10 Easy Shortcuts To Become The Person You Want To Be

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Authenticity today is seen by many as a tool for success. Some view it as a tool to achieve greatness, while others think it’s necessary to survive, live and thrive.

Either way, the question of how to become the person you want to be lives on the mind of many, and if left unanswered, it may breed feelings of pressure, worry, and lack of fulfillment.

In the quest to figure out how to become the person you want to be, you need to understand that the power to make this happen lies with you. When you let this sink, your journey towards discovering yourself becomes easier and the significant steps to take become clearer.

The bridge from who you are to who you want to be can be either short or long, complicated or uncomplicated; it depends on your decisions and plans as a person.

From visualizing your trajectory and bearing altogether to just adorning yourself with different characters of that person, the art of self-reinvention isn’t in any way easy, but neither is it difficult.

These tips explored below explains in clear ideas the most effective ways to become the person you want to be. So come with me as I take you through them.


1.  Discover And Explore Your Passion

We all have that one thing we’re passionate about, and we really enjoy doing. Finding this particular part of us may feel like a chore, but it’s not impossible.

It’s all about the ways you choose to find it. When you remember that this is instrumental in becoming who you want to be, it makes you access it more easily.

Your passion makes you fulfilled and happy, regardless of the different hurdles you come across in the process.

Note that exploring this passion too helps you discover your strengths and ways around navigating this quality.

So when you explore your passion, you give into utilizing different sides of you and, ultimately, tread on the path of becoming who you want to be.


2.  Magnify Your Strengths

We all have that thing that sets us apart from different people and makes us just unique. This is something that can be described as your strength.

For some, it’s their communication skills, sense of responsibility, or even their dedication. Others have a great personality, commanding aura, or work ethics.

Whatever these strengths might be, working on making them better is a good way to become who you want to be.

Magnifying your strengths helps you tackle different life situations better and also find your core as a person. When you identify your strengths and work on them better, you know ways around making decisions that’ll help you be a better person and, in all, become the person you want to be.


3.  Be Open To Viewing Alternative Perspectives

Not everyone has similar views. Knowing this helps you understand the different ways people think and how they’re as a person. This helps you also digest some of their life choices.

With this, you get a good chance of understanding yourself better too and digging in deeper on your life in relation to these opinions.

Viewing different perspectives from yours opens you to a world that might be different from the one you’ve known and gives you opportunities to explore this and find the ones that make you better as a person and even be a testament to their opinions.

With this, you learn and unlearn certain things and just find yourself becoming closer to that person you want to be.


4.  Carry Every Responsibility For Your Actions

Knowing that you’re fully responsible for any decision you make and every action that comes from it helps you shed your flaws, learn from your mistakes, and, most importantly, magnify your strengths.

This way, you learn certain qualities that are important in finding the person you want to become and working towards that goal.

In the end, these actions stem from your decisions and taking responsibility. No matter what shade they might come in teaches you so many things which are important in discovering key things about you. In all, all these build to help you answer the question of how to become who you want to be.


5.  Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Imagine you’re a baby bird who has always been raised in a nest all of its life. You’ve known nothing but seeing other birds fly, and you are sitting in that nest, enjoying food and comfort.

But a day comes, and you’re pushed from this place, and you see that your wings can actually move and ultimately find yourself flapping them in the air and doing what other birds are doing. Of course, this wouldn’t have been possible if the baby bird hadn’t been pushed down.

Moving out of your comfort zone helps you find things you never knew you had. You get a better chance of knowing your weaknesses and strengths, tackling strange situations, and finding people that’ll help you in different ways.

With this, there are immense opportunities for you to become who you want to be. Read more reasons here “5 Major Reasons Why You Must Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone” why you step out of your comfort zone.


6.  Invest And Improve Yourself

Taking life lessons, getting that skill you’ve always wanted, and putting your passion to work are ways to invest in yourself.

When you do this, you open yourself to more avenues and ways to explore life in all its entirety. You discover a variety of options to choose from just to improve your life too.

Investing in yourself gives room for you to improve yourself too, which is the road that leads to you becoming who you want to be.

Whether it’s that dream job, a state of mind, or seeing yourself in a place that fills you with joy, this is key in making it happen.


7.  Let Each Of Your Experiences Be Accompanied With Values

Values are important in marking the different experiences you have. Once this is settled, you naturally feel that person you will want to be getting closer to.

For experiences that warrant discipline and attention, do your best to let them have those values. You discover more things about yourself that way and improve in the process.

You also open doors for more interesting qualities in your life. All of which can help decipher who you are as a person and bridge the gap into who you want to be.


8.  Hold On To Positivity

To put your mind, body, and soul together, optimism is really instrumental. Holding on to positivity provides you with benefits like motivation, zeal, and confidence to pursue certain things important to your growth and improvement.

It can be easy to see negative things and let them just control you but understand that there’s always the other side too, and it’s a game-changer. Here’s something to explain this better: “I Am” Affirmations For Daily Motivation.”

