20 Sunday Self-Care Routines You Need To Adopt Every Weekend

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What Does Self-Care Sunday Mean?

Self-care isn’t something uncommon to a lot of people. The different activities you can engage in to nourish your body, mind, and soul after an arduous period can be referred to as self-care.

Sunday is a day of the week, if not the perfect day most people have to engage in these activities. On the last day of the weekend, you get more time to yourself and, more importantly, a significant amount of time to go through your self-care routine.

On a day like this, you get the chance of not rushing through your self-care routine as there are less important tasks to handle.

Also, you get to go about these activities with little or no worries, which makes you get it done with your rapt attention.

Finally, note that just because it’s called Self-care Sunday doesn’t mean you have to make it happen on a Sunday — you can embark on these activities on any day that provides you with a significant amount of time to yourself.

With different points that’ll be explained extensively below, you can fully understand what Self-care Sunday means.


How Can I Make The Most Of Sundays?

Sundays are a day of the week that’s loaded with chances to rest and replenish our body and mind ahead of the tasking week, which is why we need to make the most of a day like this.

In addition, the benefits of self-care further explain why we should make the most of Sundays. From increased productivity, heightened mental state to a better sense of self, Sundays possess the chances to make these a possibility, all of which breeds the question, “how can I make the most of Sundays?”

To help you answer this question, here are several tips to shed more light on how you can make the most of Sundays.


1.  Don’t Be Too Anxious To Begin The Day

Sundays, to quite a lot of people, are days devoid of any strenuous work. So when you wake up in the morning, put it in mind that you can begin that day at your pace without any form of anxiety or pressure.

This way, you can get on with several activities because you’re assured the day is in your hands.

So in other to make the most of your Sunday, start the day at your own time. Take all the time you need. Free yourself of any form of anxiety to begin the day.

With your mind set out to engage in anything you plan to do without any form of boundaries, nothing holds you back from making the most of your Sunday, and you do it with all your heart.


2.  Plan Out Your Schedule For The Week

For most people, there’s a chance there’s a whole week filled with a lot of activities to do. So another way to make the most of your Sunday is using it to plan out your schedule for the week.

Sundays come with a calm mind and a sense of focus that helps you create activities for the week that will add to your success and productivity.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the benefits of planning a schedule, but if you don’t know, don’t fret; check it out here “How To Plan Your Day For Optimal Productivity.”

By planning your schedule for the week, you set yourself for a great week ahead and go around your Sunday activities rest assured, you’ve got the coming week covered.


3.  Give Your Body Some Action

There’s some probability you’ll miss chances to work out or get some exercises done during the week. So Sunday is a great time to get on these activities by making your body fitter through some soft, beneficial exercises.

By soft exercises, you could take a walk, do some light jogging, do some yoga, walk a bit on the treadmill, or just stretch your body. What counts is making the most of Sunday as an opportunity to put your body in an active state.


4.  Engage In Self-Care Activities

There’s a reason behind Sunday being seen as the standard for self-care. On a day where you have less to worry about and little or no important activities to embark upon, it’s easy for you to engage in some self-care activities.

The importance of self-care activities can’t be overemphasized, and you can read about them here, “9 Life-Changing Impact Of Making Time For Yourself.”

So in order to make the most of Sundays, be it polishing your nails, treating yourself to a nice meal or reading a book and just watching some movie you’ve wanted to see, try and just get on some activities that help you feel relaxed yet entertained and also nourishing your mind well enough to start a new week.


5.  Get As Much Chores Done As Possible

From doing as much laundry as possible, organizing your closet, watering your plants, and arranging your dishes, get as many chores done as possible in order to make the most of your Sunday.

You might not get chances to get some important chores during the week, so it’s important to do as many chores as you can do on a free day like Sunday.

This even helps you prepare better for the week ahead and face it with a clear and fulfilled mind. Chores are a great therapeutic activity for some, so if that’s you, make the most of it.

With all these, your Sunday ends with a sense of assurance and achievement, which means making the most of it.


6.  Make Some Time To Work On A Passion Project

Some have that knitted project they’re in the process of making, while others have that unfinished painting that hasn’t been finished. You can get some of them done on a Sunday with a free and clear mind.

It could be challenging to create time for personal projects with the hustle and bustle characterizing a typical work week.

With Sundays, however, you can embark on these passion projects that help you relax while filling your mind with a sense of fulfillment.


7.  Spend Some Time Outdoors

Being outdoors can be a lovely feeling. Go to a public place, a park, a playground, or somewhere you can appreciate different things and get to view different experiences.

You can even walk your pet, that’s if you have one or have a conversation with a friend. You also plan a date with someone close to you or just treat yourself to a nice place. All of these just fill you up with experiences you might have missed during the week.

This activity also helps you reflect as a person, which benefits are boundless and super helpful. Furthermore, it helps you enjoy your Sunday convinced you to make the most of it.


