How To Connect To Your Higher Self And Inner Power

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Everyone who is intentional about living a life of growth, success, and satisfaction is usually very conscious about becoming better daily. Hence, learning how to connect to your higher self is pivotal in having a life filled with fulfillment and pure bliss.

Every day, our world presents us with images and expectations of who we should be or become and how we should live as people. We see and hear it everywhere, on Tv, social media platforms, and even from the people around us.

Unfortunately, living up to such expectations is unhealthy for your growth, personality, and self-esteem. Most people who do, end up living a life that doesn’t exist in an attempt to please and satisfy the demands of society.

In the end, they end up losing touch with who they are and what they believe in.

“You don’t excel by conforming to society; you excel by conforming to your higher self.”—Matshona Dhliwayo.


What Is Your Higher Self?

Your higher self is a version of yourself that doesn’t exist yet but can be attained. It is the version of your present self that is better, improved, and optimized.

Your higher self is a possibility stuck somewhere in the future and will only exist through conscious efforts to become it.

The personality of your higher self is primarily a compilation of decisions taken in the present that brings you closer to daily development in all aspects of your life.

Without intentional decisions and efforts, your higher self will remain a version of you that will never be real, a possibility trapped between time and space that might never exist.

The essence of understanding how to connect to your higher self is to bring that possibility into reality.


What Does Your Higher Self Look Like?

Here’s a practical session to help you get that answer for yourself! First, sit down in a comfortable posture and environment with no distractions.

Then, you can play slow, soft, and soothing music to help boost your imagination. Now, close your eyes and think of the best version of you. Imagine yourself being more productive, getting awards and achievements, and living your dream life!

That good-looking person is your higher self right there in the middle of it all. That is what the best version of yourself looks like. A lot of times, some of us have unconsciously done this without knowing.

Those moments when you daydreamed about a more prosperous and happier life? That was you subconsciously learning how to connect to your higher self subconsciously.

Those moments when you made mental plans of how your first house would be like, the kind of car you would have? That was you reaching out to your higher self without you knowing.

The truth is, it is effortless to connect with your higher self. You or any other person can learn how to connect to your higher self and become more conscious of your inner person and identity.

All it takes is consistent and intentional practice and taking the proper steps in the right direction.


10 Tips On How To Connect To Your Highest Self

In this part of the article, I’ll be touching on the proper steps you need to take in the right direction to connect to your highest self.

As you read, I will share personal tips I have tried, tested, and learned to trust in the last couple of years.

It doesn’t take much to learn how to connect to your higher self or become proficient in tapping into your higher self, and this article will not only show you how but also prove it! Let’s dig in!


1.  Consistently Affirm Your Desires

The very first step to mastering how to connect to your higher self is by consistently affirming your desires. Affirmations are strategic quotes and statements that, when repeated consciously, help you build your mind into a dome of positivity and purpose.

The advantage of constantly speaking positive affirmations is that they help you accept your higher self before it comes.

It also assembles systems of awareness within your soul that keep you hungry for more success and a mental state designed for victory. I habitually affirm positive statements about myself and my dreams every morning.

Before I step out to work, I use the “I Am” Affirmations For Daily Motivation to remind myself of who I am, what I can do, and what I must become! You can get the affirmations here.

It gives me a sense of focus and level-headedness and helps me maintain a mentality of my identity. Doing so prevents me from settling for less because I know my capacity to be so much more. You can do the same too.

You will gradually shift your mindset, esteem, and self-confidence when you become more consistent at using positive affirmations.

As a result, it will become easier for you to do what you must to succeed! Why? Because you built your mind into a hub of positivity, courage, and determination.

This way, you will not only learn how to connect to your higher self, but you will become a confident, bold, and courageous fellow who is ready to take charge of their lives!


2.  Meditate Often

If you want to build your self-awareness and confidence and learn how to connect to your higher self, then meditation is a practice you should engage in habitually!

Meditation involves various sets of activities, from moments of self-reflection and evaluation to practicing stillness and affirmations.

However, all activities in meditation still move towards achieving one aim; to help you learn how to connect to your higher self and improve your consciousness of high possibilities and realities.

Through meditation, you gradually open and position your mind to evolve slowly into a better version of yourself. Meditation leaves you refreshed and calm and helps you build a state of existence that supports inner peace and satisfaction.

Here’s how to connect to your higher self through meditation. First, fix a specific time of the day where you have fewer activities to handle, preferable in the mornings or evenings. Ensure that you have time to yourself during those hours to prevent distractions.

To meditate effectively, your environment is very important. So, create a space in your house associated with peace, comfort, and serenity.

