How To Purposefully Change Your Life In Your 40s, 50s, And Beyond

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At different stages in our lives, our age plays an important role in determining whether we can embark on certain projects, or participate in certain activities.

Having had quite a few experiences with people, one of the questions that always pop up is what I’ll be providing answers to in this article, and the question is, can you change your life at 40?

The truth is you definitely have a great chance of changing your life at 40 and beyond. It is natural to ask yourself if there’s a possibility to take a complete 360 when you’re 40 years of age and it’s possible but it takes a couple of conscious and intentional efforts to achieve this.

However, despite the fact that you have a great chance of bringing massive changes into your life, you must also be prepared to handle the multiple challenges that will come your way in the course of this intention.

It will require much more than a desire, much more than passion and emotional drives.

As rosy as the prospects of changing your life at 40 may seem, it’s important to note certain things if you desire this change. Follow along to find out about this and more.

Before coming up with these resources, guidelines, and directives, we reached out to certain people who are well above 40 and are currently hitting the right marks of success to hear their stories and learn from the knowledge that they have acquired through experience.

Since they have well gone across these tracks of age and so have a wider view and experience, we decided to share their experiences.


Winifred Ejiro – A Successful And Enthusiastic Career Woman.

The lives of different people are determined by the variety of their experiences. For some folks, starting late might just be life’s own way of putting them on the right track in the journey of finding and fulfilling their purpose.

Most times, life does not turn out the way we expect despite all our plans and strategies. Nevertheless, what matters most is that we remain resilient and relentless because as long as there is life, there is indeed hope.

And for as long as life remains, we can also experience a positive turnaround. Some people begin to experience the fulfillment of their dreams at late ages.

A classic example remains the story of Henry Ford. As a young man, Ford worked as an engineer for the famous scientist, Thomas Edison where he devised ways to improve automobiles.

It was at the age of 40 that he successfully founded the Ford Motor company. If he could hit the milestone of success at such an age then it is also possible for you to do the same.

The first step to radically transforming your life at 40 or whatever age is to have confidence in yourself that as long as you are alive you can make it.

You must continue to remind yourself of the fact that giving up is not an option.

Secondly, you must be quick to do away with any and every form of doubt or limiting thought patterns. Here’s a quick way to crush self-doubt.

So as long as you have made the ultimate decision to believe in yourself, you must also strive to take calculative and bold steps in the direction of the success of your dreams.

I have a good friend of mine who got married at 39, almost before she clocked 40. The very month she got married, she got pregnant and within a short period of time, she had all three of her children. Today, she’s happily married with her three kids and living her best life!

So life can begin at 39, at 40, even 50 no matter what age you find yourself, the most important thing is getting the fumes to birth improvement and create a change.

My friend encountered series of hurdles in her earlier years before settling down but when the right man came, she picked herself together and took the leap!

It wasn’t an easy one but she created a permanent way of happiness for herself even with the fear that the hands of time were far ahead of her.


It is considered in human civilization that the year, “40” is thought to be a year of maturity. It is a round age where people feel you should have achieved a lot.

However, if due to posterity or the challenges of life, you find yourself in a situation where you seem to not have achieved as much as you should at 40, you must keep in mind that it is not a time for lamentations or for you to let yourself drown in the quagmire of regrets and despair.

It is rather a time where you should gird your loins and believe that it is not too late to make explosive changes. You must allow yourself to hold on to every molecule of confidence that is left in your being.

According to the biological design of the human female, menopause, (A phase where a female loses the capacity to conceive and bear children) begins at forty.

This phase comes with a lot of changes however, it does not limit or downgrade the possibility of radical self-reinvention and improvement on yourself as a person.

Even for people who had unpleasant experiences in their life, great things can still happen to them at forty.


Personally, I achieved a lot before I clocked forty. Before 40, I had all my kids, got into federal civil service, my marriage also clocked 20 years before I became forty.

This shows that as long as you’re alive, hope still hangs in the air around you. Age in a way is just a number because your journey into positive transformation can begin at forty.

You can still do a whole lot of awesome things from forty years and above. You can still be the best version of yourself even at forty!


Emmanuel Chude – A Successful Spiritual Mogul At 51 Years Old.

You are not too old to change your life at 40. There lies a whole lot that can be done even at forty.
I personally believe that it is never too late for any individual to change their lives positively.