Express gratitude, be kind to people, see the greatness you’ve churned out as a person. These help you see positivity as a tool to propel you towards greatness and to become that person you want to be.


9.  Take Care Of Yourself

A healthy body, mind, and soul is one that possesses the chance to see a better day and enjoy all it brings.

Remember that in your quest to improve yourself and fulfill the goal of becoming what you want to be, you can only achieve that if you’re fully yourself.

Find ways to nurture your body, mind, and soul with good food, exercise, rest, and nourishing activities. With this, you can work better and ultimately become who you want to be.


10.  Dig In Deeper Into Your Positive Traits And The Ones You Admire In Others

We all have those good qualities that make us stand out and those we look up to too in others. When you get into these better, you know the benefits they hold and work on making it better.

Traits you admire in people coupled with those in you really have the potential of taking you to another level and being an improved version of yourself.

When you dig deeper into your core and find your positive traits, you become present of your strengths, and when you find out the ones you admire in others, you also know what to work towards.

This way, it’s easier to find a place to work from. You also discover where to work towards. Becoming the person you want to be, feels easier this way.


What Is Your True Self?

This question is one that would have crossed your mind one too many times. As someone who wishes to become someone new, finding your true self is pretty fundamental.

The process of self-reinvention not only has this as a core but also builds from it. When you think about how to become the person you want to be, your true self turns into the fabric of the person you are sewn from.

Only when you find out your true self can you get the ultimate chance of building yourself into that desired person you have in mind. All of which brings the question, what is your true self?

Your true self involves a series of processes which is the seed of everything you embark on in life. The tree of your life stems from this place, and it defines different parts of you.

Being a beneficial and valuable person to people around us, our loved ones, family, and friends, requires this process.

Your true self is a journey where you find your value which leads you to know what you can offer as a person. This journey also assists you in ridding yourself of those qualities that do not help your life and helps you find out your core as a person.

In this light too, it also involves creating a blueprint for your idea of a new you. In other words, this process is one that helps you find out who you want to be and fulfill your unique destiny as a person.

Your true self also entails knowing your personal power, your strengths and recognizing your vulnerability in relation to your experiences.

Your true self isn’t something you avoid or beat yourself up about but an element of you that’s filled with compassion and curiosity to embrace different parts of you as a person.

When we discover the original parts of us, it’s safe to say that’s our true self. And knowing that this isn’t something that can happen helps us accept ourselves and work towards making our lives better. Your true self isn’t a destination but a journey characterized by little steps and revelations.

Humans aren’t a dying element but rather an evolving species whose experiences affect their perspectives. Knowing this, your true self becomes pretty vivid.

As we go on to the next section, we’ll be discussing beneficial steps on finding your true self below. This way, your true self becomes clearer as we go on, all of which is key to how to become who you want to be.


How Do You Become Who You Really Are?

As explained in the section above, your true self is important in finding out who you want to become, hence the question of how to become who you really are. Begin by asking yourself these three questions. Who are you? What do you want? What do you feel at the moment?

Remember an experience where you were in a setting where you felt your best, fulfilled, and without any pressure. Where what really mattered was just you, as a person.

A place where people’s expectations were far from you, and the society’s definition of different subjects didn’t apply to you. Ask yourself how you feel.

Picture yourself in a place where your feelings really mattered to you, and they didn’t occur without judgment. And you made connections with different people without feeling you had to compromise or even letting go of your needs.

Take note of how you felt at this moment. You must have felt really reassured, confident about how your values and your life felt connected.

With this event, it’s vivid to see at your core, given the right circumstances, you have a very great chance at becoming who you really are as a person.

Several steps buttress this reality and make it a possibility to be achieved. Here are a few:


1.  Tell Yourself How Unique You Are Everyday

When you motivate yourself daily about things that set you apart and make you unique, it helps you open up to several experiences that have the potential of making you dig into your core and journeying into who you really are.

Quite a lot of people have created walls that block them from exploring different parts of life. With this, they become pretty unaware of their emotions and thoughts.

By reminding yourself of your uniqueness, you become present to certain events that happen around you, which opens you to making active choices and helping you find ways to become your real self. Read on to find better powerful positive affirmations.


2.  Give Yourself Chances At Making Connections

Connections are important in finding crucial things about yourself, and who you really are is no exception.

When you open yourself up to connections in different places, you provide yourself with chances to immerse yourself in your core and find out its true meaning.

Making connections also helps you become aware of your thoughts and emotions as well as expressing them. All of these go on to discovering who you are in different ways.

3.  Free Yourself Of Any Pressure

We all deal with some form of pressure in one way or another. Most of which go on to cast a veil over who we truly are as a person.

The feeling to please someone or attain a particular goal is one that can fill you with so much pressure that might go on to hinder you from finding your true self.

Pressure makes you put on different masks and gives avenues for these sides you never knew to grow on you.

