Inspirational Quotes About Life And Struggles + Motivating Poems

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Inspirational Quotes About Life And Struggles

These inspirational quotes about struggle, pain, and how to overcome them are hot incentives for motivation, kindly get under a shade….lol just joking!

Life can be a complex tide to sometimes navigate through the duality of living and surviving with pain and struggle; considering which bridge to burn and which to cross, mountains to crumble and stones to gather as circumstances unfold while we make plans.

Its tracks can be greased with dynamites, sometimes with flames, other times water but the momentum and strength to keep moving with the phases of change must be sharpened.

We all have encountered struggle, times when nothing goes right with our inner strength collapsing; and what we need are shares of directive or incentives that the darker the night, the brighter the stars and that life is a progress, not a station.

I have been locked in dreaded areas of my life where all I needed was a speck of remembrance that I am not alone, that the dark phases will pass and I am in charge so I complied optimistic and famous meaningful inspirational quotes and poems as reference for edification in my dark times.

I want you to see every challenge and struggle as a pathway that shapes, makes you wiser and stronger.

And these unique and inspirational quotes about life and struggle, optimistic words, poems about strength in hard times will serve as a source of motivation and a firm reminder as words of strength to you or for a friend; so allow them to sink and soak into your consciousness.


1.  It is a part of the human experience to feel pain, do not be afraid open yourself to it- Rupi Kaur

2.  Each new season, new trial, new change creates a new rhythm, a new melody inside of us. Otherwise, we will find that we have reached the end of our lives and have been dancing to the same song the whole time.

Inspirational Quotes About Life And Struggles

3.  We are history in the making – Arielleestoria

4.  The thing about storms is that we cannot see the sunshine on the other end, so keep going my love until you are able to bask in the rays- Arielleestoria

5.  You would think that you were made from thunder the way we women can make the earth shake.

6.  You are a captivating storm of resilence.

7.  When a plant outgrows its surroundings, it does not shrink to remain. Instead, it expands and so must what surrounds it.

8.  There is so much potential inside of you, stirring like magic; Waiting to be released.

9.  Inhale, Laugh, Exhale, Repeat- Of all the things that can be taken, do not let your joy be one of them.

10.  Be gentle with your growing. Tend to your soil, surround yourself with gardens who cause you to celebrate and not compare yourself.


11.  Think of all the times you thought you could not bloom. Now breathe and count every petal!

12.  When the shadows around you start to feel overwhelming, remember you are the lighthouse, remember the luminous in your existence. When your mind is the darkest place you’ve known-turn the light on there is still sunshine coursing through your veins.

13.  There is magic in your bones, every fiber of you is a miracle.

14.  Just imagine what you could do with all that potential living under your fear.

15.  When It feels as though the storm took all that you are, remember that there is still sunshine coursing through your veins.

16.  I know people like you, people like you prove that there is a fighter in all of us; that there is a mountain in our feet even with valley like hearts.

17.  When the paint splatters, turn it into a masterpiece anyway!

18.  You were made from the same hands that created the stars, you are a galaxy of grace and a milky-way of purpose.

19.  No life worth living happens without getting your hands a little dirty.

20.  There is so much purpose in your existence; please stay awhile.


21.  You do not see the sun apologizing for the way that it shines, so why should you?

22.  Tend to your garden while you wait for the bloom.

23.  Remember there is glory in your bones and magic in your breath.

24.  You will have hard days, life will not always cheer for you. But you are here, you are resilient and your very heartbeat cheers for you every day.

Inspirational Quotes About Life And Struggles

25.  You don’t just have magic, darling, you are magic!

26.  The moon does not ask permission to take its place in the sky and the sun does not ask permission to rise; so take your place darling, your purpose needs no permission- Arielleestoria

27.  The game of comparison you play will strip you of the marvel in your story- Arielleestoria

28.  Your gifts are just that, gifts, that are meant to be given away, the world needs what you have to offer- Arielleestoria

29.  There will be a bloom, yes even in this dry place, yes even here despite the rain- Arielleestoria

30.  So as you begin to embark into the next season of uncertainty-lean into the possibility of it all, let it bring you to wonder and excitement for the beauty of what’s next- Arielleestoria

Inspirational Quotes About Life And Struggles

31.  There is a wonder in the unknowing, there is an adventure in the what’s next.

32.  It is quite alright for you to take all the time you need to mend all that has been broken.

Your body, your soul, your heart is deserving of healing. Gentle and slow necessary healing- Arielleestoria

33.  Of all the wonderful things tucked into today, I hope you know that you are one of them.

34.  There is beauty and marvel in the whole of you, do not make yourself small for those who will try to only appreciate in pieces

35.  There is nothing wrong with tender and strong existing in the same body. It is okay for you to be both- Arielleestoria

36.  If you were born with the weakness to fall, you were born with the strength to rise.

37.  To be soft is to be powerful!

38.  I know it’s hard to believe me, I know it feels like tomorrow will never come and today will be the most difficult day to get through but I swear; you will get through, the hurt will pass as it always does if you give it time and let it, and let go slowly like a broken promise, let it go.

39.  Our back tell stories no book have the spine to carry-Rupi Kaur

40.  Accept yourself as you were designed- Rupi Kaur


41.  I have what I have and I am happy I’ve lost what I’ve lost and I am still happy.

42.  If the hurt comes so will the happiness- Rupi Kaur

43.  We are all born so beautiful, the greatest tragedy is being convinced we are not- Rupi Kaur

44.  The world gives you so much pain and here you are making gold out of it; there is nothing purer than that- Rupi Kaur

Inspirational Quotes About Life And Struggles

45.  How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you.

46.  Humans are built, not made. Our experience and our history have a say in who we are, what we become, but it is our choices that matter most in the end- Madalina Coman

47.  We live suspended between our past and future forgetting to enjoy our present and all that we are now.

48.  Our eyes hide such beautiful stories of pain, suffering, resilience, hope, and renewal if only we looked into each other’s eye more often.

49.  We look at our scars and fear that anyone who catches a glimpse of them might be tempted to look the other way instead of seeing them as the blessings that they are for pruning away all the crowds who would have fled with their tails between their legs at the very first sight of our depth anyway.

50.  You don’t need closure to find happiness again, you need to find reasons to start a new chapter and put down that old book; here is one reason you deserve to be happy- Pierre Alex Jeanty


51.  The mistake of man is that they think forever is a path rather than a road that might be built brick by brick- Pierre Alex Jeanty

52.  Simple reminder
Give yourself more credit, being so stubborn to failure and so attached to perseverance is more admirable than you’ve led yourself to believe you’re winning even when there aren’t enough people cheering.

53.  You don’t need closure to find happiness, you need to find reasons to start a new chapter and put down that old book  here is one reason you deserve to be happy- Pierre Alex Jeanty

54.  The universe took its time on you; crafted you to offer the world something different from everyone else. When you doubt how you were created, you doubt an energy greater than us both.

55.  I will no longer compare my path to others, I refuse to do a disservice to my life.


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Inspirational Quotes About Life And Struggles


-Afam Uche




Illustrations by Mira Lou

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