20 Things That Makes You Unique And Have A Great Sense Of Thoughts

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I bet you could have asked yourself that question many times in your life. Of course, it is a fundamental question that requires honest answers. Many factors make a person unique.

These factors could be physical, emotional, environmental, and mental characteristics. In today’s world, almost everyone has a unique personality.

You may likely never find two individuals who behave entirely the same way — not even twins. Most times, it is this uniqueness that distinguishes an individual from another.

The most outstanding scientists, the best sportsmen, the finest entertainers, and the most influential individuals usually have unique attributes that make them stand out amongst their contemporaries.

In this article, I will share a few factors that distinguish individuals from one another. So, if you want to find out what makes a person unique, read along! Below are twenty things that make a person unique


1.  Genetics

Genetics plays an essential role in an individual’s uniqueness. Our DNA, responsible for our biological traits, is passed on to us through our parents. DNA also carries biological information about our ancestors.

So, interestingly, we will display certain behaviors our ancestors had. However, since we can trace our ancestry to thousands of years, we are carrying the information of hundreds of people.

This makes us inherently different from any other person — including our parents and siblings. We receive a pair of chromosomes from our parents—one from our father and one from our mother.

Hence, some “mix” makes you different from both, even though you carry some of their biological features. Therefore, there is a high probability that we will behave like one or both of our parents.

For example, children whose parents were great sportspeople may likely do well in sports. This occurs in almost all aspects of our lives.

Hence, while genetics is not entirely responsible for what makes a person unique; it is one of the most critical factors.


2.  Physical Attributes

To understand what makes a person unique, you have to know how physical attributes play a role in our uniqueness. For example, you can easily differentiate an African from an Asian by simply observing their body features.

Even people from the same race, ethnicity or even family background can be physically unique from one another.
Our physical attributes can help us achieve great things when we properly harness them.

For example, Michael Phelps — the athlete with the highest medals in Olympics history — is said to have been born with a great body shape that gives him an added advantage.

Apart from having an inherent physical attribute that could make you different from others, you can also become physically different.

For example, most sportspeople hit the gym regularly to achieve a physical condition that could make them more unique and compelling.


3.  Outstanding Personality

Being unique doesn’t necessarily mean having the best genetic makeup or physical features. Your personality is an essential part of what makes you unique.

If you have an attractive personality, you will most likely command the attention and respect of others.

Some of the most influential people in world history managed to reach great heights because of their outstanding personalities.

Alexander the Great wasn’t the most macho man in the world but led an army that almost conquered the whole world.

Napoleon Bonaparte was one of the shortest men in the French military. Still, he stood tall to become a historical figure against all odds.

Harriet Tubman is another example of someone whose outstanding personality earned them a place in history.

She was a slave who, after becoming free, fought for the emancipation of thousands of other slaves. She is considered one of the most remarkable women in Black history because of her resilience and activism.


4.  Great Attitude

Having a great attitude can never be overemphasized. Your attitude can set you apart from others. It could make people want to be around you or stay away from you.

Therefore, you must always put on a good attitude wherever you find yourself. It is a crucial way to show how unique of an individual you are.


5.  Life’s Perspective

People see life in different ways. This explains why there are different kinds of people with different religious, political, socioeconomic, and philosophical views.

How you see life can make people see the uniqueness in you.

Some of the greatest philosophers in ancient history are still being discussed today because of their perspective on life. They saw life in a different dimension from their contemporaries.

For example, Socrates was seen as a very eccentric but unique person because of his views. As a result, he would tutor one of the greatest philosophers in history — Plato — who could not help but record some of Socrates’ viewpoints he never wrote down himself.

Today, Socrates’ unique perspective of life has heavily influenced some of modern history’s greatest philosophers and inventors.


6.  Habits

What makes a person unique from other people is their natural habits. Habits are what we tend to do more often, mostly subconsciously. People will want to get close to you or respect your personality if you have good habits.

Conversely, people with bad habits rarely get other people’s attention or respect.


7.  Intelligence Quotient

When you can solve problems, you will always stand out from others. Your intellectual capabilities can put you in positions above your peers or contemporaries.

