The Ultimate Life Compass Workbook

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Survival can be a really challenging journey, staying sane through the highs and lows, finding the right direction or knowing the next step to take, managing through the struggles, fear, limitations, mistakes, and lessons can be really difficult and that’s what makes it so easy to go weary and lose track of yourself through the struggle.

I have been in this dark phase, stuck and overwhelmed with the struggle to succeed and the fright of uncertainty constantly creeping in. It was one of the most daunting periods of my life where I constantly wondered the direction to go in or the next step to take, I struggled to come in terms with my value, my self-worth, I gave little to myself, constantly sought for external validation, I was limited by the pain of the past, negative talk and compared myself.

And I know a lot of us struggle with this today, we find it difficult to know the direction or next step to take with all that we experience and so it becomes difficult to grow into your best self.

Through the several challenges I encountered, I was able to scale through those dark and uncertain times, carving out the direction that I needed and I don’t want you going through the hassle and strain that I went through, so, I have created the Life Compass WorkBook.

The Life Compass will enable you to break free from the sphere of self-judgment and make space for self-acceptance and self-belief. It will enable you to release the fear of failure as you make space for exploration, it will enable you to create space to celebrate all you’ve worked for, eliminate feelings of unworthiness, encourage self-validation, enable you to own your story and move forward towards your growth.

This is a life-changing resource that will up-level your life and walk you out of a confusing state. There is so much constantly happening around that it’s so easy to get your mind cluttered with fear, self-doubt, anxiety, and limitations.

The Life Compass was perfectly designed and put together as an empowering tool, that will guide and direct you through the struggle to stay on track, be balanced, accept change, take charge of your fears, navigate through the challenges, find your power and scale through life.

If you have ever believed that you are not enough, belittled your accomplishments, felt like a fraud, resisted praise, failed yourself, attributed your success to external factors, this is a self-love tool that will direct you in creating room for what you deserve. It will enable you to set and honor your boundaries, validate your needs, enable you to engage in positive supportive self-talk and build your self-worth.

It’s so easy to be everything, to be everybody and lose track of yourself or to shrink at the expense of others; the Life Compass will direct you in letting go and eliminating the things that no longer serve you and whoever is not conducive to your mental space. It will enable you to stand tall in your power and up-level your life.

Holding space and taking charge of your mental state is a necessity to survival, so, do not hesitate to invest in your wellness journey. To strike a perfect balance between your mental and physical wellness the Goal Chaser is another valuable and life-changing resource that works hand in hand with the Life Compass and will enable you take charge of your growth. 


This Product Will

✦ Show you how to reverse engineer your life.

✦ Uplift and encourage your wellness journey.

✦ Track how well you are doing.

✦ Enable you to release toxicity.

✦ Enable you to reflect.

✦ Enable you to prioritize yourself.

✦ Enable you to listen to your inner voice.

✦ Enable you to cleanse your energy and find inner calmness.

✦ Help you get in tune with yourself.

✦ Help you spend time with yourself.

✦ Replenish your energy.

✦ Release your burdens.

✦ Enable you to set more soulful goals.


With This Product, You Will Be Able To

✦ Know how you speak to yourself.

✦ Know what you are prioritizing.

✦ Examine which emotions you are experiencing.

✦ Evaluate how you are treating your body.

✦ Know what you are grateful for.

✦ Examine what boundaries you are struggling with.

✦ Evaluate how you are spending your energy.

✦ Know whether you are showing up authentically.


>>Here’s What Include<<

140 interactive workbook
Instant digital download
Printable copy
Interactive self-care activities and tools
Reflection questions + journaling prompts
Positive affirmations and quotes
Wellness Calendar
Minimalistic design layout
Two exclusive sheets for manifestation and transformation



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Author: Afam Uche

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