10 Savvy And Simple Ways To Overcome Laziness

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In our world today, people face a good number of habitual challenges in the process of growth. Challenges like indiscipline and inconsistency are just a few out of the many numbers. One of such challenges happens to be Laziness. Research has shown that 80% of the world’s population struggles with laziness.


Can A Lazy Person Change?

With consistent and determined efforts, anyone can break out of laziness. I have written a more detailed post explaining this and stating if a lazy person can succeed in life.

Now, if you happen to be part of that 80% then you might also wonder,


What Is The Main Cause Of Laziness?

Laziness does not have a specific causative agent as it can be caused by numerous factors such as;

  • Poor and unhealthy mindsets.
  • Temperamental influence.
  • Mental health disorders and stress. e.t.c

Here’s an interesting fact! Do you know that scientists have revealed that laziness can be caused by genetic factors? Since the dopamine in your brain is linked to physical activity, there’s a kind of mutation in the gene that controls the proteins for the dopamine receptors in your brain. That mutation can make you lazier.

You must also keep in mind that everyone gets lazy once in a while. It becomes a problem when it gets consistent!


Is There A Cure For Laziness?

There is a cure to laziness! However, the cure to laziness isn’t a drug that’s going to turn you into a hardworking person after use. No! The cure to laziness lies in the consistent practice of certain steps which I am going to show you in this article. Don’t hesitate to dig in!

How to stop being lazy and unmotivated



1.  Accept First That You’re Lazy

A lot of people walking around the streets do not even have the slightest idea that they are lazy. How do I know if am lazy? Here’s an easy way to find out.

Once you discover that you’re an acute procrastinator, then you are lazy! Why? Because most lazy people are terrible procrastinators hence the reason why they never seem to get the job done.

Now, if you want to know how to stop being lazy, you’re going to need to accept the fact that you’re lazy. Knowing that fact isn’t enough. Accepting that reality is where the journey begins.

Accepting your present predicament doesn’t mean you’ve chosen to do nothing about it. No! It means that you’ve accessed and accepted the present reality so that you can begin the process of breaking out of it!

You can’t just get up on a sunny day and decide to stop being lazy! You are most likely to suffer defeat at your very first attempt to break out of laziness if you start that way.

It’s a process, one that will help you maximize your abilities and help you become more productive. Coming into acceptance with that fact will prepare your mind for the next phase of becoming more productive.

Here’s what I’m trying to say. Are you lazy? Yes. Are you going to fold your arms and lie in bed all day? No! Are you going to do something about it? Yes!.

The earlier you learn to accept that everyone gets lazy and that includes you, the easier it is to come out of it.



2.  Take Advantage Of Emotional Highs

What is the main cause of laziness?

Is lack of motivation, laziness? No. However, it can become a reason why you become lazy.

We all have moments when we get all hyped up and energized. During moments like that, we feel motivated to get to do several things and even enjoy them.

If you’re a lazy person who’s interested in becoming more efficient in the things you do, then you must learn to take advantage of those spontaneous moments of energy.

Like it or not, those moments when we experience a burst of motivation, ideas, creativity, and energy are usually short. They do not last. If you learn to harness and make the best use of those moments, you can get a lot done within a short period.

You see, I am a content creator and freelance writer and on some days, doing my job can be such a boring chore. One thing I have learned to do is taking the best advantage of my creative/ emotional highs.

Writing becomes so much easier because when I experience such, my mind enters this overdrive mode and so getting inspired becomes easy. So after experiencing creative/emotional highs, most of my resultant writings are usually very creative and amazing. Most of my favorite and most impressive works are created during those moments.

One of the many advantages of making the best use of emotional highs is that at a point, you’ll get so used to getting things done that you might not need them to handle your responsibilities.

So here’s another step that you can take to learn how to stop being lazy. Take advantage of moments when you feel happy and motivated. It makes working much more pleasurable.


3.  Get Access To Materials That Will Change Your Mindset

how can I stop being lazy

This is one key that has been very helpful to me on a personal level. I’m sure that you must be aware that every lazy person is a consistent procrastinator.

When I discovered the relationship between the two, I went on a research rampage. I devoured every helpful information I could find on the web. One of the causative factors of laziness is a poor or wrong mindset to work and labor.

