The Best Selection Of Motivational Podcasts To Listen To

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best personal development podcasts 2020

“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.” ~Coral Burnett

Sometimes, all we need to hear is the story of how someone succeeded in their pursuit of success to get our own success story kick-started, and that is exactly why I do what I do. I hope my stories motivate my readers and help them become better. I have learned that motivation can be drawn from the stories of others.

Through many interviews, great people like Oprah Winfrey, Kanye West and many more tell stories of how they had to go through a lot before reaching the heights they are at the moment. And one of the best ways to get access to these interviews is by listening to uplifting and inspirational podcasts.

Until recently, I wasn’t a podcast lover. But I have figured that listening to some podcasts can help get past some stages in life. Let’s talk a bit about motivation. To succeed in anything in life, your mindset and motivation matter a lot. Essentially, your motivation is the reason for doing something. As humans, we draw our motivations from various sources.

For some, it’s the result or outcome of what they are aiming to achieve while for others, it may just be the newspaper they see on the street on their way back from work or the words that floated into their ears from the speakers of the radio set.

Whatever one’s motivation is, one thing remains constant, maintaining a motivated spirit is necessary if you have intentions of reaching greater heights in the journey of your life.

Life has its way of wearing one out. Daily, we get to face situations and people that kill the natural motivator in us. And so, we seek motivation from the outside, and one of the best ways of getting serious motivation is to listen to motivational podcasts.

the mindset and motivation podcast

Motivational podcasts help me recharge my spirit, beautify my mood and become a better version of myself. Remember, you are what you allow into you. If you allow content that screams pessimism, discouragement, and inadequacy into your life, you are granting access to negative energies capable of hindering your progress. If you follow me on Instagram, you will be acquainted with the motivational podcast episode that has blessed me inwardly and can be of great value to you as well. 

How often do you filter what you listen to? How often do you assess yourself in line with where you draw your motivation from? If you do not have the culture of doing this, then you should probably take some time out and have a re-think.

I started listening to podcasts at a time when I needed to fire up my spirit for getting some of my goals achieved. I would write my goals in a journal and realize that the motivation to make them a reality was gone. I figured that I needed to sincerely get a way of motivating myself and that was how the idea of podcasts came into reality. I listen to them a lot.

Personally, there are two ways I deal with the mental drought that comes with my line of work – blogging. One of them is journaling. I journal just as much as I listen to podcasts, if not more. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to pen down some of the beautiful and not-so-beautiful thoughts that come to your mind when you are mentally dry.

In many of my self-development articles, I have strongly recommended journaling and just to mention here, I am currently taking a step to help you journal better by launching my self-improvement journal.

The journal will be launched Fall this year and I sincerely hope my readers are as excited as I am. You can register for our waitlist (kindly scroll to the bottom of the post to get access to the waitlist) which means you’ll get notified first and receive an exclusive discount once it’s launched. It is going to be a limited edition so our fastest illuminators get this life-changing product directly.

The other way I deal with mental drought is by listening to motivational podcasts. For some reason, they tend to help me through those “dry” moments. Motivational podcasts are great ways of getting yourself out of the rut of mediocrity you might be in right now.

I have been in really terrible situations in the past and I try to always get myself motivated and inspired by listening to some of the podcasts I will be talking about in the next few paragraphs.

Here is my suggestion of some of the best motivational podcasts for 2020 that you can listen to in your dry moments. Don’t forget to check out an article I wrote earlier on the best personal development podcasts 2020 here.

Grab a cup of coffee and let’s ride…

inspirational podcast


1.  Tony Robbins

First on the is the Tony Robbins’ podcasts. Tony Robbins is a bit popular with his motivational podcasts. He’s been doing the podcasts for a very long time and has touched the lives of millions through them.

His podcasts give you access to some of his proven strategies to getting to the top in your field. His podcasts, usually done in an interview style, cover a wide range of topics.

If you are looking to get motivated about your career or looking for great tips on how to build a bigger business or deepen your interpersonal relationships, then Tony is definitely your guy.

His podcasts offer great advice on these fields and would definitely give you a start if you are having a dampened spirit right now and I strongly believe that it is one of the best motivational podcasts out there.

My favorite episode: “how to future proof your career” and you can listen to it here.


2.  The School Of Greatness

Another one my list for the best motivational podcasts is The School of Greatness. The school of greatness is a podcast by Lewis Howes- an established author and columnist, Ohio. In his podcasts, he interviews amazing and successful people from various fields who share tips on how to be successful as well.

If you are looking to get relevant opinions and expert thoughts from professionals in your fields, this is the best podcast to listen to. Also, if you have awesome business ideas and you are looking to get tips on how to start, you should check out the school of greatness. Each podcast is usually about one hour long but trust me, you’d have a great time.

The school of greatness is very resourceful. From each episode, you can take one or more life lessons from his discussions with brilliant minds apart form the audio version of the podcasts, you will also access the video version of them.

