100+ Cheap Self-Care Ideas

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“Lighten up on yourself. No one is perfect. Gently accept your humanness.” ~Deborah Day

Survival ushers in a lot into our lives from the struggle of making ends meet, to the strive for balance, the quest for change at every phase life opens up, the hassle of living your best life, trying to get a hang of life, getting your goals on track, living internationally, adopting cheap self-care ideas without feeling selfish and so on can be very difficult.

Amidst the chaos and rush of the stress we encounter, we hear a lot of reasons why self-care is important and not selfish, the importance of self-care or self-love in relationships, self-care routines for people who love themselves, several self-care routines, cheap self-care ideas, and checklist but we still find ourselves tangled around the application of these self-care activities.

We fail to realize that if we fail to slow down irrespective of the tide and take care of ourselves, we’ll burn out. I want you to understand that you deserve the same outpouring of time, love and energy that you offer others.

Self-care doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t necessarily have to spend hundreds of dollars in fanciful spa treats, or expensive gyms and trainers, you can take care of yourself even with the little amount of money and time you have by getting good cheap self-care items that can enable you to build up effective self-care habits.


You can indulge in self-care routines on a budget, self-care activities, free restorative self-care activities, make use of cheap self-care ideas and even steal some nice self-care routine from Pinterest.

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If you’re a dedicated follower of my blog, you must have noticed that I write a lot about self-care. This is because the trends of our daily realities have made many of us forget the importance of prioritizing ourselves. We put our work, school and other engagements first.

Self-care is an agency for driving home the point that you’re worthy and important enough to prioritize yourself over anything at all.

The first thing you should know about self-care ideas or adopting cheap self-care ideas is that the act itself is not a sign of you doing too much. Self-care seems to be a topic many millennials enjoy talking and reading about but sadly, many of them get its whole essence wrong.

This is partly because of the untrue gospels preached all over the internet. As a lover of self-care, I have taken time, through several posts here, to correct some of the misconceptions about self-care. A lot of people view the concept of self-care through blurry lenses. They seem to have shaky and utterly wrong opinions on the concept.

For starters, self-care is not selfish. That you care for yourself is never a justification for people to say you’re having or showing concern only for yourself and not for the needs or feelings of other people.

Self-care is pretty much you allowing yourself take control of your world by dedicating yourself to some routines. Whether you’re depressed, disappointed, unhappy, bored or having any negative vibes at all, there’s always a self-care routine you can do to take care of yourself.

Let’s look properly into what self-care is and several cheap self-care ideas we can adopt…

I have talked about what self-care is and what it’s not, how to start self-care, what’s the essence of self-care? Truth is, as humans, we tend to focus all our time and energy in caring for others while forgetting our well-being.

Sometimes, after we’ve had the most stressful time at work, we still feel reluctant to ease out the stress by carrying out some stress-easing activities. These activities are self-care activities and they help one to be able to release out all the tension.

I remember earlier this year when I was in college, I was stuck in the rut of striking and creating a balance between school activities and my business. During the day I’ll take lectures in class and at night watch the moon sinks curled up on my table creating content for my blog.

This was the sacrifice I had to pay to climb my bridge of success and it might seem like nothing to you and honestly, it isn’t. But consider doing that for six straight months of no breaks, rests, assistance or support. Waking up and running through the same hectic routines for months, it was exhausting and detrimental.

Coupled with that, I had my uncertainties and fears crawling in from every angle, constantly pressurizing me to take more steps or decisions in developing myself which was good to an extent but it became a pathway of self-sabotage.

And to quickly add, I was writing my first book at the time. Trust me! it isn’t what I’d like to go through anymore. My life was shattered and I’ll walk around with swollen eyes, cranky, not mindful and intentional.

Simply put, I was living a reset life of a robot that the need to succeed and progress was creating. And it’s so sad that a lot of us fall into this category not realizing the strike for success comes from two angles.

After adopting some of these cheap self-care ideas and self-care routines I’ll share with you guys later in this post, I realized that with proper self-care routine, one can keep the mind and body in a perfect condition and also boost self-confidence even in times of stress. This is because the mental state of the body is balanced and the body has all the essential requirements to function.

Self-care is a habit that should be formed by everyone in other to build a happy and conducive atmosphere. It doesn’t always have to be expensive to treat yourself good. The seemingly interesting stuff is not always expensive. Most of the routines are very cheap self-care ideas.