Those mindsets make you hate working hence you tend to avoid any task that seems to be demanding and overwhelming.

Hence the way to dealing with laziness, in this case, is to alter those mindsets, and the best way I know is by learning! The amazing fact is that the internet is filled with materials that can teach you how to stop being lazy. Everything from podcasts, audiobooks to videos on Tedx and YouTube are all available for your consumption.

We have compiled some of the best personal development podcasts, self-improvement books, and TED talks that will radically improve your life and motivate you to take the right action to change your life.

With the availability of abundant materials like that, anyone can learn how to stop being lazy. Knowledge will always be power. The more information you’re consistently exposed to, the more capable you become of handling responsibilities.

Exposing yourself to large amounts of information will no doubt begin the process of becoming more productive. It will take a while but with time and consistency, you can change those poor mindsets that are making you lazy.

Do you want to learn how to stop being lazy? here’s what you can do. Go online and search for different materials on the subject of laziness, productivity, and even discipline.

You can also find help with our transformational worksheets that can help you improve daily. Click here to access it.

Devour those materials consistently and your mind is sure to be rid of those negative mindsets in no time!



4.  Set Realistic Goals

One of the reasons why people tend to become lazy is because most times they are unrealistic about their expectations and targets.

How do you intend to accomplish a hundred things in just 24 hours and not expect to get overwhelmed? That’s just not done.

One of the reasons why you keep avoiding those tasks is because your brain sees them as boring and overwhelming activities.

You know your strengths and weaknesses. Being realistic about your goals as well as your strength and weakness does not make you lazy and unproductive. It only means you’re wise enough to know your capacity and stamina.

Hence do not set a long list of very demanding tasks especially when you happen to be as lazy as I am. You’re bound to get burnt out if you do so.
Learn to create and set smaller goals or better still, break the major goals into smaller and achievable goals.

You know what? I’ll share a short experience. Once I set a goal for myself that I’d make a stipulated amount of money within a month. Then, I had few skills and no job.

To cut the long story short, I didn’t even make up to 2% of the stipulated amount. Of course, I felt terrible and I began to doubt my competence and relevance. However, months later I realized how foolish I was for attempting that.

I was a consistent procrastinator, I did not have a job and the skills I had, I did not have mastery that was valuable enough for me to make that amount of money. In other words, my goal was very unrealistic.

Here’s what I did. I broke that same amount into weekly sums. It became easier to put in the demanded efforts to achieve those smaller goals and I became motivated with each win.

If you want to know how to stop being lazy, then this is a principle that you need to imbibe as a habit.

So, compile simple and achievable goals with deadlines. Make sure that you have what it takes to be able to achieve those goals. Be sure to also make those goals challenging enough to motivate you.



5.  Find A Way To Make Working Fun

Is there a cure for laziness? Yes and this happens to be one of them! I use this key every day and I always get results. There are days when I do not feel like doing anything at all.

On days like that, I motivate myself by doing a lot of things. Some of which include listening to good music and eating. For example, my busiest days are Saturdays and Mondays. I do laundry and a couple of house chores on Saturday and work on Monday.

For Saturday, I use certain methods to make work fun for me. One of the many methods is music. I am an addicted lover of music so to make my tasks more enjoyable, I vibe to songs while I work.

Imagine a picture of you doing that chore you hate most while listening to music? Beautiful isn’t it? That’s exactly what I do. Sometimes I find a way to engage myself while I work.

The more pleasurable you make work become, the more quantity of output you can generate. Remember that it becomes easier to do something when you enjoy doing it. At that point, the work becomes its motivation. You won’t even need to listen to the encouragement of motivational speakers.

Another way I make working fun is by eating. Hilarious, I know but it works for me. I do most of my online work at night and most times I usually have snacks by my side.

So while I am writing, working, or creating content, my mouth also gets to have some fun too. Most times I usually finish all I need to do before my deadline because it becomes so much fun!

If there’s another effective way that will show you how to stop being lazy, it’s this one! Find simple ways you can make work fun! It makes what you’re doing more enjoyable. Your brain tends to reject activities that are not fun. Make work interesting and your brain will follow suit!



