How To Clear Your Mind And Have A Mental Detox

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Think of a device. When overloaded, it may start to function abnormally and probably break down. The mind is like a machine. When it is overwhelmed with thoughts, it will result in stress and indecisiveness.

If nothing is done to clear the mind, one could suffer from a mental breakdown. Many people in our world today suffer from all mental breakdowns due to having a troubled, overwhelmed mind.

Unfortunately, some of these people do not realize that they can save themselves from mental health issues by looking for ways to clear their minds.

In this article, I will provide a comprehensive outlook on how to clear your mind. Over time, I have realized how important having a clear and coherent mind is.

So, I decided to write an article that could help many people. Below are twenty ways to clear your mind:

20 Ways To Clear Your Mind

1.  Do A Brain Dump

Doing a brain dump is one of the most effective ways to clear your mind.

A brain dump is simply the act of putting all the thoughts you have in your head on paper. This is done to achieve clarity of the mind and avoid confusion.

When I have a lot of things going through my mind simultaneously, I often do a brain dump to ensure my thoughts are organized and I do not miss an important event. It also saves me from overthinking, which could cause me a lot of stress.

Let me give an illustration of how a brain dump works: Assuming many things are going on in your mind right now. For example, you have to go to the gym in the morning and go grocery shopping.

In the afternoon, you need to go to the bank to rectify an issue with your account and meet up with a friend at a cafeteria later. You also have a date with someone and you also plan to go to the cinema in the evening.

While these activities look easy to remember on paper, they may not be so in reality. In reality, coupled with these important engagements you have throughout that day, there might be other less important things you must do as well.

As a result, you may fail to remember the more important things and do those that are not so important.

This is because your mind is filled with many tasks, and since you failed to note your engagements effectively, you may forget to do some. This happens to me all the time, whenever I fail to properly braindump my activities, tasks, and schedule for the day.

However, if you do a brain dump, you will put down all the essential things you need to do on paper and the less important ones. Once you have done that, you will be more focused and clear about what you need to get done that day.


2.  Meditation Is A Must

It is probably not feasible to think of how to clear your mind without thinking about meditation. Meditation is one of the most effective ways to create a mental and emotional balance and gain clarity of the mind.

Meditation is a devotional practice done to achieve peace and calm within oneself. When you are peaceful within, it means that your mind is clear enough.

Every morning before I prepare for work and each evening before bedtime, I practice a lot of yoga. Yoga is a meditative exercise that aims to provide the practitioner with perfect spiritual insight and a clear mind.

It is known to be one of the most effective meditative practices. So, when people complain about having a confused state of mind where they cannot see past their thoughts, I always advise them to engage in meditative practices like yoga.


3.  Relax And Release

Learning how to clear your mind can be more fun once you do it refreshingly. For example, you can choose to relax and release yourself from all the negative energies.

Of course, how you choose to relax depends on what makes you feel good and refreshed. Some people like to go to the beach, while others feel great about themselves by simply strolling around the neighborhood.

I like to relax by going on vacations with my friends and loved ones. Being with the people that mean the world to me makes me forget about my worries and focus on the happy moments of life.

I often choose to go to locations where I can interact with people from different backgrounds and cultures. So, during my vacations, I visit some of the biggest tourist attractions in the world.

When facing a couple of challenges, the best way not to get emotionally overwhelmed is to clear your mind and organize your thoughts.

To do this, sometimes, you need to take a break from all the troubles and release yourself from negativity.


4.  Don’t Let Your Past Haunt You

ways to clear your mind

In learning how to clear your mind, you must be willing to let go of your past, especially the unpleasant memories you have had. You may become haunted and mentally overwhelmed when thinking about past traumatic events.

To clear your mind, you need to forget about those experiences. One of the most effective ways to forget about the bad experiences you have had is to focus more on the beautiful things that will happen in the future.

Whenever you decide to think about the past, make sure to only think about the happy moments with loved ones.


5.  Focus On Unfocusing

Sometimes, to clear your mind, you have to unfocus. Unfocusing as I call it, is the same thing as woolgathering and it is the act of making a gaze when you are not looking at anything.

Unfocusing tends to help you clear your mind because, at that moment, you are not thinking about anything.


6.  Fill Your Mind With Positive Thoughts

Being positive at all times is another effective way to clear your mind. When you fill your mind with positive thoughts, you may not experience any mental stress whatsoever.

Some people often suffer from mental and emotional trauma because of the negative thoughts they entertain in their minds. When you are optimistic about life, you will have a clear idea of what you want to achieve.


7.  Avoid Multitasking

Sometimes, we may have a lot of things to do simultaneously. At that time, we may have no option but to multitask.

While multitasking can help you get the jobs done simultaneously, it is not a good idea.