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I would be sharing 100+ cheap self-care ideas that would blow your mind and come in very handy in your daily self-care activities.


1.  Take Long Walks

Walking, especially in the evening eases stress and helps one think. It is even more fun and enjoyable when you have your headsets or earphones playing your favorite songs.

This exercise is very relaxing because there’s always a different feel of the weather in the evening and it helps you to appreciate nature better as well as empties your mind.


2.  Reading

When most people see or hear the word ‘read’ they are uninterested most of the time. Reading here doesn’t mean burying your head in professional or academic books but taking out time to read magazines and especially fictional literature.


3.  Paint Pictures

It is a very effective way of creating a happy you. This is because colors are known to excite. When you play around with lots of colors lying on your board or sheets, you’ll get naturally excited.


4.  Laying Down Under The Stars

Stargazing is always a wonderful experience but it’s even more wonderful when you do it on your own. This is because your focus is fully on those beautiful shiny sparkles.


5.  Take A Shower

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Baths do wonders for the body. A cold bath can turn a not so good day into a great day. This is because cold showers are especially known to relax people.


6.  Keep A Diary /Write Your Thoughts Down

Keeping diaries can be seen as premature but they actually work wonders. This is because writing one’s thoughts helps to ease off the feeling and reading old thoughts excites.


7.  Enjoy A Quiet Time Alone

Only introverts enjoy being alone. Nevertheless, it is good to seclude oneself sometimes in an enclosed location to be able to discover oneself properly and make the right decisions by affording oneself enough time to think.


8.  Don’t Rush Your Meals

Sometimes you shouldn’t be in a hurry to eat your meal. You should be able to take it slow and easy, savoring every taste.


9.  Get A Massage Sometimes

Massages are very relaxing and enjoyable for most people. This is because it involves the stretching of muscles that may have been stressed as a result of daily activities. Massages are not always expensive especially if you don’t go to get one at a fancy spa.


10.  Play An Instrument

Creating melody is one of the most beautiful experiences for anyone especially music lovers. It helps relax your mind and gives you the feeling of self warmth.


11.  Read Some Poetry

Poems are very powerful. They can heal and uplift. Reading an emotional piece would do you a whole lot of good. You can check out some captivating poems that I have written from a stage of balance in life over here.


12.  Do Some Breathing Exercises

Breathing relaxes the mind. This is the reason why some people breath in and out when they feel like they have overwhelmed.


13.  Go Swimming

Swimming is a fun activity that leaves you in a whole different mood.


14.  Daydreaming /Fantasizing

It’s only in your thoughts that you can control what happens. Daydreaming helps you feel like you have a high level of control over what goes on around you and it relaxes your mind for the period it lasts.


15.  Get A Manicure /Pedicure

They make you feel beautiful and more confident and they can be gotten at a very affordable price.


16.  See A Movie By Yourself

Sometimes, you should go see a movie all by yourself and enjoy your company.


17.  Visit The Museum

The museum is a very fun place to visit. This is because of the artistic beauty which it showcases.


18.  Watch The Sunset

Nature is always very attractive and intriguing. Taking out time to watch the sunset can do you a whole lot of good.


19.  Go On A Picnic With Friends And Family

Picnics are very exciting moments where you get to understand yourself and others better and share the love with those who matter.


20.  Go On A Road Trip

Driving without a particular or set destination can sometimes be the most wonderful experience. This is because of the exciting views and breeze which touch your face. The sum of all these experiences makes one feel alive.


21.  Take A Walk With Your /A Dog

Dogs are one of the cutest creatures or pets. Strolling with a dog gives the feeling of companionship.


22.  Visit The Gym

Exercises free up one’s mind because of the energy it takes to shed off the excess fat in the body. This is one of my resolutions for the new year that I’ll love to inculcate into my to-do list.


23.  Yoga

Yoga is known to be one of the most effective relaxing mechanism. This is because the mind is disconnected from the body and works as a single entity.


24.  Learn Something New

Learning new stuff can be very exciting, especially if it’s something you have an interest in.


25.  Style Your Hair Differently

This applies to both males and females. It makes you feel and look good and confident.


26.  Do A Puzzle

Puzzles are very mentally demanding. This is good sometimes, especially when and if one needs new ideas. As a result of IQ involvement, it improves one’s thinking capacity.


27.  Eat Fruits And Veggies

Fruits are very healthy and addictive and they contain a lot of vitamins which can properly boost the body system. Fruits are also very diverse and there is a lot to choose from. You can even decide to make a salad out of numerous fruits and this is so enjoyable.


