99 Positive Habits To Create An Epic Life

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99 Positive Habits To Create An Epic Life

‘’We are what we repeatedly do’’

Habits are armatures that shape and sculpt us into being, they strongly influence and alter our lives. They are not just formed but mastered from consistent practice outlined in daily routines and activities.

A habit is a consistent practice; it is something that slips in unconsciously and in most cases, our habits sum our value. They are formed by the repetition of particular acts and strengthened by an increase in repeated acts.

You may think of yourself as a resilient individual but the true term is that you have a resilient habit of being optimistic and positive.

When we get into the habits of doing something repeatedly, it no longer takes efforts rather it slips in with ease and less consciousness.

The habits you develop and cultivate can improve or decrease the quality of your life and there is no influence like the influence our habits play in our lives.

99 Positive Habits To Create An Epic Life

I remember some months back I developed the habit of having dinner late at night because of my tight and busy schedule I could have dinner by 1 am, 2 am and sometimes 3 am this wasn’t doing any good to my body, instead I strained my sleep and caused my body to add up unhealthy and unnecessary amount of calories; this habit was so hard for me to eliminate because it was slipping into a part of my subconscious activity.

I’ll tell myself “I am too busy I can always have dinner right before bed” which was totally wrong. But with much effort, I was able to eliminate that habit and created a healthy one.

We are creatures of habits; the daily routines we develop and practice outline the quality of our lives, you can’t compare a man who indulges in healthy routines to a man who can’t even keep track of his routine there is a big difference in their lives from their momentum, health, mental state, assertiveness, stamina and so on.

Developing healthy and positive habits is a commendable boost to your life, you may be stuck on a tight rope of changing your habits for an epic life and may not know how to go about a defined change; you have nothing to worry about, habits are learned and can be unlearned by changing your attitude and adopting new and developmental routines.

The quest for an epic life involves developing and practicing healthy beneficial habits that I will be throwing more light on.

Routines are important and should be taken with more seriousness, for example, waking up early, drinking water in the morning, stretching parts of your body, meditating, journaling, positive declaration and so on.

Developing healthy routines and habits formulate a beneficial ladder of growth, so I want you to take these list into serious consideration if you haven’t been doing any one of them you should employ it into your daily routine.

You can’t practice everything at once but you can chop them into bits and try to practice. Remember that your health, wealth, happiness, fitness and success depends on your habits and as humans we are absolute creatures of habits which can influence us in a neutral-positive and negative manner.

Habits are circuits of life, directing us on positive or negative roads, so choose the habit you choose to adopt into your daily routine.

Below are 99 habits that you should cultivate and employ into your life to improve your life

I know this sounds a lot but you don’t have to feel overwhelmed by these steps. At the end of this article, I have attached a 30 day challenge you can embark on that is guaranteed to massively improve the quality of your life.


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99 Positive Habits To Create An Epic Life


1.  Calmness during difficult situations (Mindfulness).

2.  Noticing when you need a moment of solitude and quiet to rejuvenate.

3.  Taking a moment to figure out how you actually feel instead of reacting blindly.

4.  Knowing that you can learn a lot from the pain.

5.  Accepting that everything happens for a reason.

6.  Knowing that a fresh start happens when you decide.

7.  Focusing on the situations rather than the problems.

8.  Showing appreciation.

9.  Read and learn something new every day.

10.  Meditate.

11.  Exercise.

12.  Eat more veggies.

13.  Drink water.

14.  Build routines.

15.  Declutter.

16.  Wake up early.

17.  Unplug.

18.  Quit social media and disconnect from your gadgets once in a while.

19.  Take less sugar.

20.  Plan ahead.

21.  Keep an emergency fund.

22.  Live in the moment.

23.  Cultivate positivism.

24.  Practice optimism.

25.  Invest in yourself.

26.  Practice gratitude and be thankful always.

27.  Explore survival, go on vacation, take a break at least once in a year.

28.  Let go of energies that don’t serve your inner self, forgive, and do not hold grudges.

29.  Do a healthy thorough check once in a month.

30.  Drink more water and stay hydrated.

31.  Shun negative talk.

32.  Shut down self-criticism.

33.  Be patient- slow down.

34.  Create a ritual.

35.  Eat healthy.

36.  Set new challenges.

37.  Do good.

38.  Come out of your comfort zone.

39.  Cultivate self-love.

40.  Visualize.

41.  Explore and take risks.

42.  Be compassionate.

43.  Surround yourself with positivity.

44.  Do not let survival choke you or chaos tangled with striving live and survive.

45.  Laugh.

46.  Prioritize.

47.  Set boundaries when necessary and do not be afraid to say no.

48.  Network.

49.  Avoid multi-tasking.

50.  Write and keep a Journal.

51.  Listen to valuable content like audiobooks and podcast.

52.  Motivate and Inspire yourself.

53.  Create time for yourself.

54.  Create productive routines.

55.  Reflect.

56.  Unpack the opinion of others.

57.  Let go of past mistakes.

58.  Unpack rejection.

59.  Invest in supportive relationships.

60.  Be authentic.

61.  Develop the management and consciousness.

62.  Release.

63.  Let go of limiting beliefs.

64.  Stop complaining.

65.  Carve opportunities from challenges.

66.  Find and follow your passion.

67.  Invest and save more often.

68.  Stop comparing.

69.  Be happy- learn to enjoy the moment.

70.  More action less talking.

71.  Set monthly goals- start from long term goals, then break them down to short term goals; that way you are able to do better and keep track of your productivity level.

72.  Outline a time management timetable.

73.  Eat more fruits.

74.  Watch the sunrise and let the ray soak into your bones.

75.  Employ Positive Affirmation .

76.  Develop a healthy skin routine.

77.  Make a bucket list.

78.  Pray.

79.  Connect to nature.

80.  Induce lessons from experience.

81.  Try minimalism.

82.  Accept what is.

83.  Be observant.

84.  Analyze your day.

85.  Clean daily at least 8 Minutes a day.

86.  Speak your feelings.

87.  Avoid procrastination.

88.  Live according to your resources.

89.  Explore your creative side.

90.  Practice self-care daily even on bad and busy days.

91.  Get healthy sleep; this doesn’t necessarily mean sleeping for hours but sleeping without interruptions.

92.  Be kind to yourself.

93.  Make a daily to-do list and stay focused on your top 3 priorities.

94.  Create a vision board.

95.  Be consistent.

96.  Get out of your comfort zone.

97.  Stop impulsive buying.

98.  Eliminate unnecessary expenses.

99.  Be Proactive.

99 Positive Habits To Create An Epic Life

You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret to your success is found in your daily routine.




Illustrations by Miraalou

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Author: Afam Uche

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