How To Stop Being Jealous – 12 Healthy Tips

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how to stop being jealous

Knowing how to stop being jealous of someone can be a helpful skill in many ways. Jealousy is an emotion we all experience when we see or meet people doing better than us in some way.

Feeling jealous of anyone is completely normal, but it becomes unhealthy when you let it consume you. When you become consumed by your jealousy, it evolves into envy and pushes you to do all kinds of regrettable things.

Understanding how to overcome jealousy and insecurity can make the difference between living a satisfying and peaceful life or a life full of chaos and instability.


How To Stop Being Jealous – 12 Tips

Below are some of the ways to stop being jealous

1.  Practice Gratitude

Most people see gratitude as a tool for maintaining a positive mindset, building mindfulness and supporting self-awareness. However, not many people know that gratitude can be a tool for learning how to stop being jealous of someone.

Practicing gratitude is a powerful method of overcoming jealousy. It involves regularly reflecting on the things you’re thankful for in your life.

Focusing on what you have instead of what others have can shift your perspective and reduce jealousy. Jealousy often arises from comparing yourself to others, which can be damaging to your self-esteem.

You can boost your self-worth by acknowledging the positive aspects of your own life. Start by making a daily or weekly list of things you appreciate.

These can be as simple as a warm home, good health, or the support of loved ones. Recognizing and cherishing these blessings can make you less envious of others and make it easier to know how to stop being jealous of others’ success.

Gratitude also encourages a positive mindset. When you appreciate what you have, you tend to be happier and more content. This happiness can make jealousy seem less appealing.

Moreover, grateful people often radiate positivity, attracting others and strengthening relationships. Gratitude is a straightforward and effective method to combat jealousy.

It helps you focus on your own life’s positives, improves your self-esteem, and promotes contentment. So, make it a habit to count your blessings, and you may find that jealousy gradually loses its grip on your emotions.


2.  Focus On Self-improvement

Another potent method of learning how to stop being jealous of someone is prioritizing self-improvement and growth. Shifting your focus to self-improvement is a great strategy to combat jealousy.

When you concentrate on enhancing your skills and well-being, you become a better version of yourself and reduce the space for jealousy in your life. Most times, Jealousy often evolves from insecurities and feelings of inadequacy.

You can boost your confidence and self-esteem by dedicating time and effort to self-improvement. This newfound self-assurance makes you less likely to compare yourself to others, as you’re more secure in your worth.

By focusing on self-improvement, you channel your energy into deliberate efforts to improve your skills, strengths, and flaws. You can do it so well that you have little time to get jealous in the first place.

You are so busy taking new courses, reading books, and experiencing new things that you barely have enough time to spend on trivialities.

Start by setting clear, achievable goals for self-improvement. These goals could be related to your career, personal development, or hobbies. When you work towards these objectives, you gain a sense of purpose and accomplishment that diminishes jealousy’s negative impact.

Furthermore, self-improvement is an ongoing journey. As you continually strive to better yourself, you’ll become more content and focused on your progress. This makes it knowing how to stop being jealous of your friend and leaves less room for envy.

Concentrating on self-improvement is a simple yet highly effective method to quell jealousy. It bolsters your self-esteem, provides a sense of purpose, and shifts your attention from others’ achievements to your growth.

So, invest in your personal development, and you’ll likely find that jealousy becomes a smaller part of your life.


3.  Communicate Openly

how to stop being jealous

A very simple strategy you can employ when learning how to stop being jealous of someone is open and clear communication. Open and honest communication is a vital tool in the battle against jealousy.

When you talk openly with your partner, friends, or loved ones, it fosters trust and understanding, reducing jealousy’s grip on your emotions. Jealousy often arises from miscommunication or misunderstandings.

By sharing your feelings and concerns, you allow others to provide reassurance and clarify any doubts. When you keep your worries to yourself, they can fester and grow, leading to more jealousy.

Open communication allows you and the other party involved to share, discuss and even help each other. Instead of bottling things up, you can walk up to that person and tell them how and why you are jealous of them.

It makes it easier for you to process your feelings of jealousy and navigate through them easily. Start by discussing your feelings with the person involved. Explain why you might be feeling jealous and what triggers those emotions.

When your concerns are out in the open, you can work together to address them. This eases your mind and strengthens your relationship by building trust. Remember, open communication is a two-way street.

Encourage your partner or loved ones to share their feelings and concerns. This creates a safe and supportive environment where both parties can understand each other better.

Openly communicating your feelings is a straightforward and powerful way to combat jealousy. It removes misunderstandings, fosters trust, and strengthens relationships. So, don’t keep your emotions bottled up.