Sit in a comfortable posture and clear your mind. Become conscious of your inner state and pay less environment to your environment.

Then use your affirmations as a mantra to help strengthen what you imagine into a state of belief. As you practice this, you will notice that you become more confident and your resolve to become successful begins to grow.

If you have ever wondered how to know if you are connected to your higher self, the above exercises are part of the ways you can try.


3.  Practice Breathing And Listening

An excellent answer to a question like, “what happens when you connect with your higher self?” is a higher state of awareness. Your higher self is a very conscious personality.

For you to learn how to connect to your higher self, you must work towards building a state of existence void of inner turmoil and conflict.

One of the reasons why people struggle to share a valid and stable connection with their higher self is a lack of inner peace. An excellent way to build internal equilibrium is through repeated practice of breathing and listening.

As simple as these exercises sound, they can be very effective in helping you become a free soul. Practicing breathing will help you stabilize your body and coordinate the thoughts of your mind.

Listening, on the other hand, will better equip you to build a heightened state of awareness. Through listening, you can cultivate the habit of becoming more conscious of your body, soul, and the forces in your environment.

Breathing exercises and listening habits affect your mind more than anything, and the state of your mind is vital for connecting to your higher self. So building that aspect of your being is very important for success.


4.  Enjoy Uplifting Music

Most people consider music a key to unlocking deeper chambers of the mind and soul, and I agree. There is something good music does to the average person.

Music is so compelling that it can turn someone in a terrible mood into a cheerful, energetic being. Do you remember that feeling you get when a favorite song comes up?

A part of you becomes excited and invigorated at that song’s sound. Then, suddenly, you feel like dancing or moving a part of your body to the song’s rhythm, not just because of its catchy beat but also the lyrics and the memories attached to it.

Your higher self is more satisfied, and living up to that reality will require you to build it. One of the many ways to achieve that is by consistently listening to sound, soulful music. Good music isn’t about its genre.

It’s about how it makes you feel. Do the songs you listen to make you feel confident, bold, and happy? Then you should get some more and listen to them more.

Apart from the fact that it keeps you motivated, great music inspires and challenges to and gives your very best to life. Trust me; nothing hits like when a line from your favorite song reminds you of how strong, powerful, and special you are!

See, that’s the magic of fantastic music. So I suggest creating playlists of your favorite jams and listening to them as you begin your day. You will feel so good; it will feel like you are glowing as much as the Sun!


5.  Embrace Calmness And Gentility

Being gentle and calm has a resonating yet subtle ripple effect on your soul and environment. Yet, most folks fail to understand that connecting to your higher self requires you to maintain a consciousness that sponsors stillness.

Becoming a person with less noise and bustle helps you build an atmosphere of silence, focus, and strengthened awareness.

It becomes easier to pay attention to details and changes within your person when you are in a more quiet and stable environment.

Like it or not, there are things you will never notice in a busy or noisy environment, and your higher self needs serenity for you to connect correctly.

Hence, I advise that you inculcate the habit of being silent intentionally. Decide to say little and listen less. Instead, focus more on being aware of your inner person. This is where activities like self-reflection can be quite helpful.

Rather than launch into a conversation or speak unnecessarily, ask yourself if your higher self would do the same thing in the context of the situation.

You’d be shocked at how much enlightenment you can access from within yourself when you learn to be still and patient. If you want to learn how to connect to your higher self, practice being as silent as a mouse.

It will help you properly coordinate your thoughts and speech and also help you establish and maintain a bond with your higher self.


6.  Embrace Your Emotions

Your emotions are like sea waves. On some days, they can be powerful, turbulent, and difficult to control. Yet, they can be as calm and serene as the evening breeze on other days. Most days, we find ourselves in conflict with our emotions.

Contrary to how we see it, being at loggerheads with your emotions is a typical path of being human. Unfortunately, we tend to see it as a weakness or loathe it.

The truth is, we handle our emotions the wrong way, which is why many folks struggle with connecting to their higher self.

Your feelings, when not handled properly, can become a blinding force like a smoke screen, preventing and blocking your mind from accessing the numerous possibilities trapped in your higher self.

The key to effectively keeping your emotions under your command is not to resist them. No! It is to embrace them. Embracing your emotions is the first step to controlling them and connecting with your higher self!

Think of it as surfing on a windy day. The surfer doesn’t fight the waves of the sea. He embraces the power, ruggedness, and instability of the sea and harnesses them to his advantage.

He knows that he can not control the behavior of the sea waves, so rather than fighting, he embraces and rides the sea and controls how it affects him.