Some people have incredibly high Intelligence Quotient (IQ), while others struggle to meet the average standard.

People with very high IQs are considered unique as they mostly do exceptionally well in activities involving reasoning.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that people with low or average IQs cannot be extraordinary. However, in this regard, intellectual capacity makes a person unique.


8.  Goals and Objectives

Your goals and objectives can be what distinguishes you from others. When you are focused and motivated about achieving your goals, you push yourself beyond limits that the average person cannot reach.

People who have reached that point where the crowd is lesser are great achievers and unique individuals in their respect.

As you achieve your goals and climb higher on the ladder of success, people will develop special interests in you.

You will no longer appear as an average everyday person to them but as a unique, goal-driven individual.


9.  Life’s Experiences

Our experiences in life often set us apart from others. Whether these experiences are pleasant or not, they may have a long-lasting effect on us.

In such cases, we may begin to see life differently, appreciate that we are alive, or become much more loving individuals.

Our experiences can also have a drastic impact on our relationships with people.

For example, war veterans were reported to live a more withdrawn and secluded lifestyle after their traumatic experiences during each World Wars.

Also, we tend to respect older people not necessarily because they have aged but because they have gathered enough experience with age.

So, they tend to see life differently, offer better advice, and share experiences that serve as lessons to younger generations. As a result, we see them as unique people and often hold them in high esteem.


10.  Relationship With Others

Relationships with other people can play a crucial role in what makes a person unique. These people could be friends, family members, and even colleagues at work.

Your ability to be able to balance your relationship with these different people can be the reason why you are unique.

In reality, it is usually challenging to take care of your family, hang out with your friends, and manage your colleagues at work. However, you show a great deal of uniqueness when you successfully do these.


11.  Sense Of Humor

Having a great sense of humor can be what makes you unique. People naturally love to stick around those that make them happy always.

If you have a great sense of humor, you will notice how friends and strangers always want to talk to you.

They often have nice things to say to you too. Your sense of humor could be why you always have someone visiting you with gifts whenever you are at home.

Not everyone realizes that having a good sense of humor is a unique trait, but of course, it sure is.


12.  Tastes And Preferences

People have unique tastes and preferences for things. For instance, I wouldn’t say I like eating watermelon because it leaves a bland taste in my mouth.

But, on the other hand, my siblings all love watermelon. They say it has one of the sweetest tastes: same fruit, different buds.

People can have preferences for things that may be considered weird by others. Once, I met a guy who said he prefers people’s natural scent rather than their cologne. I was bemused, but what could I do? It’s his preference!

Our tastes and preferences can be what sets us apart as individuals. Of course, it can be what makes a person unique too.


13.  Passion For A Particular Thing

When you are passionate about something, there’s a high chance that you will work so hard to achieve it.

When you put much dedication and effort into achieving what you are passionate about, you also sharpen your skills.

If you eventually accomplish that thing, you will be proud of your accomplishments and stand out from others.


14.  Communication/Multilingual Skills

People with good communications skills are unique individuals. They are often able to speak more than one language. In today’s world, where more nations are trying to form partnerships, language is often a barrier.

Therefore, there is always respect for people who can quickly learn or have learned another language. An added bonus of this unique skill is the opportunity to earn through it.

If you can speak many languages fluently, you can become a translator for your region or government and earn enough money from your skills. This can also make you a unique individual in your area or country.


15.  Age

Age is another vital factor that promotes uniqueness. The older we get, the more experienced and somewhat wiser we become. As a result, we will have a different view of life and impact young generations.

In some communities, important leadership positions are given to people because of their age.

As they get older, they feel they have many things to offer to their community regarding conflict resolutions and decision-making processes.


16.  Belief System

What you believe in, can contribute a lot to making you unique. Most people hold firm to certain beliefs that motivate them to push further in life.

Belief systems may range from having religious beliefs to believing in oneself or universal manifestations.

I have a couple of friends who believe that they are attracted to what they think about.

That is, what they project in their minds will have physical manifestations. I also have faithful religious friends — Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Jews, etc. I respect them for their beliefs and find every one of them unique.


