How To Have A Good Day No Matter What- 10 Ways

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People say the universe is in charge of whether you have a good day. But that is only partially true because you can also learn how to have a good day by yourself.

On some days, you could have a series of bad experiences, completely ruining what you might have hoped to be a good day. Anything can be the cause of a bad day.

For example, your car could break down on your way to work and cause you to be late. That day, your supervisor might be in a very cranky mood and lash out at you for being late. That alone can ruin your morning, resulting in a bad day.

However, while it is impossible to foresee the future, it is best to figure out how to have a good day no matter the situation and make the best of it. That way, you have better control of what affects your day positively or negatively because you are fully prepared.


10 Ways To Have A Good Day

People who always come home to say that they had a good day are not using some kind of magic. Instead, they have set in some processes and follow them strictly.

This article will provide you with all the essential details needed to have more good days from now on. There’s a lot for you to grab!


1.  Start Your Morning Right

No matter what it is, the beginning is important. If the foundation of a building isn’t set up right, it will surely fall. That’s the same way it is for a person’s day.

If you don’t start it correctly, the rest will be affected. Sometimes, the effects of not starting that morning on a right foot extend into the rest of the day. So each morning is essential when contemplating how to have a good day every day.

The reason is mainly that from your waking moment, the emotions you feel set the tone for how the day will run. So, firstly, going to bed at a reasonable time lets you sleep well to wake up full of energy and enthusiasm about the day.

Your emotional state at that moment is very positive and would set the mood for other activities afterwards. On the flip side, having a disorganized sleep schedule would often make you feel rudely woken by your alarm.

This will immediately make you annoyed that you cannot have more time to sleep. The emotions felt at this point would be negative, affecting your day.

Secondly, you must learn to control your thoughts if you want to hack the process of how to have a great day. What makes a good day has a lot to do with what you think.

For instance, waking up to the thought of a quarrel you had the night before or how stressful your day would be immediately puts you in a sour mood. It is hard to reset that once it happens.

Instead, try to process the feelings you have the night before going to bed, and for a stressful day, try to make a schedule with which you would complete those tasks.

That way, you would wake up the following day with a clear mind and an action plan. Your day becomes much better in effect. There are more ways to start your day right and you can read about them here.


2.  Do Some Physical Exercises

how to have a good day

Exercising has a million advantages and almost no disadvantages. It improves your physical and mental well-being, improves your mood, makes you fit, and improves your posture. It also trains your mind to be resilient and gives you a go-getter attitude.

It’s a great tip on how to have a good day, but only a few know just how beneficial it is. As a freelancer looking to be a hundred percent active and how to have a good day at home, doing some sports is the key to that.

Some minutes of jogging around your compound and doing some sit-ups, crunches, and lunges can do a lot to start up your body. Your mind gets stimulated, and neurotransmitters that make you feel good and ready to be productive are generated.


3.  Have Breakfast With Your Loved Ones

Having breakfast is a fantastic way to start your day. It does not only have nutritional benefits but also boosts your mood to a fantastic level. The benefits of having breakfast with your family contribute to your efforts on how to have a good day massively.

Eating breakfast with your family is something that most people do as children. It usually serves as a bonding moment. Even as an adult, the same applies.

Spending every morning with your loved ones around a table eating healthy food gives you some minutes of quality time before facing the challenges of the day.

You get to catch up with everyone’s activities, make jokes, plan for stuff and generally be in each other’s company. You will notice that doing so puts you in a positive frame of mind.

Your family provides just the right amount of boost for you to have a good day and makes you look forward to coming back home each day to meet them again.


4.  Say Affirmative Words

how to have a good day

You’ve probably met some people who never seem to have a bad day. No matter the situation, they always have a smile on their faces. At work, school, hospitals, everywhere.

There is always a person like that. It makes one wonder. What could their secret on how to have a good day constantly be? Well, it could be words of affirmation.

Words of affirmation are short sentences that empower positive thoughts. They help you see the best in yourself and every situation. Starting your day with negative thoughts will inevitably spoil your mood for the day before it even begins.

It ruins your hopes for a good day. This is because the mind is very powerful and controls everything that goes on in your head. For instance, you will eventually become sad if you focus on being sad long enough.