Although it had been said that a fool at 40 is a fool forever, I beg to completely disagree. At forty, it is possible to start all over again and achieve immense growth and prosperity.

Even at 45, it is very possible to make a 360 change in your career especially when you have the guidance and direction of God.

I mean, if Abraham at the age of 75, could still be called by God and at the age of 100 years, fathered a child then all things can be really possible!


Thriller – Multi Business Owner

40 years isn’t late enough to start over! This is because your day and your life truly begin when you come into a better understanding and realization of what life entails even if you make that discovery at 40.

I think it is possible for a lot of lost opportunities to be taken better advantage of at 40 because of your experiences and your perception of life.

And since you have learned from your past mistakes, your approach would be a lot more productive, efficient, and different.

My advice however remains that whosoever wishes to embark on a transformational journey at 40, 50 and above, should learn to not give up. Because you’ll get to points where you’ll be frustrated and your back, pushed to the walls.

Your limits and strengths will be pushed to their far boundaries. You must learn to remain unwavering if you’re truly going to bring positive changes into your life at 40.

If you keep going, pushing, and trying your best, I can assure you of success. Remember it is not over until it is really over.

One of the reasons why life gets better at 40 is that a whole lot of opportunities will come your way and with your resilience and determination, growth can be yours and much more.

You must understand that positive evolution and reinvention of your life at 40 will not be a walk in the park. It is possible to achieve that at 40 but your experience might not always be a pleasant one.

Below, I have compiled some valid and effective tips and steps that will guide you into making the necessary adjustments and decisions to improving yourself while making the process less confusing and overwhelming.


Am I Too Old To Start Over At 40?

For different people, the concept of starting over has diverse meanings attached to it. For some, it might mean building a different career from the ground up. For others, it might mean raising a new family or getting married.

The motivation behind beginning another life might be important but the possibility of it coming into fruition at that age is what really matters which by the way brings attention to the question of “if 40 is too old to start over?

The answer behind 40 being a young or old age to begin a new life largely depends on the individual. From the strength and capacity to the ability and willingness to make this happen, age has never possessed a great influence on the possibility of starting a new life.


According to Kelly, a lifestyle blogger, and mum, her new career and blog began right after her 40th birthday. In her own words, “no matter how old you are, you have something to offer the world. You have a unique set of skills that only you can offer.

It is never too late to proceed for a change or completely restart the journey of achieving your dreams.

Kathy thinks similarly as she gives insight on the importance of staying focused. “Never allow self-doubt or the opinions of others to draw you away from your intentions. It’s totally normal to have them but don’t just give them power over you,” she said.

As Gary Vaynerchuk, the chairman of VaynerX, a modern-day media, and communications holding company said, “Nobody cares if you’re 40, 70, 90, alien, female, male, minority. The market will accept your victories if you’re good enough to have a victory.

There are many people that truly are good entrepreneurs or have entrepreneurial DNA but they just weren’t lucky enough to be born during an era where that seemed appropriate. It is super appropriate for you to “start that business” that you’ve always wanted right now.”

These pointers from people who have actually taken the leap, points to the fact that 40 isn’t too old of an age to start over. It’s all about what exists in the mind of the individual who desires to make this happen.


Is It Too Late To Change Your Life At 40?

It is not too late to change your life at 40, or reinvent yourself at 50 or get in tune with your purpose at the age of 55; it is very much possible!

If you have the intentions to begin a new career, start another relationship or even bring on kids into your marriage, you must keep in mind that all these can cause significant changes in your life.

So, in making any decision that has the power of altering your life in any way, it’s only normal to think if it’s the right time and if your age will support or derail these plans.

For people at 40, questioning whether the action they plan to take isn’t too late after all comes naturally. From their health status, their attention to their discipline and willpower, doubts spring from this reality and this question becomes the center of it all.

While the answer to this question varies as a result of different conditions, these aspects of your life discussed below will give you lucid reasons to back your decision.

  • Your Career

There’s a probability you’re at a significant place in your career when you’re 40 years of age. If you’re even in the same industry you began your career with, you would have gotten a whole deal of significant experience at this stage as well as several promotions.

As such, there’s a likelihood you might not go too far if you remain on the same career path. It could also be that you do not particularly like what you’re doing at the moment and are seeking a change.

Or perhaps, you’ve discovered you actually can’t go on any further and, despite the fact that you have an affinity for your career, you don’t want to stay at that one point.

