12 Importance Of Pursuing Happiness In Life

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There are several reasons why you need to be happy. And with how gloomy the world has gotten, it has become necessary, now more than ever, to have that conversation. I will be addressing one of the questions I get asked a lot, which is: is it important to be happy?

It is important to be happy because happy people generally live a richer and more fulfilling life. Also, it does neither you nor anyone around you any good when you are not happy. Moreover, happiness is always within your reach and is an ever-present possibility.

You should actively and consciously pursue happiness. There are, however, a lot of issues, which you should know, that surround and determine a person’s happiness or the lack thereof. Keep reading to find out.


What is Happiness and Why Is It Important?

Happiness is the positive feeling of joy, contentment, and fulfillment brought about by satisfaction. It is often described as the warm giddy state you find yourself in when you get what you want. It is also a general sense of well-being or quality living that a person feels.

Fundamentally, happiness occurs in a person’s life when they feel they have acquired all they have ever desired, be it material or otherwise.

A person can also feel happiness after they come to terms with what they are or what they are meant to do with their life, especially if they had hitherto struggled with that.

Happiness can be thought of in two ways. It could refer to a transitory feeling of joy that a person has at the moment which may not last very long.

For example, a student may feel temporarily happy about solving a maths problem in class and so may a child who gets a toy for his or her birthday. This kind of happiness lasts as long as the excitement of having achieved or received that thing.

Then, there is the more permanent kind of happiness which is a general outlook on life. This kind is usually not hinged on or tied to any particular thing. It emanates from a mentality that happiness is a deliberate and personal choice which a person must consciously make.

Whatever the case may be, happiness is a rich and healthy feeling which has a ripple effect on a person’s ability to lead a fulfilling and successful life. When you choose to be happy, you will find yourself living life and making decisions that keep you happy and content.


Why Happiness Is Considered Very Important In Life

Many people walk the earth looking for happiness; they spend their days doing things they hope will bring them happiness and satisfaction but why exactly is happiness considered very important in life?

Happiness leads to a Successful Life The feeling of happiness can go a long way in making someone successful.

When you are happy, you are more likely to perform better in whatever you put your hands to. If happiness is a state of contentment and joy, it follows that it is also a favorable condition of the mind for productivity.

Happy people are more likely to receive support from others than sad and gloomy people. They are also more likely to get favorable evaluations when they are being supervised.

Even as managers and leaders, happy people exude an attitude that inspires trust and confidence in people around them.


1.  Happiness Leads To A Stress-Free Life

Happiness has a way of releasing and managing the bodily or mental tension that comes from a long and tedious day.

Since happy people have a better outlook on the things surrounding them, they hardly get worked up and so, do not have to deal with stress. Stress weakens the body’s capacity to guard itself against illnesses, as such; a stress-free life is also a very healthy one.


2.  Happiness Fosters Creativity

People often get their best ideas when they are happy and in a stable place. Someone who is sad may find it difficult to tap into the creativity inherent in them because of all the distractions and doubt that come with that feeling.

The opposite is the case for the happy person. They experience a free flow of creative and innovative ideas. Many of us can attest to this fact.


3.  Happiness Helps To Sustain Our Relationships

People like to be around positivity, so it is no surprise that happy people are better able to maintain their relationships with others. Happy people are more likely to meet and engage new people and are, in fact, more sociable and outgoing.

Happy people have better experiences in important relationships like marriages, parenting, and employer-employee relationships.

There is a correlation between happiness and satisfaction in relationships. Also, happy people are less likely to be violent or dangerous in their relationships with others.


4.  Happiness Elongates Our Lives

Since we have established that happiness is a positive and healthy feeling, it stands to reason that it also elongates our lifespan.

For one thing, happy people desire to live long lives and so make conscious decisions in their lives to that effect. A happy person who is enjoying life will, for example, think twice about endangering his life.


5.  Happiness Keeps Us Young

As a happy person, you are likely to smile a lot; be more open to play and leisure, and forget your worries and fears once in a while. All these contribute to a young and fresh appearance. Believe it or not, happiness is an elixir of youth.


6.  Happiness Makes Us More Useful to People Around Us

Happy people are often eager to help people around them. They are more generous with their time, money, words of advice, etc.

Happy people have a way of making people around them feel better. Even when they are not going out of their way to make something happen for other people, their positive energy rubs off on them.