6.  Use Self-Improvement Apps

How to stop being lazy? Here’s a great way to solve that problem.
You might find it amazing how much using certain apps can help you deal with laziness. The last three months of my life are a testimonial of how helpful self-improvement apps can be.

The beautiful thing is that there are a variety of such apps available on the internet, most of which can be accessed for free. Taking advantage of the availability of such apps can help you get your tasks done faster and also make working easier.

I’ve used tons of apps ranging from Goal map which helped me set achievable goals to apps like 21 days which helped me create habits for boosting my productivity.

If you want to know how to stop being lazy, you need to begin to take advantage of the availability of apps like this. Why? Because apps like that come with amazing features like reminders and even journals that help you document your experience.

Now, I’ve never used an app that dealt with laziness directly however one of such apps helped me deal with a cousin of laziness, procrastination.

Before I began using the app (Intellect), I was a daily procrastinator and although I didn’t like it, getting rid of the habit was a bit of a challenge.

The app guided me through a series of six sessions that changed my idealogy about procrastination. I used to feel very guilty whenever I could not get things done because of procrastination.

That app made me realize that the reason I did that was because of certain belief systems. The app helped me get rid of those mindsets and also created a plan for dealing with them.

By the time I was done using the app, I became a lot more effective and productive. Perhaps one of the possible reasons for your laziness is because you do things the old conventional way.

You can go online and even watch or read reviews on some of those apps that can help you deal with laziness. Ensure that you get an app that can help you get rid of laziness. You can also learn more about self-improvement apps that you can use by checking out the article, “self-improvement apps that will change your life forever,” on the blog.

Here’s another step that can show you how to stop being lazy. Use and take advantage of self-improvement apps that you can find on the internet. Most of those apps are free and easy to use so you can use them to deal with habits like laziness.


7.  Create An Action Plan And Make Use Of To- Do Lists

How to get rid of laziness

If you want to know how to overcome laziness then this is one principle you’re going to have to imbibe in your daily activities. Creating an action plan or a comprehensive to-do list goes a long way in helping you deal with laziness.

It gives you a mental picture of the tasks and responsibilities you have to take care of. I do this every day and it aids my efficiency and prevents me from forgetting. There are even applications like Google tasks that are built specifically to help you create a simple to-do list.

One mistake you must not make, however, is making your to-do list bulky and filled up with overwhelming tasks. Like it or not, you’re most likely to get discouraged and unmotivated when you find yourself staring at a long list of chores and work! You can break those tasks into smaller lists to make the job easier.

Creating a to-do list also makes you familiar with your weekly or daily tasks and keeps you mentally prepared to handle your day and week. So, you can get a notepad and write down your daily or weekly tasks.

Make the list as simple and detailed as possible. Ensure that only important tasks fall into that list so that you can take that list seriously! To spice things up, you can add deadlines and even set reminders on your mobile phone. You’re sure to break out of laziness if you do this consistently! I have outlined an article on the several kinds of the list you can create to get organized and prevent disorganization.


8.  Create A Reward System For Your Achieved Tasks

Why have I turned so lazy? Here’s a good reason why. A lack of motivation or enthusiasm can influence or play a role in making a person lazy.

However, there are ways to beat being unmotivation or boredom. One of such ways is by creating a reward system for your achieved tasks. Remember when I said your brain naturally does not get motivated to do challenging and overwhelming activities? A great way to cheat that reality is to make getting the job done, an attractive offer.

To show you how powerful this technique is, pet trainers especially use this method to teach dogs how to perform tricks and to carry out instructions. For every act of obedience to an instruction from its trainer, the dog is rewarded with a treat, (food).

The dog automatically begins to see obedience to instructions as a pleasant situation. So, the dog’s brain begins to expect a treat after obedience to each instruction.

The advantages of doing this are quite helpful. It keeps you motivated and helps to make work a more pleasant and satisfying experience.

If you want to learn how to stop being lazy then make this a lifestyle!
Rewarding yourself for your little wins after each successful task has a way of you stay motivated. When you practice this often, you get encouraged to get more done in less time.

I usually do this at my convenience. Whenever I have a big job to do, I get myself a treat and then place it a few meters away from me and begin to work. Anytime I begin to feel tired or discouraged, I simply take a look at the treat.