28.  Ride A Bike

This is a very fun activity. This is why little kids love it and learn how to ride bikes from a very tender age. It not only clears your mind like going on walks does but it does it in the most fun patterned way.


29.  Go To Sleep Without An Alarm Clock

It is very relaxing when you deliberately leave out your alarm as you sleep. I swear by this! There is this feeling you get when your activities are not overly determined by time.


30.  Get Flowers For Yourself

There’s no other love that’ll surpass the one you have for yourself. Hence, it is important to treat yourself like you would have others treat you. Only special people get flowers. This then emphasizes how much you are special and how much love you have for yourself.


31.  Getting A Facial

One good thing about getting facials is the aftermath. They make you feel better, improved and beautiful and this boosts your confidence.


32.  Watch Comedy Videos

It’s nice to have a good laugh once in a while. It eases tension and excites you. It also makes you naturally happy.


33.  Write What You’re Grateful For Daily

Making gratitude notes reminds you of how far you have come and how much more you have to conquer. It also helps you to realize how much you have at your disposal- Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness.


34.  Go Through Old Photos

Going through your old photos or photos of your family members and friends reminds you of old memories both bad and interesting ones. It also helps you connect with your past and remember the circumstances that brought you where you are.


35.  Take A Run By The Beach

A beach is always a fun place aside from the fact that it is a cozy environment, it also is a place where you can relax and get rid of accumulated stress. It helps you think better and helps you to watch and appreciate nature.


36.  Read Positive Quotes Every Morning

It is always better to start your day with a motivational piece that can register the consciousness in your activities that you have to do something worthwhile with your day.

I do this every morning and every single time that I feel stressed and uncased and this is a major reliever. I just soak myself in the shower, play some soothing and powerful affirmations on YouTube and allow them to sink into my conscious state.


37.  Eat Dark Chocolates

Dark chocolates are very unique not just because they have unique tastes that are different from the regular chocolate but because they have a sour kind of taste.


38.  Bake Cookies For Your Neighbors

Baking helps reduce stress because it is a fun activity. It is even more exciting when you know that your neighbors are going to have a bit from it.


39.  Join A Book Club

Book clubs are nice because you get to meet people with the same interest as you. You get to discuss what you read and get good recommendations on the best books to read.


40.  Don’t Skip Breakfast

Breakfasts are the most important meal of the day because they launch you into your list of activities. The importance of breakfast cannot be overemphasized but most people rush their mornings and skip breakfast. This ends up weakening the body and reducing one’s overall performance.


41.  Take Short Naps

Sleeping helps to relax the body but short naps are even more essential because they ease off the stress even faster than night rest does.


42.  Call A Friend /Family Member

There’s this feeling of satisfaction that comes with checking up on friends and family members and especially those who you love and care about. This relaxes you and keeps you up when you know that those who you love are in the right shape and frame of mind.


43.  Turn Off Your Phone

Sometimes your phones are much more of a distraction and the major contributors to accumulated stress. This is because most of our activities are tied up on our phones and we get to relax better when we don’t have access to that information. Switch-off your phone now and then to relax better.


44.  Do Nothing For An Entire Day

It’s good to have a schedule and set of activities for each day but sometimes it is nice to take a break and have nothing planned out or no schedule made. This means that you could lay around all day and enjoy the feeling of having nothing to worry about.

I really wish I could do this more often it would help my creative outpour. If you have tried this before let me know in the comment section.


45.  Learn A New Language

Learning something new is always exciting but learning a new language is more exciting. This is because of the satisfaction you get from knowing how to speak more languages or being bilingual or even multilingual.


46.  Look Into The Mirror And Say Good Stuff About Yourself

This is called self-appreciation; no one can love you better than you do yourself. You don’t wait for people to compliment you, sometimes you have to be the first to tell yourself how stunning you look; this helps improve your confidence.


47.  Eat With Your Family

Eating with family makes you feel a sense of belonging and it helps you realize how much you are surrounded by people who love you and this gives you a high-level of assurance that you are accepted and special.


48.  Say No

It is always nice to grab every opportunity at your disposal but sometimes it is necessary to say ‘no’ despite how inviting certain opportunities are or seem.


49.  Give Hugs Regularly

Hugs are good ways to show affection and one derives a sense of satisfaction to know or to realize that they just made someone feel special.