In the same vein, you can cheer yourself up. Words of affirmation help you decide what tone your day would flow in from the beginning. This would also positively affect your actions and reactions to events during the day.

If you’ve been wondering how to have a good day at work in a hyper-busy environment, this would be helpful to you. Wondering how? Affirmations are fantastic for relaxing the mind, zoning out disturbing thoughts, and promoting focus.

Examples of affirmative words for a good day are:

1.  I am beautiful.

2.  Nothing will stop my progress.

3.  I am worthy of an awesome day.

4.  I can perform well under pressure.

5.  I can and will achieve everything I set my mind to.

6.  I will have the best week of my life.

7.  I am in control of my responses to my environment.

8.  I attract things that bring me only joy.

5.  Focus On The Present

Many people find it hard to live in the present. Consciously and subconsciously, some are stuck in the past, while others are constantly thinking of the future.

Sometimes, you find yourself unable to forget a bad incident that happened days ago, or you keep being afraid of making a mistake in a future project. All these stop you from living in the moment and focusing on the present.

These thoughts cloud your mind, making you worry and resulting in a bad day. It is important to live one day at a time. While it is good to plan ahead for things, it is not good to worry excessively about things you cannot control.

The future would become the present in due time, and things would play out as they should, sometimes even better than you had planned. So, instead of allowing your mind to wander, plan for the future and focus on present activities.

Also, remember that the past cannot be changed, regardless of what happened. Therefore, it is best to focus on ways to heal from hurtful events and go ahead to make beautiful memories.

Here’s how you can start:

1.  Recognize what is holding you back

It is essential first to accept that it is difficult for you to move on from something. Then, reflect on what is wrong and why it has so much hold on you. After that, the next step is making the decision to grow from the experience.

Doing so would help you realize how much better you would become once you overcome the past and focus on the present. In addition, having a positive mindset while living in the present will help you stay accountable to yourself.


2.  Be around good people

The people you surround yourself with influence your decisions. To achieve growth, you need to be with people who also want it. Surrounding yourself with good people can help you when trying to move on from the past.

Firstly, you must not be with people who trigger any painful emotions. You need motivation and support from good people who want you to become a better person at that moment.

For more tips on how to enjoy the present moment, click here to read the article.


6.  Do Something You’ve Always Wanted To Do

One of the best-known tips on how to have a good day is to do something you have been thinking of doing for a long time. It could be for someone or yourself, as long as it puts a smile on your face.

However, learning how to have the best day ever mainly focuses on what you do for yourself. When you successfully complete a task, dopamine, a hormone, gets released from your brain. It is responsible for the feeling of happiness and satisfaction you derive from your success.

What’s the one thing you have been setting aside to do for the longest time? Is it shooting a video for your YouTube channel? Taking your kids to the park? Starting a new series? Or doing your laundry. Whatever it is, please do it.

Stop postponing it, and as Nike says, just do it. The amount of satisfaction you would feel once you have crossed off that activity you have always had on your to-do list is incomparable.

Automatically, your day becomes the best you have had in a while, and you are motivated to continue completing tasks, which is an excellent move for how to have a good day.


7.  Put Energy Into 2-3 Major Projects Per Day

tips to have a good day

It is a remarkable ability to multitask. Being able to do a couple of things simultaneously means that you would take less time to complete tasks and have a more productive day.

That’s not always the case, though. For example, did you know that focusing on more than a few things simultaneously could make you feel unsatisfied in the end?

This is because when you start too many tasks at the same time, you would not be able to monitor and appreciate the progress you make on each properly.

I’ll give you an example. Imagine you have set out to do five things at a go in order to have time for an event scheduled for that evening. You may be able to complete them, but the stress from doing more than one thing at a time can drain you and leave you unsatisfied.

Prioritization is important. You cannot always have time for everything. In order to be a pro on how to have a good day, you need to be able to focus on a few tasks per day.

To do this, make a list, select two or three of the most important things at that moment, and take your time to do them. This way, you would be able to always see progress in all your actions and perform the tasks at a good pace.


8.  Practice The Act Of Gratitude

how to have a good day

There are so many reasons why you should constantly express gratitude. Expressing gratitude can be done in many ways for different people. It could be through thanking people, keeping a journal, praying, or appreciating yourself for your efforts.