7.  Happiness Brings About An Optimistic Outlook

Happy people look at the world as a place of possibilities and that helps them to conquer doubts that would have otherwise held them back.

For example, a happy person looking to start a business will approach the new venture with confidence and assurance that a sad person cannot muster.

As a small business owner, my business encountered a critically defining period where it almost collapsed at a time when I was unhappy and weighed down by numerous issues.

I was unable to think straight and make important decisions. I was also unable to sustain impactful conversations or create meaningful friendships.

I would spend hours brooding on things that might have been and things that didn’t matter, and eventually, I began to develop an undesirable outlook on life. This had a negative effect on my emotional well-being, mental health, finances, family, and general lifestyle.

Thankfully, with time and effort, I was able to come out of my rut. I found delight in impactful things that improved my mood and made me happier. With a happy mind came optimism and with time, I was able to transform my life to a whole new level of positivity.


8.  Happiness Attract Favours

When you exude happiness, people are more likely to favor you. They admire your happy disposition and want to do all they can to help you, even when it is not convenient. This is because happiness is such a magnetizing feeling.


9.  Happiness Creates Appreciative People

Happy people generally tend to be more thankful and appreciative of others around them.

This helps them to not only get a true sense of the value of people and things around them but also aids them in expressing this appreciation to others. Again, since they know the worth of what they have, they are less likely to lose them.


10.  Happiness Help People Cope Emotionally

Happy people are better equipped to cope emotionally than sad and gloomy people.

Happy people can build up their emotional maturity without difficulties because it is easier to navigate positive emotions than negative ones. Happiness helps to create emotionally mature people.


11.  Happiness Brings About Peace And Satisfaction

Happy people who feel satisfied and fulfilled will certainly experience inner peace which in turn will lead to peace and order in their environment and relationships.

Such a person will strive to maintain this inner peace by avoiding unhealthy or toxic relationships and carefully resolving conflicts around him or her.


12.  Happiness Leads To A Better World

The more happy people there are in a society, the better for that place. All the personal benefits that happiness has on individuals reflect richly in a society.

Imagine a society where everyone is successful, in good health, and working consciously to improve the lives of others in their society. Now, that is a society worth living in.


What Do We Need To Be Happy?

It is easy to answer this question by listing out all the things many of us think are essential for our happiness. Such things typically include money; a career; physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing; a healthy relationship, and so on. Saying these are all you need to be happy would be a gross simplification of the truth.

The things mentioned above are very good and a lot of people can derive joy from those but you must realize that in this life you are all you need to be happy. There are nevertheless some things you can do to ensure you are happy:


1.  Learn To Appreciate The Moment

Even as you go about your day, learn to appreciate the moment. Do not be so caught up in the past or the imminent future that you forget to simply enjoy the present.

Breathe in the fresh air, admire the glorious sunset, enjoy good music, and do not be afraid to commit to all that the moment has to offer. Remember: you only have one life to live; make the best of it.


2.  Have Goals That Resonates With Your Core Beliefs

Do not do things because others are doing it, especially when they go against what you stand for. Learn to make life choices based on what you like.

This is why you must know yourself and accept who you are. People who make decisions that go against their core beliefs and values often end up in regret. Regret is not an ingredient for happiness, so avoid it.


3.  Stop Thinking Negative Thoughts

Always be optimistic no matter what. Believe that everything is possible and that you are capable of big things irrespective of the situation you are faced with or what the world thinks of you.

Have great aspirations and never give in or give up. Remain strong and stay positive always. See the best in people by only thinking of them in a positive light. Ensure you talk them up because there are so many things designed to discourage and demean people.

If you are in a position to do so, give people the chance to excel and prove that they can do it. Learn to forgive; it is for your good. Give second and third chances. Remember: when you make other people’s dreams come true, you invariably fulfill your dreams.


What Is True Happiness In Life?

True happiness should not be based on what you have; otherwise, the loss or removal of those things will send you spiraling down a gloomy pit.

Material things and achievements are great but first and foremost, you must learn to see and accept yourself for who you are. Then and only then, can you be happy in this life.

True happiness is all about you. It is the conscious decision to love and take care of your body and mind. It is a state of self-love.

When you are truly happy, that is, when you know and love yourself, you will find it easier to enjoy things around you. It will also be easier for you to genuinely love and care for others.

