The Power Of Positive Thinking And How It Can Rewire Your Life

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 Can positive thinking change your life?

A lot has been said and written about positive thinking and its potency in changing a person’s life for good. I have found that positive thinking, which I previously thought was merely blind optimism, has worked wonders in my life.

It can be hard to believe that positive thinking can make all the difference in life. It is therefore no surprise that a lot of people often ask the question: why is positive thinking so important?

Positive thinking is very important because it has the power to change your life for the better. A positive attitude can go a long way in crafting, not only the kind of world you live and operate in but the kind of person you are.

You may be brimming over with questions like what is positive thinking? What happens when I focus on the positive things in my life? How can I train my mind to think positively? How do I go from thinking positively to experiencing positive changes in my life? Read on to find answers to these questions and many more.


What Is Positive Thinking?

Positive thinking is an attitude flowing from a person’s mental and emotional makeup that is consciously and deliberately hopeful and optimistic to achieve positive-oriented results. Positive thinking is not merely naïve optimism, but is deliberate and intended to produce a particular goal.

Positive thinking is critical to carry on with a positive life. A happy life is borne out of a happy mind, no two ways about it.

All sane individuals desire happiness and need to be fruitful in their lives and endeavors. It is however impossible to be happy and content when you have a negative way of thinking.

If you cannot see the opportunities and possibilities in every single thing, then you will leave in a world of impossibilities and failure which you have created for yourself.

To experience joy in your life, you need to establish a positive climate in your environment and in everything that concerns you.

You also need to stir up positive inspirations in your mind that will elevate the way you see and engage with things. Since life is less about what befalls you and more about how you react to it, it follows that you create your world by your opinion of it.

With positive thinking, we can learn tolerance, benevolence, inner peace, forgiveness, and how to see the best in everything. All of which can help us lead a happy and contented life.

Peace of mind is also an essential part of positive thinking. At the point when we create inward peace, we will find ourselves being more joyful and proactive in our everyday endeavors and even accomplishing our goals, eventually.

Positive thinking is an uplifting mentality because it always sees the glass as half full. A person with a positive attitude is always grateful and appreciative of the things around them.

As such, they have a strong sense of value and are unlikely to lose things unknowingly because they did not hold them, dear.

With positive thinking, we experience cheerful and pleasant emotions. This lends a splendid glow to our eyes, gives us more energy and joy, and recreates our entire world into an almost utopic world of peace and joy.

Our entire being can exude kindness, satisfaction, and tales of great achievements simply because of the way we think. Indeed, even our wellbeing is influenced in a valuable manner – our voice is all the more remarkable, we walk with a lively bounce and even our non-verbal communication shows how we feel.


What Is Positivity And Why Is It Important?

 What happens when you start thinking positive?

Positivity is essentially the quality of being optimistic, that is, believing that everything will turn out in your favor irrespective of what the facts are.

Positive and optimistic individuals lead themselves by continually discovering support inside their spirit. The more you give out, the more you get back.

So why is positive thinking important? Positivity reflects on your opinion of yourself, your point of view, and whether you think things can happen for you or not.

Your character attributes, for example, whether you are positive or negative, can influence numerous aspects of your well-being and productivity.

Here are ten reasons why positive thinking is very important:


1.  It Motivates You

Is it true if you think positive positive things will happen?

Motivation refers to an incentive to do something or succeed in some endeavor you are pursuing. Positive thinking can act as a motivation to succeed. The way that you see things greatly affects the way you approach them.

For example, if you thought you were pulling a tree down, you will come equipped with some rope and a chainsaw but will certainly not bring those if you were only uprooting flowers. So what you think; the information that your mind chooses to process about a thing, greatly informs your approach.

Thinking positively will greatly assist you in the actualization of your objectives and dreams. It can also make your work and what is required of you simpler to satisfy.

Motivation is an inspiration to work and inspiration is a positive quality, not to mention a great attribute, to possess. It pushes you forward, supports you, and assists you in beating hindrances and scaling hurdles.

A positive attitude builds your inspiration to succeed and gets you what you need. It can cause you to trust in yourself more; in your abilities to achieve even the impossible.

It will likewise propel you to accomplish more than you thought you could or ever anticipated was possible. Positive thinking can drive you up to success.


