Words Of Encouragement And Strength

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If you are going through the dark phase that unfolds through the different seasons of life, these are some helpful words of encouragement and strength to soothe and encourage your journey with an assurance of edification.

Strength doesn’t always come just from the rigidity during hard times but also the ability to deduce the reason behind every trying phase and let the lesson push you towards your goals and aspirations.

This is a directive of quotes and words about strength in hard times, encouragement quotes, and unique quotes to guide you through life struggles and challenges, enabling you to climb higher with each eruption. Let these words wash down empowering you with confidence and optimism as you conquer and take charge.


Life is like a pendulum that tilts to and fro. Sometimes hitting a low point other times a high cliff simultaneously and all you have to do is learn to tune with the rhythm.

The journey can’t be smooth or swift without blocks, it makes the journey worth it; it strengthens and edifies you for stronger situations.

The flame, struggle, and challenges sharpen the quality of gold hidden in your spine, so let the struggle and challenges sharpen and carve out the quality of the treasure hidden in your spine. My friend, do not shy away from the pain, it prepares for you a better reward.

On this journey, you unfold into so many things: sometimes bricks of growth, cliff that crumbles as a pathway of discovery, a nectar of change, buds of hope, vase of abundance; so untie doubt from the soul of your thoughts for you are a masterpiece, unveiling a version of strength walking on earth.

Do not consult the dark to glow, do not seek validation to vibrate on the surface of the earth to claim a tempo of extraordinariness.


You are learning and unlearning the implicity of survival; be patient with yourself, do not approach life with stiffness in your thoughts. Allow yourself seek help when needed, embrace healing, practice patience, and take those baby steps slowly and steadily as you constructively grow.

Let the fierceness in your soul be pronounced, be wild, you are permitted to break down, to take charge and control the ride on turbulent waters.

You are designed to blossom, you are a carrier of magic to the roots of the earth. My friend, walk in your truth, exemplify your light, shake limitations off your bones and do not shade your unique authenticity.

You are in charge, a flower taking its position deep into the soils of time, an important magnet for the earth to function so keep trying, learning, and searching as the extraordinary peels open.

Know that life is a storm; you will bask in the sunlight one moment, be shattered on the rocks the next but what makes you a conqueror is what you do when that storm comes and how you manage to be strong, resilient and perseverance through the thorns and thistle but I promise it will pass!- Afamuche

You have to be prepared to fight these obstacles and challenges with an anthem of resilience no matter how ugly it gets.

You must let go of the pieces of baggage you don’t need that is weighing down your strength and resilience such as your past, negativity, guilt, expectations, other’s mistakes, uncertainty, fear, limitation and other things that don’t increase your life.

Take the reminder you need, trust that this will work out, the past doesn’t define your value! If you want a sign, this is it that your journey has molded you for your greater good, and it wasn’t exactly what it needed to be.

Don’t think that you’ve lost time. It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the now and now is the right time.

Remember that it’s okay to be afraid, fear is a propelling momentum which can be employed to your benefit. It’s not too late to start now, authenticity is your magic and mistakes are part of life so relax and take it slowly.

And when the shadow of doubt cast its shelter on you, limiting you with self-criticism, negativity, and self-reduction to your equals, remember just because they’re succeeding before you doesn’t mean they’re succeeding in replacement of you.

There is still a place for you; there will always be a place for you. Even if they came up after you and are doing the exact things you dreamed you would do, they have not replaced you. Even if you put years into things, they will not still be invalidated by those who are passionate about similar things.

No two people’s stories are the same, and there is no way to know when, where or how things will play out, but you can know this is to be true: what they have done with their lives does not limit you. Who you have been called to be is who you have been called to be, and it does not matter what others do.

And while you are waiting, you are not just waiting; you are growing into who you were meant to be. And maybe some of the things you thought you wanted were actually rooted in something deeper that went beyond what you could see.

And maybe, you will start to see those deeper, richer things when you focus more on growing, and less on worrying. Letting everything fall in place the way it’s supposed to even if it ends up looking a little different than you were expecting. Perhaps it has not felt like it lately, but there is still a place at the table for you.

You know that gut feeling you have been having lately? The one you feel when you see someone else is doing the same things you want to do, or when it seems your dreams have pulled out from beneath you?

Perhaps that is more than a feeling of inadequacy, but a fire slowly igniting brave without your soul, reminding you there is more than what you currently see and what you are feeling is the process of becoming who you are meant to be- Morganharpernichols

Be honest with yourself, honor and listen to your truth, set clear boundaries, get out your own way, don’t put yourself down, explore your own mind and believe in your magic because it’s real.

Your peace is your peace, it is the most sacred thing you own, learn to develop it in yourself, learn to create it to the point where it celebrates your way of living in harmony with yourself for the calmer you become, the more flowing you will be, your peace is your peace.


Have a good cry, make your room dark, have a moment of silence as you lay your head down your pillow, breath and be uninterruptedly alone.

Sometimes the chaos becomes too much for your senses. Find strength in your solitude, you deserve to feel aligned like the stars in the universe are beginning to shine within you.

And remember you are worth finding, worth knowing, worth loving you and all your one million layers!


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For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come out completely undone. The shell cracks, it’s insides come out and everything changes.

To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction no matter the situation you are currently exposed to. Do not give up my friend, you are supported by every fiber of the universe even as you rise to take charge of the earth; so remember that that circumstance, situation, and occurrence prepares you for a greater purpose that no man has lived. So do not let the clouds cloth your strength! Sprinkle your glitters on dark nights and watch how you dominate the earth!




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Author: Afam Uche

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