You Carry Gold!

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Afam Uche - You carry gold

I am worthy and deserving of appraisal
My roots have been nurtured through my journey of experience;
bending and stretching to growth

You! my dear, are a threshold of lightning,
A warrior wrapped in strength,
A wonder too big to be perceived by a convenient soul.

You! my darling are God’s marking of thunder on the surface of the earth.
Don’t ever doubt the rhythmic melody of your heart,
The chords playing in harmony.

There are pages of history aching to highlighted by your hands,
Chapter’s unveiling with each phase,
Books arranged on the shelves of growth,
So my dear pour everything in the library of your adventure.

Dance to the twirling of the wind; let her tangle your hair.
Let your spine bend to change if it must,
When happiness take a turn to rest at the folds of your bed.

Unfold the layers of sadness,
I mean learn to peel joy from the bark of every situation.
You can’t be comprehended or defined,
But just a bit of revelation: You are the light darkness has no answer to,
Engrave that into the skyline of your spirit!

Where ever you are, your breath part oceans and layers flames.
You have a garden blooming in your soul,
Your palm holds the soils of the earth,
You carry the template of heaven,
And with every smirk of your lips stars fall apart.

Your laughter is an uproar of strength,
You are a golden vine of life
A radiance of gold.




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Author: Afam Uche

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