2.  It Helps You Cope With Stress

Stress can be very crippling; in many ways, it is a silent killer, not only of the body but also of the mind. Notwithstanding, positive thinking can deal with it.

At the point when you are confronted with unpleasant circumstances, positive thinking can make you adapt better than cynicism. When positive people face difficulties, they more commonly zero in on things they can do to take control of the circumstance.

Instead of harping on their disappointments or on things they cannot transform, they devise strategies and explore the resources of others. In contrast, worriers and pessimistic people take a more defeatist approach for they just accept that the circumstances are out of their hands and that nothing can be done about it.

Self-talk is another way positive thinking helps to combat stress. Self-talk is the continuous flow of thoughts that go through your mind; they are the implicit musings that you have.

These thoughts, which are by default not in your control, can be positive or negative. Some portion of these self-talks come from reason and rationale, and others from misunderstanding and confusion that arise due to a lack of relevant information.

Optimism and positive thinking strengthen your ability to cope with stress. If the majority of the thoughts that go through your head are positive, you will find that your point of view will almost certainly be optimistic as such you will be more confident – a person brimming over with joy and peace. Such a person, more often than not, leads a stress-free life.


3.  It Makes You Happy

I know this to be true: a positive mentality stirs up bliss. Much as one may think otherwise, you do not need wealth or accomplishments to be happy.

Happiness is all in the way you behave. When you are in a delightful mood, you become upbeat and giddy. Joy does not rely upon things that are outside of you, it emanates from inside you.

When you are happy, you infect others around you with the same mood and they, in turn, keep you happy. What comes around goes around. You do not need anything to be happy.

You can start even now. You do not need to shed some pounds nor do you need to put on some music. You do not need ten million in your bank account and you do not need to be complimented before you start feeling happy. Feel that way irrespective and independent of everything else. It is all about your mentality.

Having an inspirational point of view will make you feel fulfilled but if you focus on negativity and think like a pessimist or a cynic, you will live a very sad, unfulfilled, and troubled life, unable to appreciate the beauty in life because you just cannot see it.


4.  It Strengthens Your Defence Against Diseases

Does positive thinking really make a difference?

Believe it or not, researchers have discovered that your brain can powerfully affect your body and its bodily functions. And one aspect where your thoughts and perspective can have an especially amazing impact is in the body’s ability to defend against diseases.

They found that when parts of the brain associated with negative thoughts are used, there was a weaker immune response to flu vaccines as such the sufferer was less receptive to the antibody.

Furthermore, individuals who were more optimistic and hopeful about a particular and more significant part of their lives displayed a more grounded and defensive reaction to infection than the individual who possessed a more negative or skeptical perspective on the circumstances.


5.  It Makes You Better Prepared To Tackle Problems

To be ever prepared to tackle problems is a great attribute that is necessary for survival. It refers to our capacity to adapt to issues whenever they pop up.

Tough individuals can confront an emergency or a traumatic incident with strength and resolve as opposed to breaking down, cowering, or caving into the pressures they face. Notwithstanding the seriousness or difficulty of the challenge, such people can continue and may, at last, overcome such challenges.

Positive thinking plays a significant part in people’s ability to tackle problems head-on. When managing a situation, positive thinkers usually take a gander at how they can deal with and fix the issue at hand. Rather than panicking and throwing in the towel, they gather all their assets and ask others to help them.

In the wake of an emergency, no matter how daunting it may be, positive thinking and feelings help to support positive thinkers and give them a cushion against sorrow. Interestingly, positivity and strength can be developed with practice.

By supporting positive thinking, even in horrible situations, individuals can harvest both temporary and permanent rewards, like being able to manage feelings of anxiety, despondency, and building adaptive abilities that will work wonders for them later on.


6.  It Improves Your Productivity

How can I train my mind to be positive?

Productivity is all about how you choose to approach work and your approach is dependent on the way you see things.

Productive people can tap into their inner strength to gain enough power to produce as at when due and in required quantities and qualities.

Having a positive attitude can help you see things differently. With positive thinking, you begin to have confidence in your abilities and carry about an ‘I can do it’ mentality. You also believe in others and know their strengths – qualities that make you a good and productive leader.

As a positive thinker, you are also not weighed down by the worries of the world and are therefore not distracted by these.

You do not see or believe in impossibility. When a door shuts, instead of giving up, you find an open one. Even when all the forces and obstacles in this world seem to have combined efforts to stop you, you maintain that you cannot be stopped.