The soothing reminder that I could eat that treat after getting the job done always gets me motivated to finish it up! I know right, that’s a weird way to do it but it works for me every time.

For you, it might be a gaming session or even hanging out. So, here’s another step that can show you how to stop being lazy. After making your to-do lists or setting goals, you should place rewards at the end of each task.

Ensure that you always make the rewards something that you enjoy a lot. You’re bound to get more productive as you indulge in this practice more often.


9.  Learn To Relax And Schedule Proper Breaks Into Your Routine

Several times, people have met me with questions like, “how to stop being lazy?” I have found out from experience that learning to relax and rest can be a good way to deal with that.

Sometimes in our bid to become more productive, we tend to take things a little too extreme. I had this habit of overworking myself because I had a constant fear of being lazy and not doing enough.

A lot of us do not know that the reason why we become lazy is because of simple factors like mental exhaustion or mental illnesses. The fact that we don’t even take them seriously makes it worse.

The beauty of being efficient and productive is in the place of balance. Knowing when to work and when to rest. If you keep working all the time, your brain is going to take work as an unpleasant activity. Soon enough, you’ll begin to procrastinate, and then before you know it, you’re back to being lazy.

In case you do not know, taking short breaks makes it easier for you to give your best while working. I do it every day! While I work, I take short and consistent breaks especially when I get overwhelmed.

For example, I play video games while I work sometimes even watch movies. It gives your brain space to recharge and get ready to get back in the game. A great cure to being unmotivated is to get a great rest.

is it okay to have a lazy day in bed? Of course! We all get days when we just don’t want to do anything. It’s alright to take a break and a super long nap if you need it and if your job permits it. However, do not let it affect your responsibilities. After taking a nice nap, get back to work!


10.  Hang Around With People Who Are More Productive Than You Are

Research has shown that an average person is a replica of the top five persons that he spends more time with.

Another way to tweak and alter the sequence of laziness in your life is to change the kind of people that influence you.

The people you spend your time with, friends or family can influence you positively. Most times we pick up habits and thought patterns, either positive and negative ones from the people we spend time with.

That means if you begin to hang out with people who are more hard-working and productive than you are, you’re bound to also become more productive.

How? When you begin to hear your friends talk about the number of daily tasks that they ticked off their to-do lists or their achievements within the last month, you’re bound to want to do the same thing.

Nobody loves being left behind in group conversations and because of that, it places a subtle yet healthy pressure on you to begin to also work harder to tick off your daily tasks and goals too.

If you’re going to learn how to stop being lazy then you’ll need to become more conscious of your circle.

Consider picking a specific friend who loves you to become your accountability partner. An accountability partner aims to keep you in check with your personal growth and progress.

If you have intentions of becoming more productive, you can give the person a copy of your to-do list or goals and then compare them after an agreed period. Your accountability partner can help you score and keep track of your progress until you finally gain balance to continue on your own.

The side effects of peer pressure are subtle but the results will always be there for all to see and behold.

Try this out and watch the changes you’ll experience within a month. If your excuse is that you don’t have friends who are productive enough, then you need to check and change your circle! You’re probably not among the right set of people who can influence the direction of your life positively.

If you also have the excuse of not having good and available friends, then you can use a trusted family member. It all boils down to having people who can always push and encourage you to become more valuable and productive.

One fact that will help you learn how to stop being lazy is for you to know that laziness no matter how extreme, can be managed and worked on. It all boils down to being determined and consistent.

Another fact that you need to know if you’ll learn how to stop being lazy is the fact that all humans exhibit certain degrees of laziness. The fact that yours might be a little higher doesn’t make you hopeless, incompetent, and irresponsible! No, it doesn’t. So stop beating yourself up about it and start practicing the steps in this article.

I used to be a very lazy person. I was so lazy that I wouldn’t brush my mouth in the morning and would skip it till after lunch. However, after working on myself, I became a lot more productive and resourceful with my time.

You can be like that too. You can learn how to stop being lazy too. You can tick off those goals proudly. It won’t be easy but it’s better you start the process of becoming more effective and productive than spending your entire day in bed.

Remember, the most important factor in your life is you. You determine your progress speed which in turn determines the speed and quality of your success. Never forget, that you’re everything you need to be successful. Believe me, you are.


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