8.  Enjoy A Good Amount Of Family Time

Family is a vital element in different aspects of our life. These people related to us provide us with some of the best affection, support, and care.

This is why it is beneficial to spend some time with them. Several activities during the week might take you away from them, but on Sunday, you can catch up on them.

Do your best to savor a significant amount of family time. This way, you’re reminded once again of these amazing people around you, and you take that spirit to engage in the coming activities during the week.

When you feel this sense of support, you also enjoy yourself with them and make beautiful memories.


9.  Declutter And Organize

Sunday is also a perfect opportunity for you to fulfill chores like arranging your clothes, sorting out your dishes, and even dusting out some places in the house, to mention a few; tasks you may have found difficult to complete during a busy work week.

You can also organize your laundry back in your closet and go about more intentionally and this time, with a conscious plan to prepare for a tasking week. You can also arrange other spaces in the house and organize them to ease the coming week.

To end your Sunday in this regard, you can also plan your outfits for the week with respect to the coming weather, your mood, and your comfort too.

You’ll be surprised by how much time outfit planning can really help you save some time the following day. All of these are ways you can make the most of your Sunday.


10.  Replenish Your Dietary Needs

You can also make the most of your Sunday by taking a considerable amount of time to clear out your fridge and check out what you have and what you don’t.

This way, too, you can get to throw out expired, rotten or bad foodstuffs you might not even know were in that state.

When you’ve had your fridge cleaned and cleared, you get to make an intentional list of things you need to purchase, restock and even make a cycle of groceries for this process.

Meal preparations and also replacing the foodstuffs in your fridge go together too. Do your best to make a list of the meals you plan to have throughout the week and buy your groceries in this manner.

All of these help you survive and thrive through the coming week and, more importantly, give your experiences to make the most of your Sunday.


Sunday Self-care Checklist

Being busy is a feeling a lot of us get from a lot of experiences. And we become so overwhelmed by this feeling that we lose track of time to pay attention to what we need. Burnout really happens, and it’s the more reason you need to give yourself different self-care moments.

Self-care Sundays are absolutely needed for your body and mind to be replenished, refuel, and recharged. This is the reason you should have a checklist.

Routines are really important to make this day a success and a repeated activity. And this is possible with the help of a checklist. And here are 20 things you should have on them.


1.  Engage In Reflection By Journaling

Reflection is a habit that, when practiced from time to time, can affect changes in different aspects of our life.

From clearing your mind, allowing you to think deeply or some certain issues to giving your mind a sense of ease, it’s a practice that has proven to be a great one. You can make this happen with different activities and be a part of your Sunday self-care checklist.

Apart from meditation, another efficient way to reflect is by journaling. When you write out several thoughts, ideas, and even feelings you’ve had for a while, you create a chance for you to dissect them more vividly properly.

Writing out these thoughts, too, helps you see how far you’ve gone and possible ways to achieve your goals faster.

You travel into a deeper place in you and discover new things to several sides of you. All of which are fostered by keeping a journal. Here are ways you can make the most of this practice. “The Best Ways To Use Your Journal For Self-Care.”


2.  Practice Gratitude

Be sure also to include practicing gratitude in your Sunday self-care checklist. Be it tending to your flowers or arranging a good conversation with your loved ones, learn to always tilt back to gratitude as the center.

Being grateful helps you see the value in certain things you have and understand that they should be held in a special place.

Practicing gratitude not only opens your eyes to the simple yet precious things around you and gives you a reason to engage in them more.

You also find a solid reason to delve into more activities that will help you be grateful for your existence and the presence of different elements around you.


3.  Work On Meditating/Mindfulness

In your Sunday self-care checklist, include working on meditation too. Meditating helps you channel mindfulness which goes on to open doors of other benefits for you.

When you work on meditation from time to time, you delve into different sides of yourself that assist you in being active and present in several situations you find yourself in.

By putting working on meditation on this checklist, you practice a lot of other activities that are of immense benefit to you. You also make it a habit in which you will be working on from time to time.

Working on meditation helps you reflect and gives room for you to consider other things that should be added to your checklist.


4.  Visualize Your Dream Life And Be Happy About It

Thinking about and visualizing mental images of your dream life makes your Sunday self-care checklist easier to work on.

In addition, you get to mentally sort through areas you may need to improve upon and steps you may need to take to achieve greater productivity and personal happiness.

Being happy about the dream life you’ve visualized for yourself paves the way for you to approach different parts of your life positively.

In addition, you get to plan your self-care checklist with an intentional and conscious thought necessary to achieve this dream life you’ve visualized.


5.  Take A Soothing Bath

Baths have been proven to be a great way to relax and just relieve yourself of tension and stress. Therefore, taking a refreshing bath is something that should be included on your Sunday Self-care checklist.

By taking a bath, you put your body on a clean slate and convince your mind enough to calm your entirety.

Baths also give room for your body to be moisturized and even nourished, with several things you can include in your bathing condiments. Please remember that this is important for you to destress and relax after an exhausting week.