7.  It Improves Your Relationship

You need to adopt a positive attitude if you want to maintain your relationships. People, for one reason or the other, are attracted to positive and happy people; they flock towards them like nails to a magnet.

They also stay away from negative people. This is why people who are gloomy, pessimistic, and cynical find it difficult to make and keep friends however they try.

A positive attitude has a great impact on your relationships with other individuals. Positive individuals bring bliss, joy, and inspiring energy, and it is enjoyable to be around them. They exude light and euphoria and stimulate people around them.


8.  It Improves Your Health

Individuals who have a positive mindset are normally more vigorous and in good health than those who think otherwise. They are more joyful, and this influences their well-being.

The psyche of positive people influences their bodies and health. When you think positively, you become invulnerable to opportunistic ailments and your body recovers quicker.

Positive thinking can help prevent distress, depression, cardiovascular issues and expand your life expectancy.

To some extent, people with a positive attitude adopt better ways of living. They are better able to cope with the pressures of life and dodge undesirable lifestyles. They are also able to sleep better and improve their general well-being.


9.  It Helps You Become An Achiever

 How do you stay positive?

Positive thinking can make you a go-getter because of the way you see the world. Since nothing is impossible to you, you are not restricted in your quests. You take on challenges with the mentality that you are up for the task. You do not complain or suffer from self-doubt.

Your positive attitude also rubs off on the people around you. You become a motivation to them and can single-handedly boost the confidence of people under you. Even your superiors will be happy with you and will have the utmost confidence in your abilities.


10.  It Increases Your Self Esteem

Self-esteem has to do with how one rates one’s self. Your mentality and how you think have a lot to do with how you feel about yourself. If you embrace an uplifting disposition and think optimistically, you will have a superior assessment of yourself, which will imply that you possess healthy self-esteem.

Decide to envision yourself only in a positive light. See what is good and acceptable in you as this will consequently improve your self-confidence.

Try not to stress over people’s opinions of you or what they say about you. When you have an uplifting disposition towards yourself and life in general, individuals around you will have a good estimation of your worth and would regard you with more respect.

Cherishing and respecting who you are and being cheerful no matter what, are articulations of positive thinking. This disposition would likewise upgrade your fearlessness, increase your boldness and boost your internal strength.


What Are Some Positive Thoughts?

Positive thoughts make you feel good about yourself and your situation – they make you happy and relaxed. These thoughts do not demean you, bring you down in estimation, or make you feel like a failure.

They do not restrict your abilities or convey an idea that you cannot do something. Positive thoughts motivate you, urge you on and make you feel on top of the world. They are affirmations meant to add value to your life and increase every part of you.

Here are some examples of positive thoughts you can try out when faced with negative thoughts or difficult challenges:

  • I understand that every storm that passes through is clearing the path for something bigger, brighter, and more bountiful 
  • I was made for greatness and I will not shrink for the comfort of others
  • As long as I am alive, I can change and expand. I trust in my ability to extend grace throughout the process
  • I deserve to see myself in the same warm glow that I see others. My light is abundant. My joy is important. I deserve to take up space
  • Starting over allows me to give myself grace as I wade through the ebbs and flows of life 
  • I am standing in my power by being my own validation 
  • I am standing in my power by speaking up for myself 
  • I am always whole-even when things feel like they’re falling apart 
  • I am worthy of love, even when they can’t love me 
  • I am worthy of joy, even when they’re not able to celebrate with me
  • I am worthy of good things, and so much more, even when it’s hard to believe 
  • I am committed, I am open, I am trusting, I am allowing. What is for me will not pass me by, and I trust that truth with my whole heart 
  • I am open to change even it’s uncomfortable and scary 
  • I am a student of life who is committed to learning, growing, and emotionally evolving 
  • I am grateful for what I have and I appreciate all it’s taken to arrive in my power 
  • I am choosing my joy as a priority 
  • I am deserving of emotional clarity and freedom. Self-love is leading the way 
  • I am choosing myself first because for so long I didn’t 
  • I am open to living a life rooted in love-even if that means letting people go along the way
  • I was created to live a life rooted in abundance 
  • Now and forever, I am worthy
  • My energy is aligned with love and abundance 
  • I am open to releasing what no longer uplifts and supports my growth 
  • I am prepared for the goodness and gifts that are designed for me 


Can Positive Thinking Change Your Life?

