12 Tips To Wake Up Earlier Without Feeling Tired

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12 Tips To Wake Up Earlier Without Feeling Tired

As the sunray peeks through the window, opportunities are awakened, more chances to reach greater heights and attain more open up. There is a rush of serenity ushered in as the curtains unfold, light struggling to get past the blinds beckoning new dawn for better and greater things.

I love to start my morning soaking my thoughts on paper, reorganizing and prioritizing for the day and this spikes me up feeling energized, supercharged and ready for the day.

Many successful individuals have been outlined as earlier productive risers, this is because waking up earlier gives you a heap of time; you are starting your day ahead of everyone with an opportunity and functionality. You may be wondering how you wake up earlier supercharged and less fatigued.

You are in safe hands! My mornings were once chaotic and not all glamorous, I was a chronic nightcrawler… in fact, I still am but an efficient and productive one.

I will be sharing many hacks that I have used to go from a less productive and fatigued person to a person who manages a rapidly growing brand with committed morning routines.

In the wake of the night, it is mandatory that you activate yourself with productive routines that your body synchronizes with your agenda for the day.

A few months ago, I had no regards or organized routines, I had no cause for waking up early or developing productive routines. I was waking up sometimes noontime, sometimes past 2 pm and I didn’t really care about the overall quality of my life.

I just flowed with the careless tide and the end result was detrimental; I was stunted and couldn’t go above a certain level but I revoked such negativity and embarked on a journey which has been fulfilling where I can burn the midnight lamp and still wake up feeling alive, functional and fresh as a lily.

I will be sharing the secrets hacks I cracked through below, let’s go in! Here are 12 tips to help  you wake up earlier without feeling tired:


1.  Have A Propelling Momentum

I hear a lot of people complain about their habits, productive level and clamor for an adjustment in their functionality rather than going through this vital step, they just read some self-help articles, watch some videos and they dive into the process just to fall woefully! To Improve your productive routine, you have to chunk down some big questions:

‘’Why do you want to wake up early?’’

“What is your reason?”

“What is your goal with this vital act?”

“Why is it so important to wake up early?”

“What are you missing out by sleeping in?”

“What are you giving up by sleeping in?”

“What are you gaining by sleeping in?”

“What are you accomplishing by sleeping in?”

“What are you losing by waking up late?”

Remember that when you oversleep you are missing out on moments and time to increase your productivity, functionality and achievement level.

You have to set an intention to be productive, to wake up early before embarking on the journey because your intention is your fuel and propelling energy that keeps you going through even when the elasticity of consistency is slacked. Your reasonable drive keeps you committed and devoted to the process.


2.  Pre-plan Your Activities The Night Before

Set your priorities for the next day. I’ll like you to make an outline, prioritizing your activities.

Prioritizing efficiency over every bud of procrastination as a start; waking up early requires a whole sequence of events to be unlayered bit by bit, this includes planning your day by outlining your task the night before.

When you sequentially plan, analyze and allocate time to each and every one of your activities and responsibilities for the day, there is a spur of motivation and encouragement to handle each activity one step at a time because you’ll certainly get to your entire plan for the day.

So to increase your efficiency level and prevent fatigue, plan all your activities the night before and avoid making impromptu plans in the morning.


3.  Develop A Good Night Routine

12 Tips To Wake Up Earlier Without Feeling Tired

The things you indulge in before you go to bed can improve the quality of your sleep or decline it. I have outlined a detailed guide and things you should do before you go to bed in this post in order to have a rejuvenating night rest that will make your morning easier.

Having a night routine helps you maintain habits that make you fall asleep and wake up feeling refreshed. After the long day, it isn’t advisable to simply crash into bed and sleep, you have to indulge yourself in certain activities to soothe your night rest and overall sleep quality to get a refreshing day and a supercharged morning.


4.  Avoid Taking Alcohol, Heavy Food And Having Dinner Late

Before you go to bed avoid taking alcohol, coffee, and having dinner late; these little things can disrupt the quality of your sleep causing several interruptions and lack of proper rest resulting in morning fatigue and tiredness.

What you eat at night affects how well you sleep. Sleeping and eating are not compatible activities that need to be carried out simultaneously without a duration of time because when we eat, our body (our digestive system to be more precise) have to work on that food and it doesn’t work so well on the consumed meal when we are asleep.

It also causes additional calories that you don’t need. In the process of digesting, your stomach has to produce a lot of acids and then you lay down on the bag of food and acid….oh! tragic…. this can cause reflux; you put your digestive system to work when it ought to be cleansing the body so avoid eating late before crawling into bed, especially fatty food because it takes a longer time to digest.

If you must snack on anything, drink water and then a conserved amount as drinking too much water will interrupt your light sleep.


5.  Declutter Your Mind

By decluttering your mind I mean meditating.

Meditation is a very powerful tool that can help relax your nerves, increase the quality of your sleep and keep your body and soul synchronized. After the chaos rattles all through the day it is advisable that you unplug and tune into your inner center.

This helps relieves stress, improves the quality of sleep, controls blood pressure level and lowers blood cholesterol. In those dark times turbulent with stress, meditation brings about stability. Your body is precious; it is your vehicle for awakening so treat it with care!

