Procrastination Slayer Checklist

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“I am so tired.” “I am too busy to handle this right now.” “I don’t feel like getting this done yet.” “I work better under pressure.” “It’s too difficult to tackle in one go.” “Once I finish this project, I’ll start working on it.” “It’s too important; I need to give it my full attention.”

Research has shown that the above excuses are the most used excuses by the average procrastinator. It is almos t like a stamp on a letter. Wherever these excuses are, procrastinators lurk nearby.

Have you ever caught yourself using the above excuses before?

Well, I have in the past, and finding out how much I used these excuses made me realize that I was on a fast lane to becoming a chronic procrastinator. It also became one of the first steps to becoming a more productive person.

Procrastination is one of the many unhealthy practices that most adults struggle with daily. Everyone from students to working-class folks is no stranger to the temptation of leaving work or an assignment until later.

A study conducted in 2004 showed that about 70% of university students categorized themselves as procrastinators.

Another study in 1984 showed that 50% of the students were consistent procrastinators and considered it a significant problem in their lives. The above facts further prove just how common the habit has become.

As good as those few minutes or hours of relaxation can be, becoming a chronic or habitual procrastinator is not good news for anyone.

Unlike other habits, procrastination deals with time, an asset that, when utilized properly, could become the reason for a person’s success or failure.

I have studied the life of successful and productive people, and one consistent trait I have found in each of them is their value for time.

For people who intend to become successful and live their dream life, time management is a crucial skill that is very valuable. Hence, procrastination is not on the list of practices that successful people imbibe.

A wise man once said, “a man’s future is predictable based on how he uses his time.” Your ability to handle responsibilities and complete tasks without postponing them later improves your productivity and places you on a larger scale than folks who procrastinate.

Is it possible to live without procrastination? Of course, it is. Living a procrastination-free life is a possibility that can become a reality as long as you are willing to challenge, push and expand your limits.

With consistency, determination, and an open mind, you can become an excellent time manager and a super productive person.

Dealing with vices like procrastination can be a draining fight that will require large amounts of courage and motivation.

In other words, your struggle to end procrastination will not be an easy task, but if you succeed, your chances of living a more quality life are guaranteed.

In securing victory against procrastination, it is wise to learn how to get motivated consistently, and this guide for defeating procrastination will prove to be quite helpful in achieving that.

The best way to handle procrastination is to take out time to learn and understand procrastination psychology, its effects on our lives, and how to tackle it.

Understanding procrastination psychology will help you put you in a better position to comprehend and discern how procrastination begins and how you can counteract and easily slip off its grip.

Think of it as studying the fighting style of a warrior that you will be facing in a coming war.

To help you, we have compiled a simple and easy-to-use guide to dealing with procrastination.

A procrastination guide like this in your hands will not only provide you with procrastination guidelines but also serves as the worrier’s guide to overcoming procrastination if you happen to be one.

In this material, you will find a “how to overcome procrastination” checklist that will help you handle your tasks concerning your priority while challenging you to become a more responsible and accountable personality.

However, it would help if you kept in mind that the effectiveness of this procrastination slayer will be primarily dependent on you.

Your efforts at being consistent and determined will be the reason behind your victory over procrastination.

By the time you put down this material, I hope you will have become a changed person and are already on your way to a higher level of productivity.

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Author: Afam Uche

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