10 Fool-Proof Ways To Develop A Positive Money Mindset

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Modern-day motivational speakers and writers have constantly come under fire because of their constant; it is a thing of the mind mantra.

Some people think their theory of developing the mind is vague and does not really achieve anything. But that thinking is erroneous.

Your mindset is one critical part of your being that affects how you see life and interpret the world around you. It affects how you process your sense of self, how you feel, behaves, and respond to happenstance.

Mindset development is not a myth, there is empirical scientific evidence supporting it. According to the research carried out by Carol Dweck, a Stanford Psychologist, your mindset determines if you will succeed or fail at any endeavor.

What this translates to is if you want to attract money, develop a positive money mindset. So, in this piece, we will explore together 10 easy ways to develop a positive money mindset.


What Is Money Mindset?

Simply put, a money mindset is a set of values and beliefs that you have about how money operates. It is the reality conceived in your mind about money.

How do you think money should come? How do you think you should spend it? Do you believe making money is for everyone?

Do you think money is even important? How do you react when you get money? What are the things you spend money on? What is your take on savings and investments? These are what form a money mindset.

Many people have not made money, not because they do not have the potential to but because they think they simply cannot.

There is just this force that invigorates when you fill your subconscious with positive things concerning money. So, if you are interested in making money, you better start THINKING right.


How Can I Change My Mindset?

We form most of our beliefs while we are little children. Many core values took shape in us when we were growing up and this includes our money mindset.

We unconsciously picked them up by listening to and observing our parents, society, era, and friends. But not to worry, if rocks can break, you can also change your mindset. It is malleable, transformable, and renewable.

One way to change your money mindset is by learning. There is something education and knowledge do to a man, it dispels the darkness of impossibilities.

If you have the knowledge and understanding that anyone can be wealthy, internalize it, your feelings and behavior towards money will change. You will see yourself acting in ways that will permit money to multiply in your hands.


How Can I Increase My Money Mindset?

You can increase your money mindset by first understanding and believing that you can make money. Opening your mind to that possibility is the first step to increasing your money mindset.

The next thing to do is consciously tracking down the negative money mindsets that you have and unlearn them.

Do you believe that making money is only for men? Trash that thought. Search and read about wealthy women who have amassed a great deal of fortune. Tell yourself, I can do it too.

Do you believe you have to be from a particular tribe, ethnic group, race, or family before you can make money? Eliminate that thought.

Money is not a respecter of gender, race, or tribe. It respects principles, and one of those principles is having a positive mindset as this mindset influences you to use money rightly.


How Do I Get A Millionaire Mindset?

One of the most popular finance writers in this modern time, Robert Kiyosaki, wrote the best seller titled, Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Don’t.

In this book, he outlined a lot of things that rich people do differently from poor and average people. A bulk of what he outlined was mindset-influenced.

First, you don’t need to be rich or earn a high income to make money. Many people think they have to land a job that pays thousands of dollars before they can make money. That is an erroneous mindset. The right mindset is you can start making money right now. Start with what you have.

Second, many poor and average people do not think of multiplying money, they only think of getting and spending it.

One way to develop a millionaire mindset is telling yourself that you won’t spend any money you have not multiplied. Now that’s a millionaire’s mindset. That is how rich people think and act. Here are 9 Money Habits Of Rich People.


How Can You Have A Healthy Financial Mindset?

Your mindset is just like your body, albeit one you cannot see. Now, for your physical body to remain healthy, you take care of it by feeding it properly, avoiding scenarios and places where the body can get hurt or sick, and exercising the body.

In the same vein, to have and maintain a healthy mindset, feed your mind with positive things. Tell yourself you can overcome any financial problem.

Tell yourself you can make wealth. Avoid companies of people who have limiting mindsets about money. Energy is transferable.

If you keep circles of people with poor financial mindsets, that negative energy will transfer to you and affect the health of your mindset. Exercise your mind by studying. Learn new things about money and practice them.


What Are the Different Money Mindsets?

There are two different money mindsets, and they are the scarcity money mindset and the abundance money mindset.

People who have the scarcity mindset believe that they will always have money problems. They believe they can never get money enough. These believe that money-making is for specific people in which they are not among.

Conversely, the abundance mindset believes there is always enough cash to go round, and they go about seeking ways to get money in abundance. They believe they can get money and so they set financial goals and achieve them.


Why Is Changing Your Mindset So Hard?

As I mentioned earlier, we form our core beliefs when we are still children from observing our parents and the surrounding environment.

And for something that was inculcated at that young age and has persisted for years, changing it will be a hard nut to crack. That is why changing your mindset is so hard. But it is hard, not impossible.

Determine you can and you will. The human mind is malleable, and you can train your mind to think, you can beat it to shape.