Before I go to bed, I cleanse my thoughts and wipe every print of negativity attracted in the day. Because all that we are is a result of what we think, recycle and well, we become what we think so do not hold on to negative thoughts that disrupt your peace and night rest. You cannot get adequate rest and sleep in a turbulent mind!


6.  Journaling

A journal is an ideal environment in which to become. It is a perfect place for you to think, feel, discover, reflect, expand, remember and dream.

Journaling is not an empty act, it has a positive impartation on your overall wellbeing and affects every aspect of your life. It enables you to rid your mind of blocks and brings clarity.

After a long chaotic and stressful day, you ought to make out time to get your emotions and thoughts out on paper rather than letting it recycle, dominate your mind and conflict your sleep experience.

Journaling helps us to clarify our thoughts and feelings when we are stuck up in our head, overwhelmed, overthinking, and over-analyzing; it helps get the chunk of thought down and because of that clarity, we can achieve more and have a better sleeping experience.


7.  Be consistent

Nothing is more effective than consistency; it is a habit that yields progress and achievement in anything we do. Without consistency, nothing in the universe can be accomplished.

The body is a habitual base that is programmed by the activity we continually perform so you want to get up earlier to do it, and you have to do it often and consistently.

Change is constant in the filing of our emotions and situations but the ability to remain committed, consistent and disciplined is a vital element of productivity.

Be consistent with your sleeping and waking habits that even on weekends you wake up early. Excellence is a habit; it is nothing rare and it’s so important for us to be consistent that it becomes impeded in our lifestyle.

Success in whatever base isn’t always about greatness but consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success; without this ingredient, you cannot achieve anything in life even as little as waking up.

You have to discipline and teach yourself to be consistent. Be steadfast to the same productive routines, habits, and activities you indulge in.


8.  Start Your Day With A Healthy Meal (Breakfast)

12 Tips To Wake Up Earlier Without Feeling Tired

What you eat for breakfast sets the tone for your entire day. Eating healthy breakfast in the morning helps to give you good sustained energy throughout the entire morning and you are less likely to have a sugar crack typically processed boxed cereals.

Sometimes, these sugar cracks can affect your mood and energy level, so try to focus on eating whole and healthy foods as much as possible and try to incorporate good protein, healthy fats, whole carbs into your meal. Eating all food groups for breakfast can help keep you fuller for longer and help give you increasing long-lasting energy.


9.  Engage In An Empowering Morning Routine

This is creating an efficient anchor. The moment you wake up in the morning, what activities do you indulge in? Oftentimes we are quick to reach for our smartphones, jump on our laptops in search of messages and updates which is totally unacceptable under the outlines of a productive healthy and empowering routine.

You have to indulge in the right activities after waking up like getting hydrated, meditating, stretching, working out, journaling, etc these productive activities set you up for success and can give your mornings a super boost.

By starting your day on the right track, you optimize the influence of positivity and productivity; so setting the tone for your day and supercharging your mornings are extremely morning habits we need to develop.

In the phase of surviving and hustling, we are choked with a lot of responsibility and a lot to chunk down our plates but adopting an efficient morning routine can make all the evident and necessary changes we need in feeling organized, meeting up goals and achieving more.


10.  Let The Sun Ray Touch Your Skin

When the sun shines through your windows allow it to get to your skin rather than tilting to the other corner of your bed. This serves as a reminder that the opportunity to rise for greater heights have been given, so do not sleep in!

Exposing your skin to sunlight is highly beneficial to your health, not overexposure.

When we expose our skin to sunlight, the melanin absorbs UV rays from sunlight; it nourishes the body with vitamin D production, strengthens the bones and it awakens your sense easily, so get some rays soaking into your pores!


11.  Set The Ball Rolling

Do the things you can do in regards for tomorrow; take, for instance, after enclosing your schedule for the next day and your schedule happens to be preoccupied with a lot of activities that you cannot find the right stroke of time, you can start acting and attend to the things you can in preparation for tomorrow.

For instance, you are to clean the next morning, you can declutter your space and clean up the night before going to bed. This chunks down the amount of responsibility you have to handle the next morning and prevents an overwhelming to-do list.


12.  Get Quality Sleep Over Quantity

How much sleep a person’s body needs to function properly is totally “an individual” thing. Research shows that most people need 7-8 hours of sleep; you’ll need to experiment for a while to find out your perfect amount of sleep time?

There were times I slept by 10 pm and woke up by noon feeling fatigued, sluggish, drowsy throughout the day, so you need to determine the amount of rest you need to have. This involves your attitudinal and mental shift influencing your hormones.

Right now I go to bed by 2 am and I am up 7-8 am and my productivity level has increased tremendously. When you make use of your time efficiently and productively you grow rapidly.

People feel that to have a refreshing sleep you have to take long hours of resting but the true fact is having quality sleep; proper and adequate rest without interruptions this goes to set the scene. Eliminating all forms of light, putting all gadgets away and having a blissful night rest is vehemently important to sleeping for longer hours.

So rather than getting longer rest, ensure that you are in a good sleeping environment with less noise, less array of light and more relaxation.


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12 Tips To Wake Up Earlier Without Feeling Tired


This is a gradual process, do not be too hard on yourself, permit sleep-ins once in a while but be stern and challenge yourself to be at the top.

Challenging yourself is the only way you are going to do better and the journey won’t be easy; that is because if you do what is easy, your life will be hard and if you do what is hard, your life will be easy.



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Author: Afam Uche

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