50.  Be Your ‘Own’ Pep-Talker

The best motivational speaker you can have around you is yourself. No matter the pep talk other people give you, the best you could ever get is the one that comes from you because that is the one that your heart listens to.


51.  Compliment Others

Compliments are a natural confidence booster because it helps others realize how well structured and presentable they look and this put smiles on peoples faces. What is more exciting than being the source of someone’s happiness?


52.  Read Your Favorite Book

Books are very relaxing, especially at your leisure. Everyone has a favorite book or a book that they love best. It is nice to read your favorite book every once in a while to remind me of the good moments the book brings.


53.  Watch Your Favorite Movie

Movies are a very effective relaxing weekend routine and they help transport you from the actual world to the world of fiction. It is nice to sometimes watch movies especially your favorite movie that you don’t mind seeing over and over again.


54.  Get A Role Model

Role models help to structure your life and gives you a sense of hope and forecast for your future. When you are down, you should have your model to look up to in order to give yourself hope or restore previous hope. This helps put you in check regularly.


55.  Go For A Walk In The Park

Walks are very exciting and I really feel that walks in the park help you to meet and observe people and this is a very exciting experience.


56.  Play Video Games

Video games are fictional and just like virtual reality that transports one from the actual world to the world of unrealistic fantasy, it helps to ease tensions with a load of fun activities to keep one busy positively. Although video games can be addictive, they should be played with caution.


57.  Knit A Scarf Or Learn How To

Knitting is time-consuming but at the same time very exciting especially when one has seen the final product of the activity. It is always very exciting to learn how to knit. Knitting is best on a cushion with soft background music.


58.  Make A Bucket List

A bucket list is a list of everything that one plans to do before death. It is a fun-filled activity because you get to do things that you have never done before. When you write your bucket list, set out days to fulfill or do the activities you write on it because this helps create a level of satisfaction.


59.  Eat Your Favorite Ice Cream

Most people like ice cream but we have variations in the flavors we like. Ice cream has been a psychological problem to help one relax, this is why some people eat ice cream after a break-up. You can give yourself a treat by getting your favorite flavor of ice cream and eating it while watching a movie or doing something you love.


60.  Attend A Church Or Religious Service

Depending on your religion or belief, it is very advisable to attend religious services to help uplift your spirit at least once a week.


61.  Drink Water

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‘Water is life’ some persons say and this is not far from the truth because it is what helps to exfoliate the skin and freshen up your body. It also helps to keep you hydrated to carry out activities.


62.  Allow Yourself Cry

Crying doesn’t always mean you are sad or weak. It is a very effective expressive exercise that helps you shed off your emotions.


Other cheap self-care suggestions include;

63.  Meditate regularly.

64.  Take breaks/ time offs.

65.  Dance even if you’re not good at it.

66.  Spend time with people you enjoy their company.

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67.  Join a support team.

68.  Goof around sometimes.

69.  Change your diet for a short period.

70.  Take deep breaths.

71.  Take a home spa.

72.  Stay away from activities that stress you out.

73.  Cleanup.

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74.  Go for coffee at a coffee shop.

75.  Go to bed early.

76.  Cook a fancy meal.

77.  Indulge in a hobby.

78.  Organize your closet.

79.  Visit the national library.

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80.  Dress your best.

81.  Visit the zoo.

82.  Do something that reminds you of your childhood.

83.  Make a journal.

84.  Initiate conversations with random people.

85.  Make a list of your accomplishments.

86.  Take a bubble bath.

87.  Write a love note to yourself.

88.  Stretch when you wake up.

89.  Don’t compare yourself with anyone.

90.  Have a gratitude list.

91.  Volunteer at a pet shop.

92.  Do one thing you put on hold.

93.  Have a social media-free day.

94.  Write a letter to your future self.

95.  Give to charity.

96.  Go camping.

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97.  Visit a new environment.

98.  Go skating.

99.  Get yourself a new item.

100.  Visit a flower garden.

101.  Try something new.


There’s a whole lot to do. Remember, this is not an instructional post. And you’re not bound to doing all of the things above. Just pick what’s best for you and you should be fine. Is there any self-care routine/idea you love that’s not on the list? Do well to let me know through the comment section!


For You:

These cheap self-care ideas would guarantee you the self-satisfaction you truly deserve. A new phase is just a few days away, you can always make that game-changing decision. Imbibe a new self-care habit today and you’ll be fine. Feel free to drop comments, questions, and reactions below.


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