In order to become who you really are, you have to try and get rid of any form of pressure. Only when you do this will you be able to discover your true self, including your innate qualities and endearing attributes. To do this, you need to free yourself from things that add to your worries.

Try to change these parts of your life from situations that make you change into a different person, people that change your original view of things, and environments that make you uncomfortable.

As difficult as these might sound, it’s not impossible. Only when you do this can you become who you really are.


4.  Offer Support To People

Helping other people around you to achieve their dreams and who they want to be is also a good way to become who you really are.

When you feel someone needs your help and support to find their voice, offering a hand of support will help you discover different qualities in you that make you unique.

When you find the right people to help, they naturally bring out good traits in you, some of which you might never even know you had.

Heping people and offering support open a door that ushers in nothing but great things. First, you get to find your core as a person and see how far you’ve gone on your journey of becoming who you are.

To convince you further on why you should offer support to people, read this article that provides some “Positive Quotes About Helping Others.”


5.  Set Reminders On The Importance Of This Process

It’s easy to get distracted about who you really are, hence the need to remind yourself about the benefits of this process.

With this, you become more intentional about becoming who you are and conscious of your steps towards achieving it.

It might be just writing affirmations on sticky notes and pasting them around where you can see them or setting daily reminders on your phone.

These actions, as little as they may appear, help you become more focused on your life journey and grants you a greater chance of making the plans you’ve set for yourself a reality.

We have some of these positive affirmations on our Instagram page, which you might want to check out here.

Don’t be discouraged if you feel you’re not becoming that person. Remember that this process is more of a journey than a destination. What matters is your mindset.


How Do I Embrace My True Self?

In a world where we deal with a lot of pressure just to satisfy several needs, it can be hard to find our real self underneath all this chaos. Finding your true self has been discussed extensively above.

Now, the question quite a lot of people ask as a result of this is how to embrace their true selves. Individuality is pretty important and here are some good tips on how to embrace your genuine self.


1.  Note Your Affinities

Having gotten tips on how to find your true self, embracing it is pretty important too, and a great way to get on this is noting your affinities. When you know what you like about yourself, getting yourself in that space of who really is doesn’t feel so far.


2.  Point Out Your Life Bearing

Once you know where you’re going as a person, it becomes really uncomplicated to embrace your genuine self. You become more focused and get more chances to immerse yourself better in your true self.

With tools like a life compass which you can get here, this process becomes easier.


3.  Avoid Self-Comparison

Try not to compare yourself to people. It becomes difficult to hold onto who you really are when you do, not to talk about embracing it.

Instead, hold on to the things that set you apart, focus on them and make their key things to remember. This way, you get to embrace your true self better.


4.  Prioritize Self-care Activities

When you’re overwhelmed, you don’t get enough chances to connect with your true self. In a time where it’s important to unwind, it’s also a chance to embrace who you really are as a person.

You discover different lessons in self-care activities, all of which help you embrace your true self smoother.


5.  Clearly Voice Out Your Thoughts And Emotions In The Open

Learn not to bottle up your emotions. When you do, you don’t give room to seeing how this action will change you. Instead, be vivid in expressing yourself and your feelings.

This way, you open yourself to feeling other people’s reactions. You also learn different qualities which help you in the end, on learning to embrace your true self.


6.  Understand That You Don’t Have To Be Perfect

Perfection isn’t something you should strive at when you’re embracing your true self. You tend to lose certain qualities with this and try too hard at certain things.

A transformation worksheet is also helpful in discovering this better. Find one here to digest the fact that you don’t have to be perfect, and embracing your true self comes easier that way.

Other ways you can always explore includes:

  • Learn The Art Of Saying No
  • Limit Any Form Of Expectations From People
  • Try To Enjoy Life
  • Have Faith In Your Intuition.


How Can I Be The Best Version Of Myself?

Reading through all these sections, the best version of ourselves feels the ultimate goal, which is correct. After you make efforts to find yourself and the right steps to embrace this person you want to be, the final path feels like asking that final question, “how can I be the best version of myself?”

Here are some ways you can answer this final question. Feel free to dig in.

  • Create A Daily List Of Important Tasks
  • Learn To Show Up
  • Understand That You Define Your Own Best Version
  • Put Trust In People For Assistance
  • Celebrate Your Wins
  • Understand Failure As A Step Towards Success
  • Help Other People Achieve Their Goals
  • Make A Big Picture
  • Try To Take Lessons On A New Thing Daily
  • Practice Gratitude
  • Spend Time Around People That Motivate You
  • Build A Conducive Environment
  • Be Open To Exploring Different Ideas
  • Endeavor To Be Present In The Moment
  • Don’t Be Biased To Risks.



Journeying into the core of us, as people, can seem like an arduous journey, but when you know your ways around this and find the correct guide, it becomes less of a web and more of a loosening knot. It’s up to you to find what works best for you and stick to it.


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