Instead, share them with those you care about, and you may find that jealousy begins to lose its hold on you.


4.  Trust Your Loved Ones

Trust is a key ingredient in building any interpersonal relationship. More than that, it can also be a helpful tool in learning how to stop being jealous of someone.

Trust is a simple concept, but it holds immense power in reducing the feelings of insecurity and envy that can plague relationships.

Jealousy is stronger when trust is weak. To stop being jealous, it’s crucial to have faith in your partner’s intentions and commitment.

Trust forms the foundation of a healthy relationship, allowing you to let go of irrational suspicions and focus on building a solid connection.

Building trust begins with open and honest communication. Discuss your concerns and insecurities with your partner, and encourage them to do the same. When both parties are transparent about their feelings and intentions, it fosters a sense of security.

It’s also important to remember that trust is a two-way street. Just as you want your partner to trust you, you must trust them as well. This mutual trust creates a balanced and harmonious relationship, reducing the room for jealousy to thrive.

Trusting your partner is a straightforward yet profound method to combat jealousy. It forms the bedrock of a strong relationship, promotes transparency, and reduces the doubts that fuel jealousy.

So, believe in your partner’s commitment, and you may find that jealousy gradually loses its grip on your life.


5.  Build Your Self-awareness

Building self-awareness is a crucial aspect of learning how to stop being jealous of someone. To stop jealousy, you must first understand your emotions, triggers, and thought patterns.

Jealousy often arises from a lack of self-awareness. Recognizing when jealousy surfaces and what specific situations or behaviors trigger it is essential. You can develop strategies to cope with these triggers effectively by pinpointing them.

Self-awareness also involves understanding the root causes of your jealousy. Are your feelings based on past experiences, insecurities, or a lack of trust?

Delving into the origins of your jealousy can provide valuable insights and help you address the underlying issues. To build self-awareness, take time for introspection.

Reflect on your emotions, and consider keeping a journal to track when jealousy occurs and the circumstances surrounding it. Additionally, seek feedback from trusted friends or a therapist to gain an outside perspective on your behavior and emotions.

Self-awareness also entails learning to manage your emotional responses. When you identify the signs of jealousy, you can employ techniques like deep breathing or mindfulness to stay in control and prevent irrational reactions.

Developing self-awareness is a crucial and empowering method to combat jealousy. It enables you to recognize triggers, understand the root causes of jealousy, and manage your emotional responses effectively.

By gaining insight into your thoughts and feelings, you can take significant steps toward reducing jealousy in your life.


6.  Challenge Irrational Thoughts

how to stop being jealous

Your thoughts can play a huge role in overcoming jealousy especially when you learn to question and challenge them.

If you want to understand how to stop being jealous of someone fully, one method you can use is challenging irrational thoughts when you experience them.

Sometimes, jealousy grows from distorted or exaggerated thinking. By addressing these irrational thoughts, you can regain control over your emotions. To stop being jealous, start by recognizing when your thoughts take a negative and irrational turn.

Ask yourself if your feelings are based on factual evidence or are products of insecurity or fear. Our minds often create scenarios far from reality, fueling jealousy without justification.

Once you identify these irrational thoughts, challenge them with reason and logic. Consider alternative explanations for the situation that don’t involve jealousy.

For example, if you’re jealous of a colleague’s success, remember that their achievements don’t diminish your capabilities. Seek evidence to support or refute your irrational thoughts.

Is there concrete proof that your partner is unfaithful, or are you letting baseless fears control your emotions? A rational examination can help you realize the fallacy of many jealous thoughts.

Practice positive self-talk and affirmation. Replace irrational thoughts with more balanced and constructive ones. Encourage yourself with statements that boost your self-esteem and confidence rather than tearing them down with unfounded jealousy.

To learn how to stop being jealous and controlling, addressing irrational thoughts is an effective method you can use to handle your feelings of jealousy.

Challenging irrational thoughts is a practical and effective method to combat jealousy. It empowers you to distinguish between facts and unfounded fears, enabling you to regain control over your emotions.

By mastering this technique, you can break free from the shackles of jealousy and foster healthier relationships and self-esteem.


7.  Avoid Comparisons

how to stop being jealous

A famous quote says, “Comparison is the thief of joy”. You’ll find it interesting to know that the same goes for jealousy.

One of the things you must understand while learning how to stop being jealous of someone is that jealousy and envy both thrive in the presence of comparison. Take comparison out of the picture and they both die sudden deaths.

