10 Ultimate Signs That Shows You Are A Strong Independent Woman

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Everyone loves a strong independent woman, and every woman wants to be one too.

Imagine a bold, fearless, and headstrong lady who doesn’t back away from a fight but rushes forward, tackling her challenges with or without support!

Now, that is a brilliant picture of a strong independent woman! However, that lady wasn’t always that strong. Like you, she once hoped and wished she could be as strong as she imagined. But her wishes were not enough.

Heroines like Wonder woman had to undergo the process that made her become that influential figure you now admire. She had to make sacrifices, burn the midnight oil, and put in the required efforts that made her strong.

And believe me, it is no easy task. The process of building strength is an excruciating experience, but the results are always beautiful to behold.

An excellent example of what it costs to become strong is bodybuilding and workout sessions. If you are a sportsman/woman, you’ll understand the following sentences better.

You see, to build and upgrade the human body, the body needs to get broken, shattered, and torn apart from within before it undergoes the process of repairing and rebuilding. The effects of this process are that it increases the body’s capacity, thus making it robust.

If you want to be the strong, independent woman you dream of becoming, you must be prepared to face challenges and unpleasant circumstances.

In handling those challenges, installing strength into our character, belief systems, and mindsets becomes possible. That is one of the clearest signs of a strong, independent woman!

But here comes a puzzling question. How does one know when a person is gradually becoming a strong independent woman?

The growth process that transforms a lady into a strong, independent woman is not always easy to notice right away as it is mostly subtle changes in personality.

This article will show you a few qualities that can help you identify the strong woman in yourself or a friend.


1.  She Becomes More Principled And Disciplined

The presence of principles shows a defined and stable mindset that understands how important it is to live a life of discipline. So, once you find this quality in any lady, it’s a sign that she’s off to become a strong, independent woman!

Being principled is proof of a responsible and serious-minded personality. It depicts someone who understands that being successful is a status that is only achievable by choosing to live by some existing standards.

However, being principled isn’t always easy. Because of your principles and how determined you are to keep to them, you might lose friends. People might mistake you for being too rigid, strict, and unbearing.

Most people might even spite and reject you for sticking to your principles and ideologies. But it would be best if you remained steadfast.

If people choose to leave your life because you believe in being the best version of yourself, then, by all means, let them go. An independent woman is more like a water current; she refuses to be bullied, cheated, or denied!

So, you see, a real sign of strength in an individual is the existence of principles and belief systems that guide and regulate that person’s life.

Once you begin to notice the enactment and induction of regulations in your life, then it means you are gradually evolving into a strong, independent woman.


2.  She Begins To Show Emotional Maturity And Empathy

Women are generally known to be more expressive in terms of their emotions and opinions. In conflicts and dire circumstances, it is more common for a woman to respond to that situation emotionally.

She may cry, wail, and most likely scream rather than reason logically to birth a solution. However, some women will choose to control themselves and take on the mantle of responsibility to positively change that predicament instead of lamenting their plight.

Such an approach from a lady is one of the signs of a strong independent woman! Not every woman has the emotional strength and maturity to handle challenges and respond to life logically.

Hence, having the ability to be empathetic and emotionally intelligent in approaching life’s events is a skill that indicates self-control, an accountable personality, and strength in character!

Emotional maturity and Intelligence is a skill that any person who desires growth must learn and master.

Take a brief inventory of the last few weeks. How do you respond when life gives you lemons? Do you make lemonade out of them, or do you complain and make wishes for a better option?

Do you tend to be more emotional than logical when making decisions? Do you consider the person on the other side of the table? Do you make attempts to see life from other people’s perspectives?

Your answers to the above question can serve as a huge pointer to your aspirations of becoming a strong, independent woman.


3.  She Becomes Brilliant And Witty

becoming a strong independent woman

Like it or not, being innovative and intelligent is a skill that differentiates between capacity and weaknesses. A smart person will develop brilliant ideas and will most likely be better at critical thinking and strategic decision-making.

One of the other signs of a strong, independent woman shows by watching her conversations and her daily decision-making. She is most likely independent if she is highly clever, flexible, and strategic in her relaxed approach to life.

Why? Because being smart is a function of both knowledge and experience, a quality that she wouldn’t have if she depended on someone else.

Since she is on her own and isn’t dependent on anyone for her growth and survival, she knows how important it is to be innovative.