Multitasking can stress the brain, which causes you to get tired quickly. It could also make you confused about what needs to be done. That said, you need to avoid multitasking and do things accordingly.

Also, try not to postpone your engagements so that you won’t have to do everything simultaneously.


8.  Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the act of paying attention to things on purpose.

When you are mindful of your life and the things around you, you may not experience having a clouded mind.

So, practice mindfulness to be more aware of what goes on in your mind. If you pay attention to things, there is a chance that you are not going to work yourself out or be mentally overwhelmed.


9.  Have “Me-time” Often/Unplug

As I have mentioned earlier, understanding how to clear your mind can be a lot less complicated if you follow the proper procedures. Having a “Me-time” is one of the most effective ways to clear your mind.

When you are alone, you tend to think clearer and identify most things causing you to overthink.

When I realize something is troubling me that I cannot quickly identify, I often walk out of the house and to a quiet location.

I try to determine what is bothering me and look for solutions to change things.

Having a “Me-time” is a great idea, especially when you feel you cannot keep up with the hustle and bustle of the world. You can look for a quiet place around your neighborhood to unwind.

This trick usually works for most people. You will most likely return home feeling better and clearheaded.


10.  Stop Being A People-Pleaser

clouded mind

A people-pleaser is someone who wants to make everyone feel good about themselves without considering the effects it would have on them.

When you have a people-pleasing attitude, you tend to place other people’s priorities over yours mainly because you want to seek validation from them.

Having a people-pleasing attitude can be consequential as it could leave you mentally exhausted from trying to fix different people’s problems, perhaps at the same time.

When you stop being a people-pleaser, you will not only have a clearer mind but will make decisions that favor you instead of others. Sometimes, making yourself a top priority is very important and drastically improves your life.


11.  Declutter

Remove all the negative thoughts from your mind and focus on the positive ones. Think of your mind as a beautiful living room. Such a living room is always neat.

Occasionally, someone comes to clean the room and remove all the dirt for it to remain neat. This is what you should do to your mind. First, consider negative thoughts as dirt. Do everything to keep it clean.

To cleanse it, it is necessary to channel your energy into focusing on positive thoughts once in a while.

That way, you are slowly but consistently removing negativity. When you declutter your mind, it becomes more transparent and more “tidy.”


12.  Distract Yourself

Sometimes, all you need to clear your mind is a little bit of distraction.

For instance, you are trying to finish up a project, but you feel mentally drained while working. At that point, your thoughts may be incoherent and unclear.

You need to take a break from your work and distract yourself a little. You can go over to your colleagues’ desks and have a warm conversation with them if you are at work. You could take some time to watch a football match on television at home.

When you distract yourself, you will feel better and have a much clearer mind when you return to work.

I had a colleague who wouldn’t speak to anyone for the first three hours while working. When I asked him why he said it was because he was more efficient and productive.

For the next thirty minutes after his usual three-hour ritual, you would often find him talking to another colleague who isn’t occupied with work. It is worthy to note that he was a hilarious guy.

Whenever he’s having such a conversation, he makes sure he says something funny to laugh about. By the time he returns to his work, he doesn’t just have a clearer mind but successfully relieves himself from a lot of stress.


13.  Connect With Uplifting Energy

In learning how to clear your mind, you must realize the importance of connecting with uplifting energy.

You have to connect with the right person who raises your vibrations and makes you feel good about yourself.

When you are not in sync with the people or things around you, there’s a high chance that you may be indecisive in your dealings due to a clouded mind.


14.  Cut Off From Toxic Relationships

Tolerating toxic people can get you mentally exhausted. To have your peace of mind, you must be ready to cut the wrong people off.

Sometimes this is hard because we probably had a good relationship with them until things went sour.

However, you have to protect your mental health. You must know that such people may get only worse and often leave you emotionally drained. The best thing to preserve your sanity is to cut them off.

If you are wondering about the type of people to cut off, we have created a comprehensive guide on the types of toxic people you need to eliminate from your life without second thoughts. Do check out and start cutting out those negative individuals.


15.  Adopt Some Breathing Exercises

Do you watch high-intensity sports like basketball and soccer? Or even golf? When the player wants to take a decisive penalty kick or a free throw, do you notice that they take deep breaths?

Ever wondered why they do so? Taking deep breaths helps to calm an individual, especially when under pressure.

It also helps to clear the mind and make you remain concentrated. When you take deep breaths, you will feel more relaxed and calm.

To clear your mind, you have to adopt breathing exercises that help you remain calm, especially during challenging situations.

That way, you will still have enough mental capacity to continue working until you achieve your goal.


16.  Discuss Your Problems

Sometimes your mind is clouded due to the challenges you are facing. At that point, it is essential to discuss your problems with someone willing to listen to you.

They can help you get out of such a situation by offering relevant advice or providing the right solution.