But then, you look down the road and realize how many years you’ve spent and you’re worried if it’s too late to change your career. You doubt if there’s a chance you’ll make it to another career at this stage of your life.

This might sound untrue and maybe, unbelievable but it’s never too late to begin a new phase in one’s career at any age, not to talk about when you’re 40 years of age.

It’s neither impossible nor is it too late for you to make a career change. It’s all about your mindset and how much you’re willing to make it happen.

As rosy as this might sound, this doesn’t mean your transition will be easy or that you can end up successful without putting in a great amount of effort. Change is difficult, even if it’s consciously prepared for.

Honestly, going to a daily job to work on something you don’t particularly find passion in or enjoy, or that isn’t gratifying, is quite difficult.

Putting some of the positives and negatives of making a career change at 40 on a scale can assist you in making the right decision.


  • Your Health

In achieving different things in your life, the general state of your body and mind plays an important role. And your age also has a direct effect in determining what condition this part of you is in.

This connotes that in making and taking any decision that can change your life, your health is an important factor, one capable of giving an answer to the question of whether 40 years isn’t too late to change your life.

Experts say that age 40 is a milestone when the risk of many health conditions emerges.

Whether you have consuming jobs, aging parents, growing children, or all of the above, it’s not difficult to put health aside. 40 years of age is a perfect time to examine your well-being and make plans for the long run.

Being 40 might carry a lot of complications, risks, and responsibilities but if carried out well, with great care and proper evaluation, it’s not too late of age to embrace a new life and embark on activities that can make it a possibility.

So health-wise, it’s not too late at 40 to change your life, so far you monitor your body and mind well.

Other factors such as starting a new relationship or making a decision to get kids are largely dependent on you. It’s never too late to make all these happen.

Different stories both near and far have made us see that it can be a successful possibility even at that age to achieve this.


How Can I Change My Life At 40?

Change in several aspects of your life at 40 years of age isn’t easy but it’s also not impossible. I’m sure you know some of the reasons now.

And when you put your mind into making it work, it’s also not too late at that age to achieve what you put your mind to.

Being 40 years old isn’t a day’s journey so derailing from a path that you have known all your life isn’t one of the easiest things to do. The experiences of different people around us can attest to this.

Hence, ways around making this success are also important. Here are certain but simple ways that can help you achieve the change you want in your life, even at 40.

1.  Restructure Your Identity And Get In Tune With Your Purpose

This is a major and important step in changing your life at 40 or even completely transforming yourself at the age of 50.

Once you get the realization that you are supposed to be doing so much more, the first thing you have to do is outline who you truly are, how you have missed it, and what steps you can take to get aligned with the person you are truly meant to be.

Most of the time, transformation is not something that is entirely new like ripping yourself and putting a new being together.

It is more about tapping into the flame and uniqueness that you have had bottled within you for a very long period of time. Some important questions you can ask are;

  • What is holding me back from doing the things that I ought to be doing?
  • What are the most important lessons I have learned so far and how can these serve as a compass of enlightenment for me?
  • What is my true purpose and how can I tap into it?
  • What will give me the greatest amount of freedom?
  • Have I been living with a positive outlook and passion for life? If no, how can I correct it?
  • Is my life being influenced positively by the people in my circle?
  • Am I living a physically/mentally/spiritually healthy lifestyle?
  • Have I accomplished the dreams and goals I have set for myself? If no what is limiting me, what is sabotaging these dreams and goals? What is distracting me and how can I eliminate those distractions?
  • What gives me joy and how can I continually tap into it?
  • What are some things do you need to unlearn and declutter to move forward?
  • Why did you decide to embark on this transformation journey?


If you are in need of some more life-transforming and eye-opening questions, you can check out some blog posts that I have put together. Some deep life questions that can positively turn your life around and expand your mindset from a limiting stage to an expansive one.


2.  Never Limit Or Underestimate Yourself

As discussed above, there are different reasons why you shouldn’t think you being 40 is late. There’s a possibility that this age might carry wonders to transform your life.

This time, telling yourself: “I’m not too old to do anything” is important in changing your mindset about life which can also create a ripple effect in causing positive changes in your life.

Place it within the fabrics of your mind that you can change your career. You can even start a new relationship, travel, take up a hobby or even change where you live. All these can happen if you have a mindset you aren’t too old.