17.  Intuition And Instincts

Some of the most skilled predators in the animal kingdom often catch their prey primarily because of one attribute — their instincts. Without any idea whether they will be successful in their pursuit or not, they trust their instincts and go for the kill.

Humans have instincts too. However, what makes ours more remarkable is that we also use intentions. We don’t only depend on our instincts.

The combination of both characteristics has helped many people achieve great things in life. It has also showcased their uniqueness and resilience. That said, it is essential always to follow your instincts while being guided by your intuition.


18.  Opportunities

Making use of opportunities is part of what makes a person unique. When you have the chance to get something done and seize it, you will not be like those who didn’t use theirs.

So, today, grab your opportunities and make the best use of them.


19.  Hormones

Hormones are bodily secretions that help regulate specific ways the body functions. Realistically, we do not have control of the amount of hormones our bodies secrete.

This can be advantageous or disadvantageous. While the body works to enable the moderate secretion of hormones, it sometimes cannot control it.

In such cases, the hormone is excessively produced, or an insufficient amount is produced.

For example, an individual can grow very tall due to the excessive secretion of growth hormones or very short due to insufficient growth hormones.

The level of hormones your body produces can cause you to have certain unique features that are rarely found in others.


20.  Childhood

Our childhood greatly affects how we view or live our lives. For example, an individual who suffered from traumatic experiences during childhood will most likely be different from someone who had beautiful childhood memories.

Sometimes, people seek therapy to forget their childhood experiences and enjoy their present lives.

Whatever the case may be, your childhood experiences can make you different from those around you.


How Can You Be Different And Unique From Others?

As human beings, we share similar characteristics with other humans, especially those connected by blood. Like other people, we can have the same facial features, body symmetry, skin color, etc.

However, we are all inherently unique in our ways. If you are aware that you are unique, you will be more confident and proud of yourself.

At this point, you now know what makes you unique, but how can you be different and unique from others? Below are a few tips:

1.  Have A Strong Sense Of Self-belief

Self-belief plays a crucial role in making you different from others. Some of the most successful people have achieved great things because they believe in themselves.

When you believe in yourself, you tend to go the extra mile and push yourself beyond your limits. A great example of someone who believes so much in himself is Portuguese mega soccer star, Cristiano Ronaldo.

He is currently the highest official goal scorer in football history. In addition, he has won many teams and individual honors and is considered one of the greatest players of all time.

Once, a young Cristiano, alongside two other teammates, was asked who was the greatest player in history. While the others mentioned the people they thought were the greatest, Cristiano said “me.”

Today, he is considered by many as the greatest soccer player in history. He had a strong sense of self-belief that probably paved the way for him.

It is important and very essential to dream big and have strong belief in yourself. Read this post on “How to dream big and achieve every dream” Here. It will help you and guide you through that phase.


2.  Keep Improving On Your Abilities

Don’t stop working on yourself. You have to continue working hard to become better and keep up with the times.

Every day, new technologies are introduced, and the world is evolving at a fast rate. To be different or unique from others, you have to keep improving on your abilities.

What you have now may not be relevant in the future. Once something loses relevance, it is no longer unique in people’s eyes.


3.  Remain Focused And Positive

Always be optimistic about things. Have a mindset that you will be successful in whatever you do. When focused and optimistic, you will be different from pessimistic and unfocused people who are not goal-oriented.

Always remember, positivity is significant.


4.  Be Cautious About What You Disclose To People

One of the most effective ways to be different and unique is to remain as enigmatic as possible. Don’t disclose your plans to random people.

Of course, except the person you tell will help by providing solutions.

You must be careful with what you tell people about yourself. This is because some people would begin to see you like the routine guy when they know too much about you.


5.  Surround Yourself With Those Who Push You Forward

Always be with the people who are concerned about your growth and progress. Although it is okay to have a lot of people in your life, it is those who push you forward that are important.

Surround yourself with motivators and goal-driven folks. They are unique people.


6.  Be Friendly To Everyone

Treat everyone with love, kindness, and respect. That way, people will notice how different you are from average human beings. Your uniqueness could be a result of how you treat people.

When you are friendly to everyone, you will have all the love and respect you deserve.


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