Jealousy grows when you constantly measure yourself against others. Doing this affects your self-esteem, destroys your confidence, and damages relationships. To stop being jealous, it’s essential to steer clear of these harmful comparisons.

Comparing yourself to others can be detrimental. It can make you feel inadequate, leading to feelings of jealousy. Focusing on your unique qualities and attributes instead can build self-confidence and reduce jealousy’s grip on your emotions.

To avoid comparisons, start by recognizing when you’re doing it. Acknowledge the moments when you find yourself sizing up your life against someone else’s. Then, consciously redirect your thoughts to your journey and achievements.

Shift your focus to personal growth. Set goals and strive to improve yourself, not to outdo others but to become the best version of yourself. When you concentrate on self-improvement, there’s less room for jealousy.

Remember that everyone’s journey is different. What works for someone else may not work for you, and that’s perfectly fine. Embrace your uniqueness and understand that comparing yourself to others doesn’t serve your well-being.

Avoiding comparisons is a simple way of combating jealousy. It encourages self-acceptance, self-improvement, and self-esteem.

By appreciating your individuality and focusing on your path, you can diminish the destructive force of jealousy in your life.


8.  Build Your Self-esteem


Another way you can learn how to stop being jealous of someone is by intentionally building your esteem. Your esteem is the aspect of your mind and consciousness that communicates how you see and value yourself.

Healthy esteem means seeing yourself in a good light and expecting the best from and for yourself. When you have a healthy sense of self-worth, you’re less likely to feel threatened by others’ success or relationships, making jealousy less pervasive.

As always, jealousy arises from feeling inadequate or insecure about yourself. To properly deal with your feelings of jealousy, nurturing and strengthening your self-esteem is important.

Start by recognizing your positive qualities, talents, and accomplishments. Understand that you have unique attributes that make you valuable.

Set achievable goals and work on self-improvement. Seeing progress in your own life boosts self-esteem and reduces the need to compare yourself to others. Celebrate your achievements, no matter how small they may seem.

Surround yourself with supportive and positive people. Healthy relationships can uplift your self-esteem and provide reassurance, reducing the impact of jealousy. Avoid toxic relationships that undermine your self-worth.

Practice self-compassion and self-love. Treat yourself with kindness and forgiveness, just as you would a friend. When you’re more gentle with yourself, you’re less likely to engage in self-destructive jealousy.

Seek professional help if your self-esteem issues are deeply ingrained. A therapist can provide guidance and tools to rebuild self-worth.

Building self-esteem is a fundamental approach to combat jealousy. It involves recognizing your worth, setting personal goals, cultivating positive relationships, and practicing self-compassion.

By boosting your self-esteem, you can minimize jealousy’s influence and lead a more content and fulfilling life. For a more practical approach on how to build your self-esteem, read the post here.


9.  Seek Professional Help If Necessary

how to stop being jealous

One of the key tips on how to stop being jealous is getting professional help. Jealousy can become a persistent and overwhelming emotion, and in such cases, it’s wise to turn to a therapist or counselor for guidance and support.

Jealousy can often be deeply rooted in past experiences, insecurities, or unresolved issues. It may be challenging to tackle these underlying problems on your own.

Professional help offers you a safe and confidential space to explore the reasons behind your jealousy and develop strategies to manage it effectively.

Therapists or counselors have the expertise to help you identify patterns of thought and behavior that contribute to jealousy. They can provide practical techniques and coping mechanisms to address these patterns.

They also offer an objective perspective, helping you gain insight into your emotions and behaviors. In therapy, you can improve your self-esteem, manage anxiety, and enhance your communication skills.

These tools can empower you to learn how to stop being jealous of someone and maintain healthier relationships. Recognize that seeking professional help is a sign of strength, not weakness.

It demonstrates your commitment to personal growth and the well-being of your relationships. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a qualified therapist or counselor if jealousy is causing significant distress or negatively impacting your life.

Their expertise can be an invaluable resource on your journey to a jealousy-free life.


10.  Cultivate Confidence

Another strategy you can employ as you learn how to stop being jealous of someone is building your confidence. When you believe in yourself and your worth, you become less prone to comparing yourself to others and feeling envious.

It is very easy for jealousy to grow when you have poor self-esteem or are insecure. To outgrow jealousy, you must do the dirty, gritty work of building your confidence. Start by acknowledging your strengths and accomplishments.

Recognize the unique qualities that make you who you are. Setting achievable goals can be a significant confidence booster. As you work towards these objectives, you gain a sense of accomplishment and self-assurance.