If you will learn how to connect to your higher self, you must do the same. Your feelings of anger, guilt or sexual urges are potent forces. Embrace them as a part of your being and leverage them.

Conflicting with your emotions is like tying strings to your limbs and pulling them in different directions; it will tear you apart.

Your higher self is a complete version of yourself, and your evolution into that person is also dependent on how you see and respond to your emotions.


7.  Avoid Negativity

Our world today has become a dump of so much negativity. We see it everywhere on TV, the news, the movies we watch, the kind of music we listen to, and even the people around us.

Negativity in any form is harmful to your being. It keeps you destabilized and injures your mental health. Think of it as poison to your being. That’s how terrible negativity is.

So make a mental note to avoid everything that reeks of negativity. You might not be able to control the events of the world, but you can manage your space.

You can control what reaches your ears and your sight. Therefore, put in conscious efforts to avoid toxicity. Reduce relationships with people with toxic mindsets.

Avoid dark songs or movies with themes of depression, sadness, or hurt of any kind. Your mind is where all dark content you consume dwells, and your mind is also the gateway for engaging your higher self.

You will damage your bond with your higher self if you feed and expose your mind to toxic materials. It is like allowing plastics, nylon, or any form of waste to flow into a gutter.

It might ruin that drainage system and prevent sewage from flowing through, thus leading to a mass accumulation of more waste. I do not need to explain the consequences of such an occurrence.

Rather than expose yourself to negative news, friends, and people, splurge on materials, videos, and content that inspire and motivate you.

Content on positive social media pages are perfect examples of content that sponsor positivity.

The purity and stability of your mind and soul will affect your connection to your higher self. So do what you can to protect it.


8.  Feed Your Mind And Engage In Creative Activities

What does it mean to connect with your higher self? Connecting with your higher self implies vibrating with your higher self at the same frequency of thought and energy.

One of the proofs of that connection is a fantastic sense of creativity. Your higher self is the personality that radiates an ambiance of creative abilities.

Hence, you must relate with your higher self by engaging in activities that sponsor, encourage, and boost your creative mind. The beautiful thing is you don’t have to camp around one pastime.

Everything from video games to strategy thinking, sports, or board games is welcome. In addition, activities like writing, reading, or skills like weaving or carpentry are welcome.

So as long as it places your mind in creative overdrive, it is good enough to sponsor and boost your bond with your higher self.

Spend more time involved in any form of activity that supports and strengthens your ability to create, invent or innovate. It is through such that you can relate easily and become more aware of the possibilities of your higher self.


9.  Celebrate Your Wins

An excellent way to learn how to connect with your higher self is by celebrating your wins. Unfortunately, a common mistake we make is seeing some of our accomplishments as too insignificant. So we get so frustrated when all we have are little wins and no huge wins.

That isn’t true. Your little wins are as valid as the big ones. The problem is a matter of perspective. Tell me, which would you rather have? Twenty-two little wins in a year or ten huge wins in a year?

The truth is that victories or accomplishments, whether big or small, all attest to the fact that you are growing. Choosing to categorize them into big or small wins will cheat you of the satisfaction of victory.

That, in turn, gradually turns you into a resentful and bitter person who believes that others with massive wins are more successful than they are.

And trust me, all that resentment and anger will make it difficult to connect and access your higher self. Instead, learn to appreciate your little wins.

Write them in your journal and keep them where you can see them daily. It not only leaves you with a sense of fulfillment but also boosts your connection with your higher self.


10.  Sleep And Eat Wisely

We often forget that to master how to connect to your higher self, your body and mind must be in great shape. A very underrated method of accessing your higher self is learning to embrace the effects of a good night’s rest and a balanced diet.

The nourishment of your body provides your being with the state of existence needed to evolve into the best version of yourself.

Ignoring it will be deciding to truncate your future and hinder all possibilities of you becoming your very best. Food isn’t just a tool for bodily nourishment.

Good food is associated with beautiful things, and achieving a bond with your higher is a lovely and powerful occurrence. Become intentional about your meals. Prioritize fruits and whole foods.

Eat as much fresh food as possible and reduce junk. Debunk bad habits like eating late or gluttony. The same goes for your sleep habits.

Do all you can during the day and reduce staying up all night. Sleep for at least 8 hours daily to ensure you are well-rested and boost your mental health.

Your ability to connect with your higher self isn’t dependent on your mind and soul alone. Your body has a role to play too!



Connecting to your higher self is no small feat and will not be achieved in one day. Sometimes, it might take months or even years to establish a connection with your higher self.

However, it isn’t impossible. On some days, you might feel a need to give up, and that is when you need help.

Save this for later!



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Author: Afam Uche

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