10 Easy Ways to Develop A Positive Money Mindset


1.  Determine In Your Heart That Your Finances Will Improve

A Confucius quote goes like this: the man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can’t are both right.

If you think you cannot make new life decisions, that can positively influence your finances. Well, you are right.

If you think you can change your mindset and attitude towards money and make better decisions, you are right too. It all starts with what you think.

Determine that you will meet set goals and you will. We do not truly know how powerful our mind is. Reality is subjective, and your mind shapes it. If you can conceive a thing in your mind, it becomes your reality. So, what is your reality?


2.  Be Content But Not Complacent With Your Current Finance Level

The next thing you need to do is to be content with what you already have and what you have achieved so far.

You have come this far, and you deserve a pat on the back. Existing alone is work enough. How much more when you add to it the stress of making money. Do not envy the success or pace of others, rather, let it motivate you to be more.

Contentment is a virtue that will keep you from entering the trap of making illegitimate money via fraud or selling drugs.

Be at peace with your small home, enjoy it while you work for something better. But watch out, do not let contentment slide into complacency.

Always set a higher standard higher, as that is one sure way to grow. If you saved $5000 this year, invest, and set a higher standard next year. Accept your level of operation now but strive for more.


3.  Create A Distinction Between Needs And Wants

Constantly ask yourself, Is this needful now? What value will this add to my life? Why am I getting this? These questions will help you separate essentials from frivolities.

Only get frivolities when you have settled the essentials. What is the point of going on a ski vacation when you have college fees to pay for your kids? If you won’t die or fall sick if you don’t use it, really think twice about getting it.


4.  Kill Desperation For Money

Do not be desperate to make money that you turn to paths where angels fear treading. Desperation will cause you to make financial mistakes.

It will also lead you to do unimaginable things to make and sustain the source of the income. Honest work pays.

Build a system that brings in money and works at developing it. Kill the mindset that everyone who has money gained it via illicit means. That, my friend, is false.

Desist from the company of those who have that opinion. It will blind you to legitimate money-making opportunities.


5.  Take Risks

This is one of the 10 easy ways to develop a positive money mindset. Make up your mind to take calculated risks.

Show me a wealthy man who did not take risks and I’ll show you a man that does not exist. Rich people analyze investment opportunities and take the risk of investing their money. It could yield results, it could fail. It is all part of the money process.

Playing safe always with your money will not yield much for you. A part of your savings and income should go into taking risks. Nothing worthwhile stems from the place of safety. Risk it!


6.  Get Financial Education

This is yet one of the 10 easy ways to develop a positive money mindset. Study finance books. Listen to financial podcasts.

Attend financial seminars and follow the stock market. Education and knowledge about money will shape how you think of money. Here is a perfect selection of finance books that can transform your life.


7.  Do Positive Comparison

Not all comparisons are bad. You can use comparison as a propeller. It can push you to be more, to do more.

So, you see someone doing well in their area of business or study, you can use them as models. Look at them and feel inspired. Say to yourself, if they can do it, I can too.


8.  Picture Yourself In Your Future

One more on 10 easy ways to develop a positive money mindset is having a mental picture of where you want to be in the future.

How and where do you see yourself in three, five, ten years? Picture yourself as a business owner, as a millionaire, as a smart investor.

The future you constantly picture is the one you will feature in. Remember, your mind is the architect of your reality. Start designing.


9.  See Setbacks As Opportunities To Try Again

Perhaps this is one of the most important in this list of 10 easy ways to develop a positive money mindset.

Life is full of difficulties, highs, and lows. Today we smash goals, the next we don’t even go halfway. But we know winners by their attitude towards setbacks.

You can cry and sulk about it for some time, but don’t dwell too much on it. Pick yourself up and try again. Nobody in this world has had a 100% success rate. Hurdles and bumps are part of the ride. Stand up and try again, champ!


10.  Befriend And Learn From Financially Successful People

Yet another crucial point in 10 easy ways to develop a positive money mindset. You are the company you keep.

A popular saying goes, if you hang around 5 intelligent people, with time, you become the 6th intelligent person.

Similarly, if you hang around 5 rich people with a positive mindset, you become the 6th rich person with a positive mindset.

In that circle, you will hear ideas and come across opportunities to make money. People with poor money mindsets will circulate poor ideas. People with rich money ideas will circulate rich ideas. Choose your circle wisely.



Now that you have read 10 easy ways to develop a positive money mindset, what are you going to THINK differently?

What will you SEE differently with your mind’s eye? The only limit is the one in your mind. An unlimited mind will act as a catalyst to achieving your financial goals.

Open your mind to knowledge, to more possibilities, and watch how your mindset will change. And once your mindset changes, your life will follow suit. THINK AND GROW RICH!


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Author: Afam Uche

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