Reflections + Note To Self

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Afam Uche - Reflections + Note To Self

Sometimes, it’s hard lifting up thoughts as baron of confusion suppress them. As life happens, it can be overwhelming to keep up with the struggle for balance; it can be tough to be patient, in the duality of living and surviving.

Life is a portrait waiting to be framed by your experience and a lot of inevitability is captured especially on days when the light in your spine wrestles to dominate, when our minds start to creep into doubt and strength withers, when silence is screaming at the top of our lungs, fighting through the imperfect balance.

We always have those drained days with a lot of trials, and obstacles. And perfection is something we always aspire, with the facet of reality that isn’t always achieved and it’s totally okay.

I personally have been hooked in such phase; overwhelming stress and rush of time that I needed to reflect on my life.

Sometimes we get distracted, disconnected and carried away by the force of changes as life happens playing its tricks and games.

It won’t always be easy, the journey is inevitably present with pain and it’s okay to find rest, it’s okay to take a break, it’s okay to find solace in solitude, sometimes it’s okay to go with the rush, to compress time but in every lap of the journey do not lose yourself.

Afam Uche - Reflections + Note To Self

It can be challenging to keep up, it’s not always going to be easy aligning with your purpose and manifesting, it can be difficult. The road has been allured with bumps; know that those tiring efforts are forging value. It’s never going to be easy for gold to forge through the flames but the end product is attracting and expensive.

You are producing value just with your presence on earth, so take it easy. It’s okay to jingle around chaos, to be enclosed with so many things that you appear to be drowning in responsibilities, goals, and results. It’s okay!

Sometimes the sky sheds in cracks littering the earth but resurrects back, so take it easy and steady.

In the past few weeks, I have been in a pressurized zone related to maintaining high grades and striking a balance between work, passion, and school that I became infested with negative vibes. I wasn’t seeing results immediately; the process was so challenging, stressful and painful and I simply couldn’t understand the reason for it all and I had to take a step back and reflect.

One thing that helped me was declaring affirmations that conceived wins, writing note to self, affirming positive poems, inspirational and motivational quotes for self-esteem and mantras about confidence.

Affirmation is the powerful declaration of beliefs, speaking the possible into the current. It soaks your mind with an amount of positivity, simply put it’s a magnet attracting positive abundance and the remembrance of powerful energy.

Afam Uche - Roots

I explained more of the power of affirmation, my personal encounter, experience and a handful of positive quotes and sayings that can forge and sharpen a positive mindset in my free eBook ROOTS.

If you haven’t downloaded it, you are missing a whole lot of valuable information so do not loom in the dark get the book here.

Afam Uche - Reflections + Note To Self

Life can set us on the edge with trials and test, so it is evidently important that we guide our minds by building a fence of the truth in remembrance.

Sometimes it’s so hard sharpening the magic in your fingertips, dedicating your body as a preservative of light. But I want you to know you got a lot of phenomenal magic in you; as you tend to chaos, as you pick yourself through the dark each time light burns out. It might be hard, draining; but know that it’s part of the process to forge you into a warrior.

You are a composition of wonder with a blueprint of strength running through your veins, do not reduce yourself! You are in charge and it’s more than okay to go through the tight route, divination doesn’t come so easy, you have to sanctify and cleanse yourself of all impurities even if it means forging through the dark.

Afam Uche - Reflections + Note To Self

Know that there is a remarkable amount of fire and magic stirred in your soul waiting to tumble out, so do not keep calm, jingle through chaos if you must as you unravel your wonder, chase the flames burning within.

You are a composition of raw miracle decked with layers of wonder; stardust engraved in every crack of your soul so do not let the race and struggle of survival make you fade.

You are rare divinity, with your soul layered with almond crystals.
A unique wonder walking on earth and manifesting in flesh. You, my darling are a hive of lightning illuminating earth, a force changer with a riot of strength in the rally of surviving, so do not let trials whisper otherwise or cloak your mind.

You can’t bloom without a shift and expansion, so trust the process; know that you are unraveling to manifest the phenomenal magic infested in the depths of your soul. Do not let the fire fade down, take advantage of the dark my priceless warrior and shine!

Afam Uche - Reflections + Note To Self

Affirm today,
“I am at ease with the uncontrollable things happening in my life”
“I am the creator of my own life”
“I structure the blueprint and build its content”
“I choose to detach myself from the spur of negativity as prosperity flows through my veins”
“I am a radiation of grace”
“I choose to learn from experience and not degrade myself”
“I affirm that I am rare!”
“I am divinity walking in flesh”
“It doesn’t matter how it turns out to be, I am going higher”
“My vibrations cannot be reduced, I am an attracting force of success”
“a force changer!”

Now, affirm your worth, position and purpose in the comment section, there is so much power in tapping into positivity. Feel free to share notes and pieces that have helped you overcome trials and obstacles.



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Author: Afam Uche

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  • Wow! Miss Uche this is the pure and raw definition of talent and creativity where have you been. Your Blog is so enchanting, rich, inspiring, powerful and beautiful just like you are. Thanks a lot for such motivating pieces you create.
    This piece got me thinking and affirming this to myself

    Note to Self
    And I hope you never get in the habit of planting yourself in spaces that don’t support your growth out of fear of being alone.
    I hope you realize that you don’t have to shrink yourself to let others bloom.
    Flowers can grow from solitude and you are no different!

    Keep doing this and never stop you are motivating souls❤

    • Omg! An epistle
      My soul has been adorned with warmness and so much joy.
      These words are golden and I’ll forever value them.
      There is no greater joy than authetic and getting validation from the universe.

      I am never going to stop engraving positivity
      Thanks for leaving an imprint on this space, it means so much to me❤

  • Your website is amazing! I read multiple blog posts every single day! I greatly appreciate all your advice and tips on navigating life while sharing parts of your personal life. You’ve helped me in so many ways! Thank you for all that you do! You’re awesome!!
    Ohh… I was going to try and download your Roots eBook but the link took me to a page saying it couldn’t be found. I wasn’t sure if it’s the same ebook as the affirmations one or not… if it is still available, I’d love to check it out!