These feelings counteract the insecurity that fuels jealousy. Surround yourself with supportive and positive people who uplift your self-esteem. Healthy relationships can reinforce your self-worth and reduce the power of jealousy.

Positive self-talk is a vital tool in boosting confidence. Replace self-criticism and self-doubt with affirmations that remind you of your worth. By changing your internal dialogue, you can diminish the hold of jealousy.

In conclusion, cultivating confidence is a practical and effective method to combat jealousy. It involves recognizing your strengths, setting and achieving goals, fostering positive relationships, and practicing self-compassion.

By strengthening your self-confidence, you can reduce the grip of jealousy and lead a more content and fulfilled life.


11.  Develop A Support System

how to stop being jealous

Developing a support system is a valuable strategy for learning how to stop being jealous of someone. Jealousy can be challenging to handle alone, and having a network of supportive individuals can make a significant difference in your journey to overcome it.

Jealousy often thrives when you’re isolated, and your feelings aren’t shared or understood. Building a support system means connecting with friends, family, or a therapist who can listen, empathize, and offer guidance.

Open up to trusted friends or family members about your struggles with jealousy. Sharing your feelings can provide relief, and those close to you can offer valuable perspectives and reassurance.

Consider seeking professional help from a therapist or counselor. They possess the expertise to help you explore the roots of your jealousy, develop coping strategies, and build a healthier mindset.

Therapy offers a safe and confidential space to work through these issues. Support groups focused on relationship issues, jealousy, or self-esteem can be beneficial.

They provide a sense of community and an opportunity to learn from others who have faced similar challenges. Developing a support system is a practical and powerful method to combat jealousy.

It ensures that you’re not facing this complex emotion in isolation. Whether through friends, family, or professional help, a support system can provide understanding, guidance, and the strength to overcome jealousy and lead a happier, more content life.


12.  Practice Mindfulness

A healthy and powerful method of knowing how to stop being jealous of someone is by constantly practicing mindfulness. Being mindful means being aware and conscious of what goes on within you.

It also involves being fully present in the moment and acknowledging your thoughts and feelings without judgment. By incorporating mindfulness into your life, you can reduce the impact of jealousy and gain better control over your emotions.

Jealousy often stems from dwelling on past comparisons or worrying about the future. Mindfulness helps you stay grounded in the present. When you focus on the here and now, you’re less likely to be consumed by jealousy-inducing thoughts.

To practice mindfulness, start with simple techniques like deep breathing or meditation. These exercises can help you calm your mind and refocus on the present moment, reducing anxiety and jealousy.

Mindfulness also encourages self-acceptance. Instead of harsh self-criticism, it promotes self-compassion. When you’re kinder to yourself, you become less inclined to compare yourself to others, and your self-esteem can grow.

By being mindful, you can observe your jealousy without judgment. This allows you to gain insight into your emotions and understand their triggers.

You can begin to manage these feelings more effectively when you acknowledge them without criticism. Practicing mindfulness is a practical and effective method to combat jealousy.

It helps you stay present, cultivate self-compassion, and observe your emotions without judgment. By incorporating mindfulness into your daily life, you can diminish the grip of jealousy and foster healthier relationships and greater self-esteem.


Is It Normal To Get Jealous A Lot?

You may wonder, “Is it normal to get jealous a lot?” Well, It’s perfectly normal to get jealous. However, what truly defines jealousy as a positive or negative force is what you do with it.

Jealousy, like any other emotion, can influence us to take action. Your concern and priority should be ensuring you never allow jealousy to push you into making decisions you might regret. This is key if you want to learn how to stop being jealous of someone.


How Do I Turn Off Jealousy?

Questions like “How do I turn off jealousy?” allow us to further understand how we can learn to handle feelings of jealousy when we experience them.

The truth is, jealousy isn’t like a light switch that can be turned off and on. Feeling emotions of jealousy is completely normal for us as human beings.

Although you can’t switch off the feelings of jealousy you experience, they can be effectively managed and processed.


For You

If the jealousy problem is not from you but someone close to you, I have a post on how to deal with jealous people amicably. You can the read the post here.



Overcoming jealousy is a journey of self-awareness and personal growth. To stop being jealous, you must acknowledge your feelings, identify and understand the root causes, and work on building self-esteem and self-confidence.

Communicating openly and honestly with your partner or loved ones is essential to foster trust and reassurance. Practicing gratitude and focusing on your achievements can shift your perspective from comparison to self-appreciation.

If necessary, developing a solid support network and seeking professional help can provide valuable guidance. Ultimately, jealousy can be tamed through self-reflection and self-improvement, leading to healthier relationships and a more fulfilling life.

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