6.  Nourish Yourself With A Healthy Meal

The importance of feeding yourself a healthy diet cannot be overemphasized. However, you might not get the chance to nourish yourself with nutritious meals during the week.

Including this on your Sunday Self-care checklist is a perfect way to fill your body with nutrients needed to improve your health in different aspects.

When you include a plethora of nutritious meals to enjoy on this checklist, you get to work towards making them a possibility on Sunday and prepare them for yourself too.

It’s easier for you to get on other tasks when you have a nourished body and mind. So note that your Sunday Self-care checklist isn’t complete with ticking this off.


7.  Change Your Sheets, Declutter, And Organize

When you free your space of dirt, change different things like your sheets and unnecessary objects by decluttering and organizing, you give room for a conducive and comfortable environment around you.

This is also important as it will help you go about other self-care activities with little or no worries of hindrances.

These activities also promote a consistent habit of cleanliness. With these, you become adequately prepared to engage in your planned self-care activities with a mind that’s put together. Your Sunday self-care checklist becomes more achievable when you do this.


8.  Consume Positive/Inspirational Content

This includes podcasts or reading. Use this opportunity you have for your self-care on Sunday to consume contents that are beneficial for your growth as a person.

Read a good book, watch inspirational shows or even listen to podcasts that are laded with content that’ll help you find purpose and increase your optimism.

Some of these podcasts can be a bit hard to find but check for suggestions here “The Best Personal Development Podcasts” to find anyone you need to inspire and fill yourself with content that will help you in several ways. Include this on your Sunday self-care checklist, and be sure to tick it off too.


9.  Relax

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be productive. Sunday is your day to recharge and relax!

Perfection as a standard can drain you as a person. Don’t put yourself under too much pressure to provide results.

You can free yourself of this burden on Sunday to help you get back to these activities with a refreshed mind. Recharge and relax on this day with several activities.


10.  Treat Yourself

Visit a nice restaurant, indulge yourself in diverse activities that you might be opportune to do during the week.

Of course, it’s OK to give yourself a treat too. Doing this will help your mind to get accustomed to the fact that you deserve to reward yourself in any way after you’ve worked so hard.

You’ll also be motivated to do more, knowing there’s a personal reward you give yourself after any accomplishment.


11.  Get On Some Fun Activities For The Day

Who says you can’t have fun on Sundays? Work on different ideas to make this day fun for you.

With a coming week that might fill you up with commitments, making the most of your Sunday to engage in activities that would entertain you and help you be free again.


12.  Feed Your Body With A Good Nap

Get a very good sleep too. Be sure to get a very long nap that’ll leave you waking up feeling good and refreshed.

Adding this to your Sunday Self-care checklist will remind you despite any activities you might find yourself doing on that day.


13.  Practice Some Self-Love Affirmations

Affirmations take you back to reasons why you should do certain things and fill you with self-motivation to going ahead to making it happen.

Self-love affirmations help you understand you hold the key to core parts of your only life and inspire you to free yourself of any pressure, which is important for self-care.

Check out some of these affirmations on our Instagram page here and remember to practice and include them on your checklist.


Other things you shouldn’t miss on your Sunday Self-care checklist are:

14.  Plan Something Good For Your Loved Ones


15.  Give Back


16.  Indulge In A Social Media Detox


17.  Soak In The Sun/Talk A Walk


18.  Make A List Of Goals For Your Upcoming Week


19.  Connect With Your Loved Ones


20.  Spend Some Time By Yourself

All these help you fulfill the maximum benefits immersed in a Self-care Sunday, which are guaranteed to help you in diverse ways.



How To Create Your Own Ultimate Sunday Self-Care Routine

Like several things we do in our daily lives, the way we go about self-care differs from person to person due to several factors.

This connotes that there’s no universal way to practice self-care. Self-care translates to different things to everyone, so there’s no general approach to practicing it.

It is important to gain clarity on matters like your schedule, personal preferences, and life choices. These factors help you create the perfect Sunday self-care routine that would provide the maximum benefit you desire.

Either way, no matter how different everyone might seem, here are 5 proven ways that’ll help you figure out your own ultimate Sunday self-care routine.

1.  Look For Things That Makes You Feel Naturally Good

2.  Find Ways On Infusing Them Into Your Daily Life

3.  Make Intentional Objectives To Keep You In Check

4.  Examine The Effects Of Your Routine After A Known period

5.  Alter And Mould Your Routine With Time

When you learn to balance your life in its different parts, you assure yourself of more excellent chances to find success.

Knowing that self-care is essential and creating a self-care routine that you can stick to without hitches is a great way to achieve this balance.


For You

Self-care isn’t selfish, neither is it complicated. It’s all about your mindset. So be it Sunday or another day you dedicate to give yourself some good loving, what matters is making the most of this to take you through draining experiences and, more importantly, creating a consistent habit out of it.

Remember that you’re the only one responsible for making the right decisions and going through with the actions they birth at the end of the day.


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