She knows that being intelligent will give her access to life-changing opportunities and improve the quality of her life. She understands the loss she might suffer if she isn’t wise in her daily endeavors.

Do you consider yourself to be smart? Let’s take another inventory. Select a few of your closest friends and even family members and ask for their opinions. Ask them to grade how smart they think you are on a scale of one to ten.

Insist that they are brutally honest with you and take note of the results. If most of the grades point out that you are super bright, you are already on your way to becoming a strong, independent woman! And if your rates are lower, then it’s a good thing too! Why? Because you can always get smarter!


4.  She Becomes Skillful At Making Decisions

Making decisions is one thing. Being able to make intelligent decisions is another thing. The difference between the two is that one of them is a skill. A skill that a lot of individuals lack.

It is a widely known fact that the quality of our lives is primarily affected by the quality of decisions. A poor lifestyle is a reflection of poor decision-making skills.

Therefore, one of the signs that you are becoming a strong, independent woman is that your choices will improve significantly.

A strong woman lives a life of quality and class because of her expertise in decision-making. She isn’t a fool; she studies the tides and waves and decides on the perfect time to ride them, and most times, she is always right.

A strong woman isn’t scared of making challenging decisions or taking giant steps of growth and progress. She isn’t frightened of making mistakes in her choices.

Instead, she learns from each of her mistakes because the process of change and positive evolution is due to making mistakes and making better decisions.

Being able to produce quality decisions doesn’t involve being smart alone. It consists in being bold and realistic enough to make the tough, scary decisions.

If you must become a strong, independent woman, you must become like that too. It would be best if you intentionally worked to improve the speed and condition of your decision-making skills! Your success and growth in life are dependent on it.


5.  She Becomes More Responsible

What does it mean to be responsible? To be responsible means to be reliable, trustworthy, and accountable. It means having the strength of character to live with the consequences of choices and decisions while rejecting excuses.

It also means taking charge of situations and doing the right thing without being told or reminded. Responsible people do not blame others for their mistakes.

Instead, they think and take actions to ensure that the excellent welfare of every other person around them is preserved.

They do not wait until someone tells them what to do. Instead, once they notice a situation that must be handled, they move in and begin to do what is needed even if they are not under instruction or obligations.

In the context of this article, being responsible and trustworthy is another proof of having a strong personality as a woman. Why? Because most times, reliable people are usually the ones saddled with the tasks of getting things done.

You are more likely to find responsible persons in places of leadership due to their trustworthiness and competence.  Only the most substantial folks are burdened with responsibilities.

A strong, independent woman is most likely a responsible person. Because by choosing to be independent, she has taken responsibility for her speech, actions, and lifestyle in general. You don’t need to remind her of what she needs to do before getting them done.

So, begin to note how you respond when given a task or an activity to handle. How well do the results come out? Are you competent enough to handle tasks with preciseness and excellence?

Once you begin to fit this description of being a responsible person, then you are on your way to becoming the strong independent woman of your dreams!


6.  She Begins To Realize Her Worth And Value

One of the reasons strong women are unusually bold and defiant is their inward knowledge of how valuable they are. That consciousness does something to them. It makes them confident, optimistic, and audacious.

Only people who know their worth behave that way. Knowing your worth reflects in the way you think, speak and act. It shows in the way you approach life and the way you respond to the circumstances and situations that you handle daily.

It is one thing to be valuable. It is another thing to know that you are valuable. A person who knows their worth would behave in a manner that befits royalty. The same way you wouldn’t expect a king to act as a servant is the same for a valuable person.

Part of the many signs that you are becoming a strong, mature, and independent lady is that you begin to discover your worth and live as such. This realization will make you refuse to allow people who do not know your worth treat you below your value.

It is a gradual change, but this sign is an inevitable indication that will serve as a pointer as you journey towards becoming the woman of your dreams.


7.  You Become Incredibly Passionate And Skillful At What You Do

becoming a strong independent woman

Research has shown that independent people show an uncommon passion, interest and become very skillful in what they do. Their independence teaches them not to depend on anyone to get the job done.

And so, they put in all that is required to live the life of their dreams; dedication, consistency, and hard work! It’s the reason why they always stand out in whatever environment they find themselves in.

Passion is a necessary ingredient for success, so don’t be surprised when you begin to notice slight changes in your passion.

