10 Ways To Become A High Achiever And Become Unstoppable

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Some people want it to happen; some wish it would happen; others make it happen. ~ Michael Jordan

In every field of life, certain persons stand out due to the significant impact and contributions they have made in their respective fields. When you mention specific disciplines, some names fall off your lips without struggle: Messi and Ronaldo in football, Serena and Djokovic in Tennis, Tiger Woods, Elon Musk, Bezos, and so many others.

Someone once said that if you want to know a high achiever, look out for the first person people reference when you tell them your first name, and I agree with this. Want to experiment? Let’s do a little exercise.

I’ll mention five names, popular names, and you’ll write down the first person that comes to your mind (well, except people in your inner circle). Ready. Mark. Mary. Lewis. Megan. Michael. Warren. Oprah.

Did Michael Jackson come to mind? Mark Zuckerberg, maybe? Megan Good or, Uhm, Meghan the…? You know why Oprah Winfrey came to your mind? (I’m sure she did, even Google mentions her first when you search the name) It’s because she has stood out. And that’s what high achievers do: they stand out.

Because of their exploits, high achievers have a spot in our hearts, whether we know it or not. And if it is in fields that interest us, we would pick out a few things about them.

Who are high achievers


Who Are High Achievers?

High achievers are people who have overcome hurdles and challenges and reached heights only very few in their chosen path have reached. These persons have defied odds to leave their mark and make a name for themselves.

Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world (or has his record been broken?). That’s some landmark achievement. Once I hear his name, sometimes only his first name, I immediately recognize him as that great athlete.

Of course, millions of Usain’s in the world, but he set a record that put a form of signature on the name now. Mark Zuckerberg connected the world on a platform he created another remarkable feat. Same with several other people thriving in various walks of life.


What Are The Characteristics Of High Achievers?

First off, no one is born a high achiever; people make their way up to those ranks through resilience, hard work, grit, and so many other factors.

Get a piece of paper and write the top ten people in your career or discipline worthy of recognition for their excellent results. Have you done that? You can make it more if you wish.

Now, look at the companies they founded or the solutions they proffered, and some traits they have in common. Also, write that down. Now, I’ll list some common qualities of high achievers throughout history. You can add the ones you didn’t mention to your list.

  • High achievers are problem solvers
  • High achievers are innovative
  • They take risks and are not afraid to walk unfamiliar territories
  • High achievers work hard
  • They are consistent and disciplined
  • High achievers surround themselves with people of a similar mindset
  • High achievers have good time management skills


There are so many more we can list people who are to be unstoppable. We might have a new article that’ll explain how to build these high-achieving habits. I’m sure you’d be looking forward to it.

These habits we listed, including the ones on your list, are what set high achievers apart from everyone else. If it were easy, of course, everyone would jump on it.

But these people have challenged themselves and gone beyond the limits of the human capacity to reach the pinnacle of professional and personal performance.

Below are certain habits that these high achievers have adopted to emerge at the pinnacle of success. And you can as well adopt these if you want to become a high achiever in your field.


1.  Create Healthy, Balanced Mind And Body Habits

You are responsible for every stage and process that would build you to become unstoppable at what you do. It is always advisable to go well-armed.

Your mind is one of the most potent tools globally, and every great structure and invention you see standing was conceived in a sense. Top performers understand this and have harnessed the power of the mind to achieve seemingly impossible feats. And guess what? You can, too.

You can create some healthy mental habits, including reading, intense study, meditation, yoga, puzzles, and mind simulation games. They help you build your mind and creative ability. Also volunteering, in local charities or your religious organization can help make a stable and healthy mind

Also, your health is essential. One thing that can hinder you from hitting peak capacity is ill health. So, exercise and workout frequently, eat balanced diets, avoid cigarettes, reduce alcohol intake, and go for regular medical examinations.


2.  Discover And Explore Your Purpose

Your purpose is that path in life where your gifts are most valuable. There is something inside everyone that can take them up the success ladder while giving them inner satisfaction.

Discovery of purpose is the beginning of any person’s journey to unstoppable exploits, and only very few people are actively working on their goals. Many people are confused about purpose, and you would most commonly hear scenarios like, “I have so many things I can do well, so which is my purpose?”

One thing I can tell you is that each gift you have is a fragment of the whole, and they all complement each other. Take out time alone, do some introspection, and start with one thing.

As you progress, you would gain clarity and build stamina and discipline. You can check out this article I outlined certain steps and activities you can employ to truly find your purpose.


3.  Let Your Uniqueness Out

There is so much uniqueness to everyone, and you cannot keep hiding it if you want to reach great heights. Let out your gifts, use them to provide value to people.

Don’t be shy about those gifts of yours. Imagine that some of your mentors or people you look up to did not rise to the occasion? Yes, so much awesomeness lost. It’s the same with you, and I want you to see it that way.

Every time you hide your gift, you’re preventing other people across different parts of the world from being able to pursue greatness. Yes, and I mean this. Your making it to the top is the inspiration many would need to change their lives for good. So yes, own your uniqueness for you and for others who would build on your success.

Your uniqueness is what distinguishes you from others and carves your path to greatness. Take that lamp that is in you and light up the world.


