You Are Rare Divinity!

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Afam Uche - You are rare divinity!


As you explore survival

You hold a catalogue of strength in the sanctuary of your bones,
From the gallery of experience,
With untamed flame lit and burning in your soul to conquer.
Your body is an extension of resilience layered with fortitude,
Even when difficulties place boundaries.

You are a vast deep ocean that can’t be understood,
With strong waves directing hurricanes.
Your soul is a ground for gold,
You! My dear are simply diamond wrapped in flesh,
With the sun preserved in your bones,
Stirred and shines through your laughter,
You have an intense surge of strength burning within.
Do not let fears drown your rawness,
Or let anxiety vent into your soul,
Do not love yourself any less,
You are divine, with magic effortlessly living in your bones as you evolve.

Never doubt the power carved in your spine.
You are a piercing light on the naked sheets of the sky.
Shine brightly and root your initials into the foundations of the earth,
You are rare divinity, walking on earth!



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Author: Afam Uche

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