Unfortunately, some people often make the mistake of keeping their burdens to themselves. When they do that, they tend to heap a lot of pressure on the mind.

The most effective way to get through challenging situations is to share your problems with those who care about you.


17.  Fantasize About A Better Life

clear your mind

Sometimes, all you need to do to clear your mind is to daydream; let your fantasies take you to beautiful places where you can create compelling images. You can only fantasize about a better life when your mind is calm and relaxed.

Often, when I feel like I’m mentally stressed and need to do something to clear my head, I lie on the sofa and close my eyes.

When my eyes are closed, I try not to fall asleep. Instead, I let my mind wander into a beautiful place where I hope to be in the near future.

That way, I tend to feel more relaxed and positive about myself. So, to explore how to clear your mind, you sometimes need to take yourself on a fantasy cruise.


18.  Let Go Of Guilt

In life, we are bound to make mistakes. Mistakes are inevitable.

When we make mistakes sometimes, we feel so bad about ourselves that we develop a feeling of guilt. Guilt can overwhelm the mind with a lot of thoughts.

Therefore, it is essential to let go of guilt in learning how to clear your mind. Forgive yourself and forget about what had happened. Make conscious to ensure you don’t make the same mistake again to avoid feeling guilty.


19.  Don’t Give Out Too Much Of You

Giving out too much of yourself is a way of letting other people take control of your life.

When you have a habit of telling people — especially those who do not play any role in your life — about almost everything going on with you, it may become harmful to you in the future.

When people know many things about you, they may use it to cause problems in your life.

When you have any issues, it may get you mentally exhausted and hurt. So, avoid sharing every bit of information about yourself, especially the personal ones.


20.  Use Positive Affirmations

Using positive affirmations daily is a powerful way to clear your mind. When you say positive things to yourself, you are preparing your mind to focus on the good things of life.

So, before you go out every morning, make good declarations about how you want your day to be. Trust, you may be surprised when things go as you have assumed.

We have a host of daily positive affirmations that you can pick from to positively prepare for the day. Ensure you check them out, print them,save them to your phone and use them frequently.


How Do I Calm My Anxious Mind?

clear your mind

Getting worried or disturbed about something is a part of our everyday lives. However, some people often fail to differentiate being worried from being anxious.

Anxiety is not a routine part of our lives. Anxiety can lead to many mental issues and must not be placed in the same category as getting worried.

One of the most effective ways to stop your anxieties from becoming a full-blown mental mess is to try to calm your anxious mind.

In this article, it is vital to address how to calm an anxious mind. Below are a few tips.


1.  Acknowledge The Anxiety

clear your mind

When you are anxious or extremely worried about something, it is best to admit your anxiety.

Trying not to say or do anything about it may have consequences. To acknowledge this, you need to observe the signs. Some of the signs of anxiety include:

  • Feeling unnecessarily tensed or nervous about an event
  • Breathing heavily and sometimes, uncontrollably
  • Becoming very sensitive about your environment as if danger is about to occur
  • Being socially withdrawn and uninterested
  • Becoming very restless, weak, or tired
  • Having scary dreams when you manage to get sleep

When you notice these signs, you are probably suffering from anxiety. Talking to a doctor or a therapist becomes highly important in this case.


2.  Challenge Your Thoughts

Sometimes, the main reason why people fall into depression after suffering from bouts of anxiety is that they allow negative thoughts to eat them up.

But, the truth is, when your mind is overwhelmed with sad thoughts, there is still a part of you that knows those thoughts are limiting and untrue.

Hence the best way to delete negative thoughts from your mind is to challenge them.

“No, this is my mind playing tricks again; no one is coming to harm me.”

“I live in a safe environment with the people who care about me, and I can’t stay indoors all the time. So I need to go out more often and have fun.”

When you have limiting thoughts but use uplifting words to counter them, you are on the right path to calm your anxious mind.


3.  Listen To Good Music

ways to clear your mind

Music has been known to have a therapeutic effect on the mind for many years. People often listen to music to relieve themselves from anxiety.

The kind of music you choose to listen to can play an instrumental role in determining whether you become calm or not. Therefore, it is always advised to listen to songs that are not too harsh on the ears.

Listening to blues and jazz music is a good idea for those who don’t have a favorite genre.


4.  Change Your Focus

In learning how to clear your mind and calm yourself of anxiety, you sometimes have to change your focus. The activities you engage in or think about can always shape your mindset.

When you realize that you have not been enjoying the activities you participate in, or your thoughts are too negative, you can switch to what will make you feel better.

Remember, nothing is more important than having a clear and relaxed mind.



In this article, I have successfully highlighted a few important tips on how to clear your mind. I also talked about how to calm yourself when you are anxious.

I believe you have learned a lot about how to clear your mind, and I hope you put these tips into practice.

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