Being able to develop a habit of gratitude improves the quality of your days because it has tons of physical and mental benefits.

Some ways to express your gratitude are:

1.  Prayer

Praying is a way of communicating with what you believe in. There are many reasons to pray. You can pray to appreciate the gift of being alive and the chance to live a good life. You can also pray to show appreciation for an answered prayer request.


2. Meditation

Do you often meditate? It would help if you tried applying the gratitude approach. To do this, take your mind back to the processes you took to get to where you currently are.

This attitude makes you realize that there is a lot to life and encourages you to pursue your dreams more. In addition, the positive boost your mind gets from meditation makes you have a good day.

The best times to practice this is in the morning when you wake up and at night, right before you go to sleep.


3. Creating a gratitude jar

Gratitude jars are an exciting practice that would be easy for you to get used to. How it works is that whenever a good thing happens, you write it down on a piece of paper and keep it in a jar.

This method of gratitude is very helpful. You might forget all the good moments and feel down during bad times. A quick way to use the gratitude jar to have a good day is to shake it up and pick out a piece of folded paper from where you wrote down your good moments.

The memory of that time would make you feel better instantly. Practicing gratitude boosts your optimism in order to make the best of every day.

There are other simple ways you can use to practice gratitude daily and you can read the article where they were highlighted by clicking here.


9.  When Making A Decision, Think Of The Future

tips to have a good day

Every action has a consequence that can either be good or bad. There is no middle ground. If you’re a college student and having a good day at school is your top priority, then studying well before a test should be important to you.

If you don’t study well, you will have bad grades. Seeing your work graded poorly would surely ruin your day, so you need to study properly in order to ace every test and have a great time in school.

Considering the consequences of your actions when planning isn’t just about college students. It applies to everyone from all walks of life. Children, teenagers, and adults. When taking action, think of how it would affect you in a few hours from that moment.

Is someone trying to pick a fight with you? Take a few seconds and consider if being in a bad mood for the rest of the day would be worth it. The correct answer is no. With that knowledge, you would ignore them and leave if trying to resolve the issue by talking does not work.

Would you go back home late if you postpone that work for later in the day? How does the thought of that make you feel? You know what decision to make if it’s a negative feeling.

Analyzing all of your actions this way helps you avoid any future event that might ruin your day. As the adage goes, “Better safe than sorry.”


10.  Listen To Good Music

Sweet melodies are perfect for every situation. It helps the soul and body to work in unison, improving your mental state and increasing your activeness.

Listening to music is one of the surest methods for how to have a good day. Some of the following factors contribute to how music is used to guide your mind on how to have a good day no matter what:


1.  Music increases your dopamine level:

The nodding of your head and movement of your body in tune with your favorite songs do wonderful things to you. Have you ever wondered why some people spend ages in the bathroom when listening to music or singing?

The reason is simple. It is because they want the excitement they get from doing that to last for an extended time. Listening to music makes you feel good about that moment and is an excellent activity to start your day right.


2.  Music helps you sleep better:

A good night’s rest can do wonders for the next day. But unfortunately, a lot of people have sleeping issues. They either get too little sleep or no sleep at all.

If you struggle with this, chances are you do not always have a good day, mainly because your mind is not well rested. Listening to music can change that.

You will notice a significant change in your nighttime routine if you listen to a playlist made up of slow harmonies and orchestras before sleeping.

The effect of such tunes calms your nerves and generates peacefulness in your mind, resulting in a calm and refreshing night’s rest.


3.  Happy music takes away depressive thoughts:

In life, there is always one thing to worry about. There are also times when things don’t go well, and you feel sad about them. Most times, these depressive feelings of sadness, anxiety, and pain affect your mood, and you’re incapable of doing anything.

Your productivity level would also decrease. If you feel like this sometimes, listening to music is a great way to help you combat it. Music is one of your best bets for a good day, regardless of the situation.



Having a good day depends on a lot of things. As you now know, people who always seem to have the best days are intentional about ensuring everything that would guarantee that is put in place.

It takes effort, but it is not impossible. You, too, can become one of them by practicing all that is in this article to have many amazing days.

Save this for later!


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