There is a lot to be said about changing your life by changing the thoughts that you allow into your mind. We may have all heard that the thoughts you have determine what you are.

It is also true that the thought you have determine the world you experience. Oprah Winfrey is famously quoted as saying, “the greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude.”

Building up an uplifting attitude by having positive thoughts can help you in a greater number of ways than you may have thought.

When you think positively, you actively guard your mind against negative thoughts and attitudes. This is because the only way to avoid negativity is to embrace positivity.

After you figure out the true worth of positive thinking and apply optimism to your way of thinking, you will see astonishing changes surrounding you.

You will feel lighter and more joyful because you have been released from the heavy burden that is negativity, fear, doubt, low self-esteem, and what have you. You will likewise see a significant increase in the level of certainty you have.

You will feel fit and better prepared to take on new tasks and difficulties that may have previously been outside your usual and familiar range. With the elimination of fear and doubt, challenges will become bread to you; something that you can overcome with ease.

By decreasing your self-restricting convictions which had weighed you down in the past, you will always successfully deliver.

You will experience personal development in your life, the likes of which you had never envisioned. Your life will become a fantastic one where there are laudable achievements. Note that a person can change only if they tackle and overcome the negativity.


Does Positive Thinking Really Make A Difference?

Positive thinking does make a difference. Optimism has a different method with which it manages the world which could appear highly unusual, unconventional, or downright stupid to the uninitiated or cynic.

People with positive attitudes keep their minds stayed on what they need, and continue to search endlessly for approaches and methods that will succeed in bringing their desire to fruition.

They are dogged, unlike people who think negatively; who give in to their fears or doubts and give up easily.

Positive thinkers likewise search for the positive qualities in each troubling issue they are faced with. At the point when things turn out badly, as they frequently do, they stay determined, refusing to take no for an answer. They then settle on the positive aspects of their quest. This is not the same for the person who thinks negatively.

What we cannot deny is that it works. Positivity influences the way that we think and see the world. Even when it does not yield the desired results, positive thinking still helps the individual cope with the failure and continue.

The idea that everything is possible and that nothing is impossible is so powerful that it alone can make all the difference in a person’s life.


How Can I Train My Mind To Be Positive?

You can train your mind to think positively by zeroing in on positive thoughts, one at a time. Do this until you are sure you have structured the mind to produces positive thoughts automatically, even when you are not actively involved.

When you are faced with negative reports, always have in mind that it is your reaction that decides the result. Continuously search for the positive reaction in your mind when such happens.

Make use of positive confessions which are declarations that can be rehashed again and again to dispose of negative thoughts and strengthen your positive mentality. Also, positive statements and motivational materials can be very instructive when attempting to prompt positive thinking.

It is also important to note that our thoughts can attract similar things from the universe. In order words, positive thinking draws in positivity and negative thinking draws in negativity.

If we approach an activity with a negative manner of thinking, we can be nearly certain that we will have a negative result.

This also applies to a group; if the majority of people think positively and optimistically towards a project, they are very likely to get a positive outcome.

Being able to create a mental picture of what you want is an understated and overlooked factor that grooms the positive-thinking mind.

Representing your dreams in a picture that you can see is a strategy utilized by victors. Our minds can picture the unbelievable and direct us to make progress that will be otherwise unthinkable.

It is especially hard to remain positive irrespective of misfortune and disappointment. For some, even though it is not difficult to show empathy for others, it often is difficult to show the same to themselves.

A few of us reprimand others for every one of our tragedies but others fault themselves. It is our hardship that makes us who we are, without empathy for ourselves, we can never fully enjoy the freedom to become and grow into our most authentic selves.

And as you embark on your journey of positivism feel free to check our other positivity/ mindset resources that will equip you with all the tips, ideas, and directives you need to effectively develop a positive mindset and protect your mindset from negativity and distractions. The best mindset hacks that will change your life, the unusual ways to develop a positive mindset, and positive life quotes that will inspire you to grow



Positive thinking can make a world of difference. It can make us become the best version of ourselves by first of all showing us the amazing and successful person we can be.

It can also change our world for good. If our world had been a place where the cards seemed to have been stacked against us, positive thinking can recreate that world so that it becomes one that is created to favor us.


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What is positive thinking What is positivity and why is it important?


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