing,and I do have alarm on my phone,but still what should I do.

  • I needed to regroup from a life of uncertainty for 4 years. My dad had a stroke and I had to bring him back into the country and get him stabilized. My life went from extremely structured to total chaos. Reading this article made me realize how out of bounds my life has become. I’m going to read your other articles connect with this one and I believe my life will return to a happy and meaningful one.🙏🏻😊

  • I liked the article alot and need to organize my life.iI hope I am able to apply the knowledge shared in the article to have super productive mornings.
    I am a regular reader of your blog

  • I liked the article alot and need to organize my life.I hope I am able to apply the knowledge shared in the article to have super productive mornings.
    I am a regular reader of your blog

  • Thanks so much for sharing these thoughtful and sensible tips and advice…. I especially love the Making Impromptu Decisions and making notes the night before and not during the day as I sometimes find myself doing.
    As you said “right tools and resources to up level my life” indeed.

  • I’m 74 years young😁. I’m a survivor of marital abuse for 40 years. I’ve been free now for 3 years and committed myself to becoming who I’ve always known I am!

    I appreciate all your suggestions and ideas, Many I’ve been doing most of my life, but under difficult circumstances, before now.

    Two things are precious to me… being consistent, and journaling, and sticking to my daily routine👊🏻
    Thank you for being here and helping me to know I’m on a good path of thankfulness and appreciating of life now and that to come🙏🏼

  • It’s not good to make your bed without letting it air for a few hours first, we release lots of moisture as we sleep so that needs to have chance to dissipate so the bacteria has less chance to breed.