3.  Start Being Confident And Stop Playing The Comparison Game

It can be so easy to search through the shelves of comparison when things are not unveiling as planned for you especially at the age of 40.

One powerful thing you can do here is to adopt a beginner’s mindset It’s so easy to get lost in the hands of time and begin to think that you are extremely behind in life.

Learn to see yourself as a constant beginner in life. You are here to learn irrespective of the phase and time that you are in and by being eager and opened to learn you’ll be more capable of learning new things.


4.  Learn From Your Past Mistakes And Let Them Go

Refuse to dwell on them and see them as stepping stones to even greater opportunities in life. You are better equipped to handle more challenging situations.

I have learned over the years that whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you a thousand times stronger. I believe in the power of harnessing mistakes into capacity.

As humans, it is only natural that we make mistakes. Choosing to build a camp around your mistakes is considered folly.

Most of the men who cause positive impacts in our world today are men who made the worse of mistakes.

What gave them the ability to manage those mistakes was a decision to not dwell on them.
For a person at 40, mistakes are definitely going to have been a part of your life, and even as you progress in this transformational journey, you are bound to make mistakes.

Here’s my advice, the next time you make a mistake, learn a lesson from it. Pick yourself up and get going!


5.  Embrace The Wind Of Change

Before change or improvements can occur in your life irrespective of your age, you have to understand the need for change.

Change will always occur in our lives either positive changes and negative changes. We are equipped with the opportunity of interpreting these changes and making the most out of them. Sometimes people are radically reinvented from the most tragic experiences.

Someone once said, “imagine there is a staircase inside of you. It’s shaped like a DNA spiral with many unpredictable twists and turns.

Let’s suppose that it’s even wobbly at times, and all you can do is learn to find your balance as you step on alien ground. Your life experience is the quest of walking deeply inside of yourself as you make your way to the ground floor. On every floor, there is a locked door in your way.”

The quest is tricky. We were given the keys to each other’s doors and not just ours. As our lives intersect, we exchange keys without realizing it.

The trick is that we have to be present enough to receive the messages. We have to learn to listen for the key.

Yet, when we become so engrossed in our story rather than our experience, we remain on the same floor and never deepen further into who we are. We miss the key.

The real magic starts to occur when we lean into the moment and regard everything in life as a clue. Until one day, we stumble into ourselves and realize why certain things have to happen, and then comes the key!

So I want you to see every missed opportunity and achievement as your golden key irrespective of the age of realization to unlock limitless doors of possibility.


6.  Develop Better Habits And Routines

Change does not occur in a day. You do not wake up and become a butterfly in one instant. Growth is a process hence you have to pass through the phases of being an egg, a larva before you can become a butterfly.

No matter your age bracket, you have to adopt certain routines, habits that will enable you to transform your life.

These can start from the littlest of things. It doesn’t have to be so big. The smallest changes always have the biggest impact.

You can begin by outlining the current habits and routines you have in place and then by drawing out an outline of the positive habits and routines you want to replace these with.

If you are finding this difficult and overwhelming or you don’t really know where to start, you can purchase our life-changing transformational worksheet.

There are 7 activities and exercises you can adopt that will enable you properly evaluate your habits, routines and develop new ones along with a practical plan to consistently adhere to these routines and habits.

The littlest thing could be drinking more water, reading more books, and spending more time with your family.


7.  Start Sharpening Your Mind And Keep Learning

One of the keys to also changing your life for the better at 40 is to never stop learning.

It’s normal to think that with the number of years you’ve spent, you know the things you need to. Trust me, you might be in for a shock.

However, when you keep learning, it assists you in understanding different generations and schools of thought.

This way, you find several approaches which can be suitable for you to change your life. You adopt the habit of learning by exposing yourself to large amounts of information!

You can do that by reading books, watching videos, or listening to audiobooks and podcasts on the areas you intend to experience growth!

You might have been consumed by work or other responsibilities at the earlier stages of your life to indulge yourself in learning but now, you can make the decision to find a friend in those materials that contain the information you need.

Reading widens your horizons and helps you understand more approaches to life. You also see different techniques at which you can make a change in your life. You can also listen to a lot of transformational podcasts such as

Little Steps, Big Miles by Afam Uche

•That Will Never Work by Mac Randolph Netflix Co-founder.

• Feisty Side of Fifty by Eileen Williams.