Yes, one of the subtle signs of gradually becoming independent and stable is increasing your passion and commitment for what you do! Especially in a scenario where your financial status is dependent on it.

Being passionate about what you do isn’t something that you do when you feel like it! It is at this point that you’ll realize why you also need to be principled too.

And sometimes, this passion will have to be cultivated and cultured intentionally. Nevertheless, growth, like every process, is subject to time and consistency. If you must become the successful person you want to be, you will be more passionate about what you do!


8.  She Supports Others Selflessly

becoming a strong, independent woman

Being able to support others genuinely and without any form of disdain and envy shows emotional security and maturity. This trait, unfortunately, cannot be found in a lot of people in our times.

A strong person doesn’t need any form of validation and can go the extra mile to support a friend or family member. Not because of any selfish intention but because they are genuinely interested and intentional about seeing those around them succeed.

Being supportive is a necessity for them, and if their presence in an event were a form of support to a friend or colleague, they would be there. They wouldn’t even mind canceling meetings or adjusting their busy schedules to support a family member or friend.

And since they can be very selective with their friends, it means that you must be precious to them for them to be able to risk a neck for you.

Have you noticed this behavior in the last few months or years? It’s a sign! You are gradually becoming strong and independent!


9.  She Becomes Highly Focused And Hardworking

strong independent woman

Our world is a hub for all kinds of distractions, and it is effortless to lose hold and track of the initial reason for a project or program you are involved in.

Part of the reason why sure folks seem so solid and unstoppable is because of their laser beam kind of focus. Their ability to keep their eyes on the goal and the target grants them an advantage over others, and so most times, you’d find these people at the top, right where they belong.

A truth we don’t like to accept? Success isn’t for weaklings or daydreamers. Success is for only those who are daring, hardworking, and focused! Being all these qualities isn’t easy and comes with side effects, but the results are usually unbelievable!

If you see any successful person in any field, you are looking at a focused and hardworking person who has had to face all kinds of challenges to be where they are.

It’s easy to close your eyes and dream of a beautiful future. Still, those pictures will forever remain dreams if you don’t put the required focus and work needed to bring those dreams to reality.

That’s how it is for a strong, independent woman. Due to the responsibilities on her shoulders, she has no choice but to keep her eyes on the target and keep fighting to win!


10.  She Consistently Improves And Works On Herself

signs of a strong independent woman

Being a solid person requires daily improvement. Think of it as having to upgrade an app so that it becomes better and better every time. That is what the independent woman does daily.

The firm, independent woman, does everything possible to bring herself to a better state of mind, character, and body at the end of each day. The simple truth is, it takes strength to maintain strength.

And because she understands this, she doesn’t hesitate to do what it takes to become the best version of herself. But, does that mean that the strong independent woman doesn’t get weak or tired?

They do! But they have learned that being strong means not giving up or making excuses to quit.

Here’s a common question I’d like to address in this article; why is it important for a woman to be independent?

We exist in a very challenging world for the average woman to live in, like it or not. A woman should be as independent as possible so that she can have as much control over her life and decisions as possible.

The liberty to chase her dreams and become the woman of her aspirations is an opportunity that every woman should enjoy and be allowed to experience.


For You

Could you do something for me? I want you to close your eyes and think. Think of any woman that challenges you to be your best. Oprah Winfrey? J.K Rowling? Beyonce?

If you think clearly, you’ll realize that one factor was an everyday reality for those women, especially the ones I mentioned above; challenges.

Every firm and successful person you can think of all went through and encountered different challenges. Yet, those challenges made them who they are—ever heard of the law of equivalent advantage? It states that “whatever can destroy you, can also become the reason for your strength and victory.”

Do you want to become firm, independent, and successful? Then it would help if you learned to stop running away from challenges. The problems we face can become our success when approached from the proper perspective and mindset.

Just the same way, an athlete has to experience the pain of training and its effects on their body to win the gold medal; you’ll also do the same.

No great man or woman is born right out of the skies. Like eagles, they train and prepare for the skies. So that when they begin to fly, there would be nothing powerful enough to stop them, not even the winds of the storms.

Embrace challenges. Embrace change. Embrace growth and discard fear. Sooner than you think, you are going to become the woman of your dreams. Cheers to evolving and growing into her!

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Author: Afam Uche

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