4.  Do Not Be Limited By Your Failures Instead Adopt The Winning Mentality

Do you find yourself failing each time as you try to press forward and upward? Well, it’s not just you. Thomas Edison felt slipping over one thousand times, Elon Musk too, and Serena Williams, and let’s not forget Michael Phelps.

At some point in their trajectory, great people experience slips and failure, and what keeps them going is the winning mentality they gave developed. And you can build this mindset too.

Failure is not a bug; it’s a feature of success. This means that failure is a lesson great men and women face and overcome on their journey to unstoppability. If you can develop this right mindset, you would notice significant changes in your approach to situations and challenges.


5.  Vehemently Invest In Your Learning Journey

The key to growth is learning, and not just learning alone but applying what was learned. As one who wants to achieve different levels of success, you need to learn from those who have gone ahead of you; learn from the mistakes of those who couldn’t reach their peak.

You can only build from what you know; otherwise, whatever you are working on would not last long. So, take professional courses, get mentorship, be deliberate about acquiring information in line with your field.

One piece of information, sometimes, is the only thing stopping some people from hitting their goals. You can only become as good as how much knowledge you have acquired.

Athletes train professionals, take courses, and business people hold seminars. Even after reaching certain heights, high achievers keep on learning and learning, as this is one of the secrets to becoming unstoppable in your endeavors.


6.  Surround Yourself With Success

Success is contagious, and so is failure. It is commonly said that if you want to know where a person would be in the next five years, check the books they read and the people they associate with. The company that we keep has so much influence on our lives and the decisions we make, and many times people do not realize it.

Your perspective is shaped by the people you constantly interact with. Each person, you and I inclusive, is a body of energy. This energy is what fuels us to pursue our dreams and work towards great heights.

Sometimes, we may be low on energy or might not have enough to hit our aimed targets. This is where friends and mentors play a huge role; they push you to places where, by yourself alone, you might not have reached or probably would have taken longer to.

In surrounding yourself with success, you must get yourself a mentor, someone you can learn and receive adequate guidance from. Mentors are pillars on which you can stand to see further and leap for higher grounds.


7.  Be Disciplined And Highly Committed

Discipline is a crucial attribute of high achievers, one you must cultivate if you want to reach peak performance in your chosen field. I once stumbled on a quote.

I think it was by Benjamin Kelvin Clive, where he said, “We do not manage time; we manage activities within time.” In today’s world, distractions are very cheap and abundant, and these subtle thieves of time have robbed many of so many of the goodies that life has to offer.


8.  Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Embrace The Challenge

A high achiever, as the name rightfully implies, is one who has attained notable heights. If you love nature enough to have gone hiking or mountain climbing, you would agree with me that climbing is not at all comfortable.

If you want to become unstoppable in your career or business, personal goals, or other endeavors, you must step out of your shell. Greatness lies on the other end of comfort, so stretch yourself, put yourself out there, and embrace those challenges.

Until you choose to step out of your comfort zones, your stepping stones to greatness would keep looking like stumbling blocks.


9.  Be Patient But Resilient

Patience is one weapon in the arsenal of many people today who are blazing the trails in their chosen fields. A lot of people mistake patience for sluggishness. They are on different pedestals.

Patience has a target, monitors the target, and knows the right time to strike. Patience teaches you how to observe and see beyond the noise correctly. When you remove noise, you know what is obtainable, and navigation becomes easier.

I’m sure you might have heard this line before, a famous Abraham Lincoln quote, but I’ll drop it here because it drives this point home: “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

Look at different fields today: Science and Technology, Arts, Business, and many more. Those in the leagues of great performers have built resilience and know when to make the giant leaps.

Let’s use metal construction to explain patience and strength adequately. Metals are heated to very high temperatures before they are beaten into the desired shape for manufacturing. Resilience fans the fires, and patience watches till its best to strike and have maximum impact.


10.  Focus On The Bigger Picture

I like to talk about this point a lot because I can relate to it very well, and I believe many people have had similar experiences. It is wisdom to break down your goals into smaller steps and milestones, and I always advise people to do this. However, it is not unusual to find people getting so caught up celebrating these milestone achievements that they forget to move to the next.

High achievers reach great heights—emphasis on the words’ high’ and ‘great’. Many people make headway, but those who do not relent and dwell too long on their wins can reach the league of unstoppable people, and these people are always very few throughout history.

Let’s say you are on a mountain climbing camp. There are specific points on the mountain that are high when you compare them to the ground. But the aim is usually to get to the peak of the hill.

When you start achieving your short and mid-term goals, don’t lose sight of the bigger picture ahead. Here is an article that will enable you to properly set your short-term and long-term goals as a high achiever.

You can also purchase our very own Goal Chaser that was specifically designed for high achievers and success cravers on their quest to creating a satisfying and fulfilling life.


Final Words

Attaining the pedestal of greatness in any field is possible. High achievers committed time, discipline and chose to focus their goals and follow through with them.

If you build these habits we have listed with the right mindset and consistency, you’re well on your way to registering your name as one of the greats that walked the earth. Start now, and climb up the ladder. I’m cheering you on!

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What makes someone an achiever?


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