True happiness and self-love are not at all about selfishness. Self-love involves doing some selfless acts like being generous with what you have, especially to the weak and needy. Also, toxic feelings like envy, fear, greed, anger, or jealousy have no place in true happiness.

For true happiness to exist, these must be purged from the mind and heart. To experience true happiness, you must make a conscientious decision to stay away from people who bring negativity into your life, no matter how hard it may seem.

You must also nourish your body with a balanced diet. Even as you do that, do not forget that your mind also needs nourishment in the form of positivity-oriented meditation.


Is Happiness The Purpose Of Life?

This is a philosophical question which a lot of people have asked at one point in their lives. The great philosopher Aristotle is quoted as saying: “happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim, and end of human existence.” He further described happiness as “the highest good.”

It is worth noting that happiness is not just a feeling of giddiness or one that causes you to smile but a condition that occurs as a result of the interaction of many decisions and lines of action. It is a state that you must persistently work for in the full course of your life.

While all this might be true, it is also very important to point out that happiness should not be your goal in life. This is where a lot of people miss it. When you make happiness your life objective, you are most certainly never going to have it because it is such a lofty goal to attain.

Instead of trying to attain happiness, as vague and broad as it is, focus on leading a life that will make you fulfilled and contented.

Set your sights on smaller attainable things that will bring you happiness in the end. This will make your goals less intimidating and more achievable.


Does True Happiness Exist?

Much as it may seem otherwise, true happiness does exist. True happiness is the highest level of happiness one can attain. It is universal and at the core of what it means to be human.

When someone reaches the peak of happiness (true happiness), it is easy for that person to tell when he or she is no longer experiencing it.

The sad truth, however, is that even though everyone can experience true happiness not everyone will. Although true happiness might take different forms as we move from one person to the other, it is essentially a good feeling that comes from positivity, acceptance, and satisfaction with ourselves and our achievements.

True happiness does not exist in material acquisitions, no matter how aesthetically pleasing and/or efficient they are. This is because those things will not last forever and are not even in our control. Material gains can only illicit a semblance of true happiness. This then brings us to the question of where we can find true happiness.


Where Can I Find Real Happiness?

True happiness, which is in fact real happiness, can only be found in our personality and in the relationships, we have with others outside ourselves.

Happiness found in any other thing is fundamentally a lower form of happiness that will never lead us to joy, contentment, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

Our personality – who we are, what we believe, and how we relate with others – is permanent and in our control. It is permanent in that it lasts as long as we breathe, that is, the entirety of our existence on earth, and it is in our control because we can work on it whenever we want. We can logically surmise then that true happiness can be achieved by having a certain kind of personality.

Someone who is kind, honest, caring, stable, compassionate, merciful, forgiving, diligent, patient, and what have you, for example, might have a better chance of experiencing true happiness than someone who is none of these things.

Our personality greatly informs the kind of relationships we have which is another source from which true happiness can be got.

Most of our relationships might however not last the entirety of our lives and may therefore not be a source of true happiness for us. But we may have several that go on long enough to get us to the peak of happiness.


Can You Ever Be Truly Happy?

Happiness is always a possibility lurking in the shadows of overwhelming negativity and doubt.

Happiness means many things to many people so perhaps the first thing to do is to have a personal definition of happiness; define what it means for you to be happy.

You must find a sense of purpose as this has been proven to make people feel fulfilled. This may come from your passions, hobbies, and interests, or new things you are looking to learn more about. You may also engage in selfless services like charity or fight injustices like gender and racial inequalities.

Never forget to take good care of your physical body by eating right and engaging in exercises. These will keep your body strong and fresh which in turn will keep you happy and healthy. Studies have also found that exercise helps the mind too.

Learn to be grateful for what you are and have. Gratitude comes from a place of acceptance –you can only be grateful for the things you have truly accepted as yours. Acceptance is a few steps from contentment and satisfaction. By saying thank you, you are slowly paving your way to being truly happy.



You must understand that true happiness involves making the conscious decision to be happy irrespective of what you are, have, or face.

This is very important because your happiness cannot be based on anything outside your control, otherwise, given how little you can control in this world, it will come apart easily.

If you lead a happy life, you can be certain of a much improved social, emotional, and mental well-being, a healthier mindset, and a generally meaningful existence.

And if you are ready to pursue your happiness, I have created some detailed resources on the right and easy steps to take in order to find happiness in any situation in life and how to take control of your life irrespective of where you find yourself and be happy


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