• Fit n’ Chips Chats By Amanda.

• Midlife-A-Go-Go by Valerie Albarda.

• Midlife Mixtape by Nancy Davis Kho.

• Midlife Shmidlife by Liz Applegate.

• Reinventing Midlife with Jenn, Tara & Lana.

• The Experience 50 Podcast by Mary Rogers.

• Women in the Middle by Coach Suzy Rosenstein.

• Ladies Roadmap to Living Ageless by JoJami and Lana.

• Fearlessly Facing Fifty by Amy Schmidt.

• A Certain Age by Katie Fogarty.

• Midlife Matters by Julie, Marie, and Mindy.

• Forties Stories by Christy Maguire.

Here are some of the best podcasts you can listen to at the age of 40 or 50.

Podcasts are an intriguing way of sharpening your insight and transforming your mindset. You get to listen and learn from the stories, struggles and experiences of people who have succeeded in radically transforming their lives.


8.  Eat Less And Consume Fresh, Healthier Whole Foods And Fruits

Studies show that after 40, your metabolism isn’t the same it was before then. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t keep your health up and in shape.

However, this doesn’t go without you putting a little more effort into exercising and more importantly on your diet. Part of this includes eating less.

And eating less also means consuming better foods. From foods rich in proteins to the ones free of harmful fats, this goes a long way in maintaining your health at this age.

Additionally, to make a successful change at 40, you must be consistently open to learning and building yourself. You must discard that pessimistic mindset of being too old to be an achiever.

Opening yourself allows you to learn new hobbies, languages, activities and make new friends that will positively impact the adventure you seek to try. In all, never seek anyone’s approval.

Be your own person, listen to critics to know what to tweak or change, but don’t give them room to affect your mindset.

Accepting change in your forties provides you vibrance, relevance, and engagement with the world. It makes you feel younger and more equipped to face life’s challenges successfully.

In all, you would be more experienced and even though you’d make mistakes in your new adventure, you’d be better placed to scale through.

Some of the changes that happen when you’re 40 might work against you, at least it will seem that way. But that’s life. You can either drown fighting the tide or cruise the wave to the shore.


Does Life Get Better After 40?

Aging comes with its perks and life after clocking 40 is no exception. But with this age, different questions brew. For people approaching that moment, it’s natural to ask if life takes a better turn after 40.

To begin with, the reality of life being better at a particular age depends on an individual. Different folks carry different strokes.

So, defining if life will take a better turn after 40 will largely depend on different factors such as your health, the state of your career, the people around you, and your efforts.

According to Sonja Lyubomirsky, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Riverside, who has spent more than 20 years researching happiness, nearly half of women in their 40s and 50s and one-third of women ages 60 and older reported being happier now than they were 20 years ago—and only 1 in 4 at any age reported being less happy. “These findings support other research showing that happiness increases over the life span,” she explained.

In addition, a Princeton University survey of more than 340,000 Americans ages 18 and older made a discovery that happiness increases after age 50 and that by the time people are 85, they are more pleased with themselves than they were at 18. Late-in-life optimism may be due, in part, to changes in how the brain processes memories.

These depict that life after turning 40 isn’t too bad of an experience. Talking with my mum, she would always mention how she felt stressed and unhappy during her mid-twenties. She felt pressured and wanted some form of achievement to hold on to.

However, as she got older, her life progressed. She began ticking off her boxes and started to feel more accomplished.

Now at 59, she is as happy as she could imagine. What does this show? Life doesn’t get all gloomy after 40, if anything, it gets more enjoyable.


Why Do They Say Life Begins At 40?

When people say life begins at 40, it means that by the time you turn forty, you’ll possess enough experience and skill to do what you want to do with your life. This particular phrase is often said as words of encouragement to those reaching middle age.

These words are also used as a means of inspiring people in their forties who obviously might be getting fed up with life despite all efforts to make progress in life.

So even if you are approaching middle age and have a lot of fears and what-ifs, the phrase “life begins at 40” is an assurance that as long as there is life, there is hope.


For You

It’s never too late to begin anything no matter how old you are. What matters is the will to do it and the determination to forge ahead with it and make the most of the time you have.

Even at 40, 50, 55, or even 60 you can make countless strides and achieve success with them. So take this as words of motivation to begin anything you want to. Act on them and put all your mind into it. Let nothing hold you back, not even your age.


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