The Beginning

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And on the first day, my soul cracked with anxiety lol….
This is my first blog post and I’ll try to keep it authentic and not root for Impressionism. 

I am Afamefune Uchechukwu Wisdom, a 19-year-old passionate entrepreneur, writer and warrior. Currently in my final year in the University studying a course I ain’t so pleased with. I uproot words from the base of my heart….(So much for being a writer)
Somewhere in the world running a crazy race of surviving. 

This is my safe authentic space where I blog about life and all extra cues that makes it worth living; capturing smiles, unboxing the whole survival process and framing pain in print. 

I am an optimistic individual with the aims of success, loving, living, sharing my perception, naked thoughts and unveiled emotions. 

I have taken a lot of risks, jumping through uncertain bridges and this happens to be one of them but I trust the journey will be adventurous with you. 

Sometimes, life throws stuff to see how dogged and resilient you are, refusing to be redundant after mistakes, pain, and failure rather branding up as a conqueror.

In my short journey of learning and unlearning I have evolved to unmasking joy from every phase and seeing the reason for seasons as lessons.

And this corner is meant to exhort authenticity, spike motivation and highlight the element of strength we all carry as humans loving ourselves and overcoming the fear of loving without a receipt of reciprocation.

This space is a canvas aching for life and so if you are here for the first time, I totally envy you and if you have been here before, welcome home. Kindly illuminate this space by sharing, commenting and leaving suggestions or send me an email at

I value relationships and I’m totally opened to hearing from every vibrant soul on this space. 
I wanted this post to be perfect, but perfection is a mirage created by expectations so let’s leave it at this. 



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  • I don’ t normally do this sort of thing. You know, writing blurbs to strangers or participating in a heated thread. But I thought you should know that I myself am a fellow princess warrior ( newly discovered)… and your strength shines brilliantly and this path you are pursuing is motivating and of great worth. I also dont feel like this message came literally from me . More like a message of encouragement from divinity much higher than my own. You know, considering I’m 27 in earth age and been interneting for a few several years now. [ yes, I sound like a baby boomer when the topic is technology. Anyway, princess warrior on girl, your doin’ that damn thing!

  • Wow, this is powerful! I thank you for having the courage and intelligence in creating this blog. I love this space. I am 60 and have just begun to reinvent my life.

  • After reading 4 things to should do when you are at the lowest point in life by chance. Every single word you say just hit the nail. Then I looked up your blog, it is really amazing of what you do. THANK YOU for sharing!

  • Waoh!

    And on the first day, my soul cracked with anxiety lol….
    This is my first blog post and I’ll try to keep it authentic and not root for Impressionism.


    This first line got me!

    I came here because of Esther Adeniyi’s blog post about you, and I really has been waohed!

    Therefore, I want to learn from you.

    Although I am 25, your 19 year old write up really waohs me, I’m sure you are wondering how many times I’m waohing.

    Keep it up, Afam!

    We share similar stories in terms of studying courses we weren’t so pleased with…

    God eventually helped me discover my purpose during my course of studying this course, lol… That is a story for another day!

    Thanks for envying first timers like me.

    This post is perfect for a first blog post radiating genuine authencity.