My love for this podcast grew after listening to my favorite episode (check the link below). That particular episode made the realize the need for service and focusing on others.

While starting the AFAMUCHE BLOG, I was a bit too focused on myself and refused to see things from the angle of others. The episode made me see the need to reinvent myself in that regard and with much effort, I am better now.

My favorite episode: “The Joy of Service” and you can listen to it here.


3.  Happier

Happier is an educative/motivational podcast owned by Gretchen Rubin. She is an award-winning podcaster with an awesome personality. With her younger sister Elizabeth who doubles as her co-host, she talks about ideas and tips for making your life happier. Together, they offer simple happiness hacks, resolve complex issues about happiness, discuss stumbling blocks and many more!

On a personal note, I love the lively vibe that comes with their podcasts. You should listen to my favorite episode (link below, to get what I am talking about). After a listen, you’d agree with me that this is definitely one of the best motivational podcasts out there.

My favorite episode: “Very Special Episode about the body with a talk with Jake Knapp about Focus” and you can listen to it here.


4.  No More Excuses: Monday Motivation

A large percentage of the population in the United states dreads Monday mornings. It is almost a normal thing, especially if you are “a creative” like me who only takes breaks during weekends and wishes the break doesn’t end. Sandi Ballard, the host of No More Excuses, gives no-nonsense tips that aim to motivate her listeners in preparation for the week ahead.

Her tips motivate her listeners to be accountable for their goals and growth and start living their lives to the fullest. Her direct tips for listeners help them to focus on their priorities in various facets. They learn how to change their mindsets to become successful. No More Excuses is definitely one of the best motivational podcasts too.

My favorite episode: “Choose it. Live it” and you can listen to it here.


5.  Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life

Many of us are looking forward to having meaningful lives. For some of us, the job we currently have seems like a dead-end job and we keep wondering if there is ever going to be a way forward. That is exactly what Francine Beleyi targets with her amazing podcasts.

Each episode of her podcast is meant to push you into finding meaning in your personal life and career. Her podcasts make use of the interview style and in the interviews, she speaks to other motivational speakers, entrepreneurs, authors, and other professionals.

As humans, it is almost normal to sometimes get tired of work and just wish to have really long breaks. But then if we continue to have breaks and not work, when and how will our goals be achieved? This is why a podcast like Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life is very pertinent.

With great tips from Beleyi, you should be able to get enough motivation to kick-start your week. After listening to meaningful work, meaningful life by Francine Beleyi, you are sure to get your inner spark re-ignited. This podcast is also one of the best motivational podcasts on Spotify.

My favorite episode: “The power of narrative: Owning your own story” and you can listen to it here.


6.  Design Your Dream Life

best motivational podcasts on spotify

Owned by Natalie Bacon, the podcast teaches you on the steps to take in developing a positive mindset. Simply put, she believes you can get whatever you set your mind on getting and spreads her messages through the podcasts.

She helps thousands of women to find their passion, struggle less, make more money, increase their self-confidence, build online businesses, and strengthen relationships. Her podcasts ooze of possibilities and positivity.

If you’re worried about the challenges you’d face starting a business, getting another degree or any other goal, then you should listen to Design Your Dream Life. My favorite episode (link below) made me see the need to be intentional about my relationships with everything.

I had a culture of being carefree with the way I dealt with people and things and I know there are people out there who probably have the same problem too. I think they all need to listen to Natalie. Her podcasts helped me deal with the most important areas of my life.

The discussions from the podcasts are typically broad and personal, with topics ranging from managing your future to building online businesses and more. Natalie has a large coverage which makes her podcasts invaluable to anyone that has access to them.

Natalie is an ideologue of the philosophy that you’re worth whatever you wish to be and you can achieve anything if only you believe and work toward it and she preaches this gospel through her podcasts. I strongly recommend this podcast to everyone.

My favorite episode: “What would they say about you?” and you can listen to it here.


These uplifting and personal development podcasts have been carefully selected to help you deal with some of the issues you might be dealing with regarding motivation. If you’re lacking the requisite motivation to go after your dreams and kill your goals, then you should most definitely check them out.

So, tell me, have you listened to any of these? What did you learn? Is there any podcast you think should be on my list of the best motivational podcasts that haven’t been named? Drop your comments, questions, and reactions in the comments section. I’ll be pleased to read them and respond!


For You:

Hey there! Thanks for reading up to this point. Quick one, as a way of motivating my readers to become better versions of themselves, I will be launching my journal come Fall this year! I can’t wait to share it with you and I sincerely hope that it encourages someone out there.

Life isn’t supposed to be lived by accident. For the rest of this year, ensure that you live your life on purpose. Do not give room for excuses. Stay glued to my blog for more self-development articles. You are sure to always get the best. From me to you, love and miracles.


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